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Default I am CONFUSED!

So I have completed 2 weeks of bootcamp. We did progress measurements today and mine were as follows:

Waist - down 1 1/2 inches

Thigh - down 3/4 inch

Chest - down 1 inch

Hips - down 1/2 inch

So that's almost 4 inches.... But I lost only 1lb and went from 32.5% body fat to 31.2% . Wouldn't you think lose almost 4 inches would bring the percentage down a bit more?

Also, she said she thinks I am not eating enough and that's why the weight isn't coming off very rapidly. This confuses me because I eat VERY well, just not as often throughout the day as I should (I am full time student and mother). But I am still taking 800 calories (at the absolute very least) everyday. My average is about 1200/day....

I really need help!! I doing that bootcamp 3 times/week for an hour each session, plus extra cardio here and there. Do I need to ramp up the cardio or something?? Ugh. I am frustrated.
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Your body could be building muscle mass which is why you aren't seeing the NUMBERS on the scale that you want to.

When I first started doing the boot camp that I did it literally took six weeks [and this is me doing it 5 days a week] to see results on the scale. It was really hard to keep going because I was working so hard with no results but I stuck with it anyway.

Now I'm almost at the end of month three boot camp and I lose about 2lbs a week. 800 calories is way too low. I have my 800 calorie days too, sometimes it's just hard to get them all in, but you should be aiming a little higher in your calories to keep your metabolism from slowing down.

Plus, how do you do boot camp when you've only had 800 calories the day before? Because when that happens to me I'm dragging my butt like nobody's business.

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Thanks for the reply!!

I just drag my butt in there and do it whether I'm hungry, tired or whatever. Our class is at 6am so I'm dragging either way. I can def tell my stomach is changing and getting more toned, but I am mainly focused on the %. According to charts I've seen my % classifies me as obese.....I'm not. I'm not even overweight (according to BMI), but I understand that I have too much fat on my body, so I really am looking to get healthy and fit.

I am going to try and take in more calories, but it's sooo tough! I can't really bust a healthy meal with protein and veggies in the middle of Chemistry class
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I agree that 800 calories is way too low. When I started I did 1500, after a while I decided to do 1200, but a lot of days it would be more like 900-1100. I felt anemic, I even went to the doctor to make sure I wasn't. Yeah I wasn't, as soon as I increased my food again, not only did I drop more weight but I wasn't feeling half dead.
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I feel that for your weight and your height 800 is too low. I agree with pink. Start with higher calorie intake and work down. You don't want to put your body into shock.
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