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Feral 05-31-2010 10:01 AM

*Weekly Chat May 31-June 6*
Hello Ladies!

I hope you're all enjoying the long weekend with friends and family!

I'm back down to 182.6 this morning! I'm hoping I can finally kick the 180s a$$ for good! :) And it's looking like I didn't do too much damage this morning, plus I had a lot of sodium last night so here's to hoping!

I have no plans today except to go by the gym at some point and clean this monstrosity of a room.


Chele615 05-31-2010 10:05 AM

Feral ~ That's awesome!!! You'll be in 170's land before you know it :)

I need to get my butt to the gym before all the roads leading from my house to the gym are closed due to parades. The road the gym is on closes at 12:30, but I'm not sure when the center of my town closes. But it's also absolutely BEAUTIFUL out, so I don't know if I just want to walk in my neighborhood. My foot is doing a lot better from yesterday, but it might be good to maybe not go so hard today with it. Either way, I should make up my mind quick ;)

Skinnybride 05-31-2010 10:38 AM

Feral you are so close to the 170s YAY!
Its a rainy nasty day of course the dh is off today and have to stay in doors grr we were going to work on fort gh as he is not cooperating in anything else. this rain is good for the garden though.
I guess i'll clean and organize in the house some today
oh 177.5 this morning

Samantha417 05-31-2010 10:50 AM

Hey everyone! I had an uneventful weekend, and today I'm just working 2-10. It stinks working on holidays until you get that pay check with time and a half on it! The flyers play tonight too, so we're doing a dress down at work. You have to pay 5 dollars in order to wear flyers gear. The 5 dollars go to the ALS alliance that we raise for in june. Plus we have our tv out, so I can watch it on tv instead of doing actual work :)

The scale is still in the 130's! This morning I was 139.8, so it'll definitely go down once I'm done at the gym. I'm always my lightest after the gym, but it's exciting to actually get up in the morning and be in the 130's...not 140 or 141 and then sweat it off. I was worried the other day because I have been craving smores for a good 3 weeks, so I finally bought the fixings for it on saturday and ate 3. I had also had 2 slices of meatball pizza. So...I was worried that I would go back up, but I didn't!!

My mom has some dementia summit on friday and saturday. She's presenting about the type of music being played in the dining room of a skilled nursing facility, and how that effects the residents' eating. Usually they need to be cued or fed to, but with this classical music with nature playing in the background, it's cued more independent eating and has even just become a signal that when they hear that music, it's time to eat! But my mom wants me to burn 75 cds of the cd she plays for them during dining hours...I have 30 done so far, 45 more to go. It's a pain, but what she's doing is really interesting to me. Sorry for the nerdy explanation!

Alright, I'm going to head to the gym...Have a great memorial day everyone!!

starmac13 05-31-2010 10:51 AM

Good morning ladies,

Finally a Monday a can look forward too,

Chele - throw on your gear and see where your feet take you. But it is a gorgeous day out. I love parades. I am not sure if we have one. then again i have never inquired either.

Feral - lots of water today will bring a woosh for tomorrow and wednesday. Feel free to come to richmond and help me clean my room.

I start my new job tomorrow. Long story short, if i start on June 1 i get benefits starting in july as opposed to august with my previous start date. My boss was cool with it. It was sad to leave, but definitely time.

Oh and I just signed up to do the marathon in November (Jess its official now). I am pretty sure i just lost my mind. My training team starts this weekend. I might want to take up praying now.

The only set plan i have for today is the gym at 11:30am and the grocery store. Other than that, endless possibilities.

Chele615 05-31-2010 12:40 PM

Samantha ~ Your mom's research sounds really interesting!!!! Good luck getting the rest of the cd's copied.

Starmac ~ Woohoo for signing up for the marathon and making it official! You are going to be amazing :) But I'm sure the praying you're going to start up will help too!

Skinnybride ~ Rain stinks...especially when both you and dh have the day off. Maybe it will clear up as the day goes on?

