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ugh i know what you mean. my classmate was talking about a guy she knew to a friend but i was right there, we were all working on a project together and she says "i can't believe he'd date her she's fat" the girl couldn't have been more than 175! my friend is prob 105 and here i am 325 feeling like i was personally insulted and i said "oh gee thanks" cause i'm obviously fat and she says "oh i'm sorry i didn't mean it like that" uhm yes she did! but i'm glad i made her feel guilty lol
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I know where you all are coming from. I have heard my share of fat comments over the years. Of course I wasn't always fat either. But I am a horrible, horrible, judge of weight. I don't even try to guess. But I really enjoy making the stupid one making the comments feel even more uncomfortable than me. Had someone told me about "a totally morbidly obese person weighing 200 lbs" I would have no problem telling them my weight and that it was my new goal to get down to "totally morbidly obese". Of course I would say it in a joking manner....but that is usually enough to make them back track their words and turn about 10 shades of red.

I wouldn't worry though I would guess she has no concept of weight....she's just not smart enough to try not make the comments.

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Ohh I just thought of another one. I used to be a manager at a Flying J. I was training a new employee and was helping her do something and a customer was getting impatient. She said, "Is anyone going to help me or what?" So I politely said, we'll be with you in just a minute, she's new and I'm helping her out. Just wait your turn and I'll be right there.

So I finally get to her and start her pump for the gas and as she walks out the door she goes "Thanks fat ***"

I could NOT believe it. All the people in line were like OMG what a B**ch!! I just started balling my eyes out. It was a terrible experience. I never want that to happen again.
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That's "Thanks fat A$$" by the way since it was bleeped.
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I have a friend who couldn't imagine how awful it would be to be a size 12 petite. Because how could someone that short be THAT HUGE? I didn't say anything, but I wish I had.
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Originally Posted by vdaybaby View Post
I'm guessing that the lady probably actually weighed way more than 200 pounds. Your coworker is thin so 200 pounds is probably a lot more than she weighs. So in her mind that lady looked 200 pounds. She just doesn't have a firm grip on weight reality
I agree. Though my first thought was "What a b!tch!"
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I have lots of experiences like that but the most recent was my bf's female friend whose boyfriend cheated on her "with a fat chick who was probably 5'10 and 200 lbs"... um, I'm 5'1 and 150 (actually now I'm 160) so our BMI's would be pretty similar. She just kept going on about how she couldn't believe he'd cheat on her with a fat chick. I didn't know what to say.

I'm reading one of those Oprah books called A New Earth and the author keeps talking about people who are just trapped in their egos. Realizing that everyone is human and we're all scared and worried about things makes me feel better. This woman you work with is probably scared to death of weighing 200 lbs. I wouldn't be surprised if she would say something along the lines of "If I ever weighed 200 lbs, I'd kill myself."

She probably has plenty of problems and makes herself feel good by saying "At least I'm not fat" the same way a lot of say "At least I'm not in a wheelchair" or "At least I don't have cancer." But sometimes it takes being fat or in a wheelchair or having cancer to become a compassionate and open minded person.

The best revenge for things like that is being a kind, compassionate and happy person. Then people like her look stupid and end up envying you. The old saying that people who fling insults are just trying to make themselves feel better for their own shortcomings is SO TRUE. Rise above it!
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