My boobs are shrinking... Yippee!

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  • See, loosing my breasts is actually one of my fears with weight loss. I have a very large build anyway, so my 42DDD breasts fit my body very well. Not to mention, they make me feel good about myself. I can go "I may be overweight, but at least my boobs are huge!" :P

    I'm really hoping mine don't go anywhere... :/
  • I am a 42 DD but I can tell that I am no longer filling it out like I used to. At my thinnest in HS (128) I was still a C. I am hoping I don't lose too much. Although I wouldn't mind it... I mind if they end up like pancakes! I am not one for any type of cosmetic surgery but I might consider a lift in my older years! lol
  • I've discovered after being pretty well every size in the book as far as bras go that it really doesn't make much of a difference. My boobs looks great before surgery they were just HEAVY. Im pretty sure I lost 5-6 pounds alone after my reduction.

    I just think B and C cups are so cute and perfect! I will never miss the days that I spent 200+ dollars on a bra!
  • I want lil boobs too...*le sigh*
  • I hate my boobs, and it sucks because when you are larger chested you cant wear certain things because it comes off as trashy.

    i hope i go down to at least a c cup. Id be happy with that!
  • Shoot girl I completely understand what you mean. I'm a 38 F and I HATE it. They weigh you down soooo much to the point that it's actually painful! My shoulders hurt all the time so I can't wait to lose weight so they'll shrink!! It'll be one of the best parts about it.
  • I understand how you guys feel, but unfortunately I have the opposite problem! At my heaviest (upper 170s as an adult), I was a 36C cup, but I've definitely lost the boobs as I lost the rest. Now I'm a 36A! So sad. I'd feel worse, but I'm pretty proportional (I have a weirdly small waist, which offsets the lack of boobs, I think), so it's ok.

    I just wish I had slightly larger breasts. I'd consider getting a boob job in the future, but I want to have kids, and I'd hate to have to tell my daughter that I got a boob job due to insecurity. That wouldn't make me a positive body role model, would it?
  • Before the weight gain I was a 36A. Now, even though I'm minus 26 or so pounds, they're still a 38D/DD. I'm willing them away!!! When I was still in an A cup, I wished for bigger breasts, now that I have them, I hate them!!!
    I'm hoping they'll retract, shrink, miraculously vanish in my sleep, etc.
    I've not seen any change in size other than I'm in between bands now, though the cup size has always been hard to fit for me as I find myself pulling in under arm fat to smooth things out! I'm one of those oddly built creatures that has them more widely set, so I'm reaching and pulling stuff in from the sides and being cautious about what style I will or wont wear. As un-flattering as it is, I've been pretty much living in sports bras to not think about it! (or tank tops with built ins under shirts)
    Please boobs, GO AWAY!!!