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Hi Loves!

I will post more later as I stopped by my house to pick up my laptop and a few changes of clothes since I'm house sitting this weekend.

I had such a horrible night last night... my friend's house isn't exactly health food friendly and rather than going by the grocery store I ended up gorging myself on everything I SHOULDN'T eat and felt horrible after - physically and emotionally.

However, the scale was back down this morning (how in the ****?!).


I just had my *** handed to me by my trainer AND I got a smoothie... haven't had one in forever and OMG DELICIOUS.

It's an excellent Friday!

Have a great day (personals later!)
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i'm refusing to step on the wii today, i was down 5 pounds in 3 days (tom is leaving the building) i still have no appetite.
i went from 199 to 193 and if i'm down much more it'll be the 180s but i know once this wretched cold passes and my appetite comes back so will 10 pounds.
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Everyone is so negative... lets be positive...

I think I've had no desire to post in here because I feel like its just a big complain fest lately... I dunno...Maybe I'm a brat
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I don't really see any negativity or that many complaints...people have their bad days, and it's good to be able to talk about that on here. We need that support.

Anyway, I'm back to 138. Thank you gym.
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I'm just saying everyday its like omg I ate this and I gained this and blah blah blah....I just want it to be a positive place...if you struggle you struggle but people complain about the same thing that they are doing wrong day after day and they dont fix it.

We all go through it, we all have a bad day, we all gain sometimes

however I think that I enjoyed this place for the knowledge and power that people had...and lately everyones so drab
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Aw, I try my best not to be drab. And I feel like I don't have many complaints lately, except for the money factor and how I am limited when it comes to buying gear (like my road bike) but I'm applying to some scholarships and some more grants for next year.

I rested yesterday and watched a lot of CSI. God, I love Grissom.
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This is not a test.
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For many people, this is the ONLY place where they can say "i ate x/over ate and gained x and feel like blah" and feel understood
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Default long time no see

Hello dears. I posted something the other day, but i think i posted on the wrong thread lol. Well, i disappeared for a while because i was ashamed of my weight gain after getting comfortable in my new relationship which started almost 2 months ago now. Ive been seriously counting points now for almost a week and ive missed you all. i hope all is going well for you all and i cant wait to hear from you!
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Hey guys first time posting here!
I was so happy today when I realized that I lost some weight. All the hard work of past three weeks payed off. What a great way to start the day.
My knee was throbbing a little, I think I overdid it with Zumba two days in a row. I think tomorrow will be the ab workout day.
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As a newcomer to the thread, and a (relative) newcomer to 3FC, I think the focus is occasionally negative too. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. This *should* be a comfortable place where we can whine and moan and groan about how much we ate, because those safe spaces are few and far between. How much abuse and crap have we suffered because we don't fit the standard western model of skinny-*** beauty? And how many places are there where we can talk about it without being made to feel like neurotic overeating pigs with no self-control? Even though we all know we're not, society is freakin' WEIRD about women and weight and dieting and UGH! So a safe place to complain seems like a good thing to me.

*However*, I think Haley's right that we should think about the positive too. Sometimes these boards feel like there's too much focus on OMG CALORIES and not enough focus on "this is a positive change I'm going to make for my whole life! One off day compared to the thousands I've got left to live isn't that big a deal! Yeah! I'm still 10 pounds (or whatever) lighter than I used to be! And healthier to boot!"

One of the great things about these weekly threads is seeing that I'm not the only one going through all this crap. Other people have boyfriends and families that occasionally sabotage them. Other people have bad weekends. Other people freak out about going up one pound too! That's where I think that these boards really shine. When people *do* freak out, everyone leaps to reassure her and remind her that it's no sweat, and that she can fix it!

Although I will 100% continue to freak out about the fact that I am a pound heavier today, I'm going to remind myself that my recent lost was 100% due to a week of Ghiardia (really bad food poisoning). So a gain after a return to healthy eating habits and normal water retention is NORMAL and NOTHING TO FREAK OUT ABOUT (even though I TOTALLY AM FREAKING RIGHT NOW).
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(Chatty stuff in a separate post b/c I'm compulsive like that)

Sgregg, don't stress about the weekend! You've been doing great so far, and I'm sure that, even if you go a little bit overboard, you'll be fine.

Samantha, congrats on getting back to where you wanted to be! See, nothing to worry about!

Hermy, welcome to the club! Congratulations on all the hard work you've already put in!

Me, I'm going to a North Carolina style BBQ tonight (in Benin! so awesome!). Grilled pork shoulders and real barbeque. Mmmmmm. Luckily, I'm bringing roasted onion dip and a veggie plate, so I'll be able to nosh on green peppers while everyone else is getting sick from delicious pig meat.
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Alright, I'm going to agree with Haley 100%. This place is not what it used to be. Yes, Icon - I agree, sometimes people have no where else to come and complain about their loss of control, but the tone has changed - it's like the same off plan mistakes are being made and whined about, without any hint of positivity.

I remember when I first started on here - I was SO inspired by you - you were in the middle of your LONG plateau and while you were angry about it, you kept on trucking with your food plan and trainer and finally you got through it, it was just amazing to read about and it kept ME accountable.

The difference - the way I see it - is that everyone complains, but no one changes behavior and it's the opposite of inspiring. It's actually kind of sad, and maybe going forward we should all make a conscious effort to give support along with asking for it...like say something positive for every negative thing (or complaint about a lb gained) from now on. And we should try to respond to each other. I'm going to be really honest and say that when I see someone say "no time for personals" and then they write a huge post, I see it as slightly disrespectful. (but that's just me and I get irked by weird things, so please, no one take that personally, I'm just using it as an example and by no means am I discounting myself from ANY of this) This is a support forum, we should support each other!!

We're in this together, it should be a give and take, and I give kudos to Haley for having the guts to say something.

(please note there is a NICE tone to this post, not b*tchy)
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I think a more positive vibe could be a good thing for all of us. I am officially on summer vacation as of yesterday, so hopefully all that stress and bad feelings will go away!!!

I made it Saskatchewan finally yesterday after so many delays!!!! We were delayed for like 4 hours alone at the Chicago airport and then we sat on the runway in traffic and more storms for another 3 hours. But I'm here, I slept and showered, and I'm ready to start my road trip adventure. SO EXCITED!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend
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I just didnt want to be a bad guy...and I wasn't sure exactly how to word it but I do believe that things around here have changed... and it hasn't been so much of a chat... And the whole positive aspect thing comes from my own personal mission to try and be more positive... and I think thats what has helped me come as far as I have... I try to spend more time happy then sad, more time doing the right thing than wrong...and in the end I think it has worked out for me pretty well. I adore you ladies and thats why I come here to talk and support you guys but its like lately I have nothing to say... and I dont like that.

Chele- What was up with Chicago yesterday? Everyone I know was having plane issues and I had a friend stuck in Chicago on an airplane for hours and also a lot of delays...was the weather bad? I also had a friend who had a bunch of issues with Delta which freaked me out because I'm flying home on Delta on Wednesday and I dont even get in til 6pm and the airport isnt even close to my house... the joys of traveling...have an awesome trip...someday I'll make it to Canada but only to Jenny and get potato nachos
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Every time I have something positive to say it is on a Sunday evening so no one reads it and we get a new thread the next day. :| And I pretty much never do personals because I'm a jerk and I feel stupid writing like "So and so - That sucks." because I'm just not a verbose person. I only comment if I ACTUALLY have something to say beyond two words, but that doesn't mean I don't read it.

Here's my contribution towards positivity today: yesterday I bought size 14 jeans at Avenue. That is the smallest size they sell. Soon I won't be able to shop there.

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