I'm down another .6 pounds from yesterday. I'll take it!!! :) I did end up heading to the gym. I went early enough so that I could get around the town center and there were people already camped out on the side of the road claiming their spots on the parade route. I did have to take a short detour on the ride home in order to get around the parade route, but it was fine. I was tempted to stop for iced coffee as I drove past McDonalds though because their Newman's New England roast coffee is wicked good....and I don't even like coffee!! haha Maybe when I run out to get some errands done, I'll get one then. The best part is that any size is $1. Granted, they only have medium and large and medium is like a large size should be....so not that much choice, but you can't beat the price.

Skinnybride 05-31-2010 02:29 PM

Welp still raining we went to the grocery store got some fresh shrimp i think i'll make bbq shrimp for dinner

Jess7286 05-31-2010 06:07 PM

Star - I'll sign up after I finish my Half this weekend! I'm in! There's a 5-mile trail run sometime in September. Wanna do it?

Feral - KEEP IT UP! You're going to beat the 180s soon!

PammyFl 05-31-2010 08:50 PM

Feral- Your getting so close girlie!!

Good luck with the new job, and good luck with the marathon!!! I cant wait to do one myself.

Hey ladies! I'm finally backkk.... hold your applause :) Ive been so busy with everything going on in the house, with my bf coming to town to my sister giving birth 3 days ago. I really need to focus my time back on myself for a change. I have been holding on to my weight loss but haven't been seeing the numbers on the scale move. I know I'm closer to goal and its going to be harder to reach it not, but I really need to re focus myself.

Starting tomorrow I start Pammy boot camp (A name my 10yr nephew gave me when I make him exercise during summer) for my sister since giving birth, and as well for myself to get back on track. I haven't been watching my calories very closely just been intuitive eating, and I want to focus my time this week on counting EVERY calorie I consume.

My bf recently bought me a Polar FT40 hear rate monitor... and I LOVEEEEE IT. I like striving to hit a certain calorie number with my workouts (even though I think there slightly high)

I hope you ladies are having an awesome Memorial Day. I know I did. Homemade Ice cream included. (Hey today was my last guilty pleasure day before I get back on track :D)

Skinnybride 05-31-2010 09:14 PM

Well I had a productive day moved my huge storage cabinet from one room to the craft room. God it all reloaded and organized I had leftovers from yesterday lunch at a mexican restuarant it was a burrito full of beans and veggies and a little chicken and I'm still full so just a little snack of popcorn for dinner. Hope everyone had a great memorial day

medinazarley 05-31-2010 09:57 PM

hey guys, I'd like to introduce myself and join in your group.

My name is Ryan, I lost and gained 40 lbs in the last 8 months. I'm a mom of one and am struggling through a dicorce. Me and my son are staying mith my parents until July, and I weigh in around 272. I'll know for sure in the morning.

I've looked around your board and i think you guys have the energy i need to help keep me on track.

PammyFl 05-31-2010 10:20 PM

Welcome Ryan!!! I truly owe so much to this site and everyone on it. It really has changed my whole life. Good luck!

sgregg 05-31-2010 10:39 PM

Hey ladies! I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend. We went out of town to visit some friends and ate tons of BBQ. I think I am done with BBQ for at least a couple of months. I can just imagine the amount of cholesterol from all the pork I have consumed the last couple of days. Not good! Anyway, I didn't get on the scale any this weekend because of being out of town and I decided to go ahead and get on it a little while ago and I wasn't too disappointed. Yes, I was up because I don't ever weigh in the evenings, but I still was not as high as I thought I was going to be. So, I'm happy right now. Trying to get in my water since I drank diet coke all weekend and a couple of alcoholic beverages.

On the way home we saw this little Amish store and we just HAD to stop. Oh man, we shouldn't have! Haha! We got some garlic yogurt cheese (so good), raspberry chocolate fudge (so good), cashew brittle (so good), coffee and cream almonds (so good)...HAHA!! Anyway, as you can see everything was just delicious. We have been going easy on the candy just because it is so rich. You cannot pig out on it. So, I think we will be safe with it.

