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Default ot - I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with pics

Sorry, I know this is off topic, but I had to share my big exciting news I'm also typing out the whole very long extended version out. Feel free to skip the details. You already know the end (I said "yes"), so go ahead and just look at pictures, haha.

First of all, for those of you who don't know, my guy has been in Iraq for 9 months. I lost all the weight whilst he was gone, so he came home to a brand new girlfriend, pretty much. He hasn't been able to keep his hands off (I haven't been able to keep my hands off him either, lol), but he has told me several times that he thinks I'm beautiful now and that I was beautiful then, he just wants me to be happy and confident. At the beginning, he was being a bit obnoxious about me ordering a salad when everyone else was eating pasta or something, but we had a good talk about it. Ever since he's been awesome. When we stayed with his parents, he knew I was bashful about asking for specific foods, but he made sure his parents provided my usual whole wheat, lean protein, and lots of fruits and veggies.

Anyways, enough about weight stuff, haha.

So he got to my hometown of Sheridan, Wy on the 7th, we spent a few days getting over jet lag. Apparently he had "the talk" with my dad during this time, I was not aware. Then we flew to Wisconsin to see his parents for a few days. We had lots of fun there, went to a waterpark, had a massive family party (I got the stamp of approval, haha), and did some other Wisconsin-ish things. Then it gets exciting. He'd had this planned since February, and everyone knew but me. He was planning on picking the ring up from his parents in Wisconsin, we'd fly back to Wyo, and we were going to drive straight up the mountain to my family's cabin after the flight. Then he'd propose at sunset on the deck of the cabin overlooking the lake. Well, our connecting flight was four hours delayed. It kept getting later and later, lol. And I was getting grumpy, saying things like "screw the cabin tonight, we'll go tomorrow." I was definitely being a crank, and poor Sean, I had no idea that he was a nervous wreck waiting to propose, haha. So we finally get to Wyo, jump in the truck and get halfway up the mountain and realize we don't have gas. So we drive 20 min back into town, get gas, and head back up. At this point, it's sunset. Sean kept mentioning how pretty the sunset was and how he wanted to make it up there before dark. I was actually offended by this, because I thought he wasn't trusting me to navigate the mountain roads in the dark (there's a 4-mile stretch where you have to go <10mph over rocks and's a secluded cabin, lol). Like I said, I was cranky. Well we finally get to the cabin, and I immediately want a beer and a sandwich which isn't very romantic. But he went out on the deck and called me out. We stood there for a second, the stars were absolutely amazing. There was juuust enough twilight left to see the outline of the pine trees and their reflection in the lake. We talked for a bit and out of nowhere he got down on one knee. I squealed, haha, not gonna lie. But he had a beautiful proposal, and I of course said yes. Then we spent the night, the next day, and another night at the cabin...let's just say, we didn't get much fishin done, hehe.

Sooo, our wedding is tentatively planned for mid-December after I graduate college. He has to go back to Iraq for two more months, then he'll come back and help me bring the last few details together. We need to get'er done soon because we're headed to Captain's Career Course at Ft. Sill, OK in January. So December really is the best time for it. Since it's short notice and near the holiday, we're really only expecting close family and friends to show up. But it'll be a military wedding with the guys in their dress blues. We'll walk under the arch of sabers, cut the cake with a saber, and some other fun military traditions. And the reception will hopefully be at the Officer's Club. We haven't figured out honeymoon stuff. I'm already overwhelmed with planning, haha.

Anyways, I know you only care about pictures, so here they are We took these yesterday morning. We just drove down the road near my house and my stepmom snapped a few pics. Not professional by any means, but some of them turned out really nice, I think.

I cropped this so it's more artistic, but that version isn't on FB yet. This is the best shot I have of the ring. It's a beautiful white gold setting with the past, present, and future diamonds and then five little diamonds on each side of the main three. I love it!

An odd side effect about weighing 128lbs is everyone wants to pick me up for some reason, lol.

This is obviously a pose and not the actual proposal, but I did that little hand thing and froze like that for his whole proposal, haha.

Lol, this did not work out...

Aww, we didn't even know she was taking this picture, but I like it

And my absolute favorite...

Hehe, sorry about the picture overload and the cheesy novel. I'm super uber excited!!!
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Oh wow!!! Congratulations! That's so exciting! And you look beautiful! You two are adorable.
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is super awesome.
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While I can't see pics, that ring sounds like my engagement ring! Congrats! And my hubby's name is Shawn, too!

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awww congratulations!!!
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I luv my curves
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Congrats you guys look great together!
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Losing the baby weight
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Congratulations! You look great as well, it's nice when everything kind of falls into place like that

I got engaged back in March and that's when I started seriouslly thinking about getting back on track with my weight loss. It's like a background motivation, as I want to lose weight for my health and for obvious vanity reasons as well.

Now you've spent all this time looking good, and you have a wedding to look good for
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AWWW, How sweet! Beautiful pics. You guys seem very happy together. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm not a 20 something, but I popped in to see your pics. You two look great together! Congrats!
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Yay! Congrats to the two of you!!!
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AW! COngrats! I totally did not skip over the details and read everything! SO sweet! And you two make the cutest couple!!!!

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I'm Just a Little Crazy
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CONGRATULATIONS!! As soon as I saw your topic listed on the front page of 3fatchicks, I thought it would be you!
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Congratulations!!! I remember being excited for you seeing him again... and how he hadn't seen you at your current size. The pictures are just beautiful!
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Oh my gosh, I'm gonna cry! That is so sweet! Congrats!!!!
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I love my muscles!
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congratulations!! What a sweet story
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that's so wonderful! you two look great together!
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