Weight Loss in College

  • We all know that losing weight is HARD. But in my own opinion, being at college just makes everything harder. We've all heard about the Freshman 15, but unfortunately I met the Sophomore 20 and I'm worried about the Junior 30. School is a unique atmosphere. Does anyone have tips for losing weight and keeping it off while on campus??
  • I lost all of my weight while in college. My best advice is to plan, plan, plan. I made sure that I was not on campus without having something in my bag to eat. I carried around a LOT of snacks and that's how I got most of my calories. I also had to carefully plan exercise as well. My best advice is to map out a schedule and food plan and stick to it. I found that the less I was left to my own devices and the more automatic things were, the easier it was to stick to.
  • I lost the majority of my weight in college as well.
    I would suggest using the gym there and see if they offer any type of group classes that you could sign up for and go to.
    Also, I am not sure about your school but at my school on the schools website they had nutritional information for the food that they served. I am not sure if you live on campus or not but if you do you could check on that. Or you can just pack your own little lunches or snacks to avoid the temptation of getting unhealthy food.
  • I'm in college as well. I agree with junebug on the "plan, plan, plan" aspect. If you have a rec center, take advantage of it! If you eat in the dining halls, you can usually access a menu for the week/month and plan out your meals.
  • Losing weight in college has its challenges, but there are benefits too. There are very few other places where you have a gym to use for free (or built into your tuition)- take full advantage of that! I really wish I would have used mine more. And like the other girls said- plan!!
  • I'm in college too. It was really hard freshman year, living in the dorms. However, once I got an apartment, it became a lot easier. To be honest, it is easier at school than at home since I buy what is on plan, and can only eat what is mine, not my roommates. At home I can eat anything . My advice is to definitely plan out week by week and make large batches to freeze. It is way healthier than frozen meals plus they are convenient.
  • I also think its been easier loosing weight during the school year at my apartment where I buy all the food then my parents this summer. I never tried losing weight while living on campus (I'm not sure if thats what you do or not) but where I go I know they have healthy choices, go when your not hungry and find the healthy things for when its meal time. And it is great advice to carry snacks with you around campus, I also brought an apple or a bag of nuts or a snack bar, and I think its a good idea to carry a water bottle with you, get one that you can leave in your bag or attach to your bag so its easier.

    But my biggest advice is to not indulge on alcohol. I don't know if you drink but a lot of my weight came from alcohol and I had to cut it out. I went from getting drunk about twice a week (weekend) to having a few drinks once a month, maybe twice a month. That helped a lot, and not just with weight loss.
  • Another college girl trying to lose weight here! I gained most of my extra weight in college so I know how difficult it is to eat healthily and spend the time working out. To reiterate the great things others have said...if you have a long day on campus don't get sucked into the cafeterias/food courts. I don't know if you live on campus or off but really try to pack your own meals with healthier foods. It can be cumbersome but it saves calories and money!

    Also, if you must eat on campus, make a list of all the healthier options you could choose. For instance, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Chick-fil-a...and of course there's one conveniently located in the middle of campus. When it's calling my name and I can't resist, I eat their chargrilled chicken sandwich (still delicious and only like 250 calories). Plus, I leave off the fries. So I still feel like I'm getting the college experience but its a lot healthier.

    If you have a bus system on campus...DON'T USE IT. Walking to all my classes really helped me get some exercise in (we have a pretty big campus). Also, like others have said, utilize the rec center/gym on campus. Or play intramural sports if you like any one in particular.

    Trust me, it sounds insanely difficult but it really is doable if you make the right decisions.
  • I'm in college too! I actually lost most of my weight my freshman year when I was not accustomed to the dining hall and ate mostly rice/lettuce/hummus. I second(or third, fourth fifth???) everyone who says take advantage of your school's gym/rec center! It totally helps. If you can, minimize eating in the dining hall cause once I discovered the pizza, I was gone! Try to limit eating out with friends too, I know it's hard, but you can do it! Being a student, you have the built-in excuse of being poor.

    As for alcohol, I am pretty atypical because when I lost the most weight I was drinking the most(2-3 times week...hey I was a freshman!), but if you want to drink use low-calories mixers and I usually avoid beer, it makes me bloat-y and funny feeling. But I am no expert, I still have tons of weight to lose! Good luck!!!!
  • Quote:
    But my biggest advice is to not indulge on alcohol. I don't know if you drink but a lot of my weight came from alcohol and I had to cut it out. I went from getting drunk about twice a week (weekend) to having a few drinks once a month, maybe twice a month. That helped a lot, and not just with weight loss.
    Ditto on everything. And truth be told, I miss it. I've been to one party in the past 6 or 7 months. I'm not a huuuge partygoer because I prefer kickbacks, but jeeeez. All my friends talk about the sweet parties or poker games or lake trips they went to that I AVOID because of all the booze. gdkgjjs sad face.