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Taylor86 07-13-2010 02:03 PM

*~*back To School Challenge*~*
Hi ladies!!

So I know a lot of you, like myself, are going back to school in August and would love to shed a few extra before the semester starts...

And even you girls not going back to school are more than welcome to join...

Here we can post our plans, our goals and progress so we can join back to school healthier!

My goals:

Loose 12-14 pounds

About 2.3 pounds a week


My plan for the rest of the summer? I think I am going to do a very basic South Beach Diet... like the last phase... Lean meats, fruits, veggies, limited whole grain, very little sugars, low fat dairy...

Workout goals: 90minutes - 2 hours at gym on mondays, tuesday after work hike (no less than 6 miles) weds 1 hour water aerobics 1 hour with trainer, thurs 45 minute walk, friday 1 hour cardio 1 hour water aerobics, saturday hike (No less than 8-10 miles) sunday rest

I hope we can all have fun, challenge each other and go back to school healthier, sexier and WOW some of our classmates!

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