Okay, enough rambling. I'm ready for the new month. Classes start back tomorrow and I want to get into the 220's! My goal for this month is to try my best to get to 220, however, if I don't make it quite so far, I am going to settle for 223. :)

Ryan, :welcome: to our group!

Pammy, congrats to your sister! I love little babies! :D Glad you are back and focusing on yourself.

Skinny, ooh, bbqed shrimp...sounds yummo!

Chele, whoo for .6!! Better than nothing! :) And I like iced coffee but I can't drink it all the time. I get tired of it really fast.

starmac, saw that you start your new job tomorrow...what do you do?

Samantha, yay for still being in the 130's!! You go, girl! And time and a half is awesome! And that's really neat what your mom has figured out. Did she learn this on her own or have some tips from fellow workers? So interesting and good to know!

Iconised Ghost 06-01-2010 03:03 AM

hey everyone im still alive! Since i moved out and started a three week internship i just havent had time to keep up with this place :dizzy: I dont know how your full time workers do it! But im going good :D

Welcome ryan!

Feral 06-01-2010 09:09 AM

Good Morning - happy FAKE Monday! LOL The rain they were calling for finally caught up with us this morning. *pout*

Samantha - feel free to go nerdy anytime. I think what your mom is doing is very interesting. My grandmother had dementia/alzheimers so I'm all about anything that can help. It's such a tough disease to deal with. And I have to say I am so glad we don't have to pay to wear jeans on Friday where I work. I have heard of some other schools making their teachers pay. Now, I'm sure it goes to a great cause but teachers are under paid and over worked.... the least you can do is let me dress down on Friday!

Alana - CONGRATS again and I hope your first day is awesome!!!! One day I will get to the point where I can do a 5K (I dunno if I can go marathon LOL) and will have to come up to VA and run it with you!

Chele - Your town is obviously much more patriotic than mine! And you have more will power than I do. I think if I was in the drive through at McD's I would want something very bad to go with the iced coffee!

Pammy - WELCOME BACK! You def have been missed! I knew the bf was in town so that was consuming a lot of your time. I'm sure it was so nice to have him around. Has he always been active or have you gotten him to be more active? I knew he had participated in some events with you and was exercising with you. LOL @ Pammy Boot Camp. I think I need to come down there and experience that. So jealous of your Polar HR monitor. I think I may buy one of those at some point this summer.

Ryan - WELCOME! This board and this chat are amazing. I can def say if it weren't for the people in here that I wouldn't be on the journey anymore... it's a great support system. I say this to every new person who jumps in here - the more you post the more accountable you will be so stick around. If you find yourself not wanting to post it's probably because you aren't on track. At least that's how it is for me... I know a bad week when I'm avoiding this place. Make yourself at home and jump right in!

- Oh girl I have the hardest time drinking water on the weekends too! I do much better in my normal routine of coffee at work and water for the rest of the day! It sounds like you had a great weekend!

Icon - HOORAY! I take it adjusting to a new place/living with the boyfriend is probably crazy. Are you liking your internship? How is Molly (that is your cat's name right?) and her 20394820398 toes?!?!?! Oh and one more question since I'm bombarding you - can you get your bf's mom to make me some dhal and ship it to me? KTHNX!

So overall I'm feeling pretty good about this weekend. I didn't weigh this morning because yesterday was a little high in sodium and I knew I would be up on the scale this morning so today will be WATER, WATER, WATER, WATER.

My hip started hurting yesterday when I went into the gym. It was almost like, I don't really know how to describe it, it's like my hip joint got "caught" and was just kind of out of whack except it didn't really go back in. When I'm sitting it's fine but every now and then when I'm walking it just hurts. I go to the chiro today so hopefully he can straighten me back out with his magic hands.

And I have to add that I only have a 3 day work week this week and am EXTREMELY glad of that fact! WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Have a great day you guys!

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