*Weekly Chat May 31-June 6*

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  • Sgregg- MMM BBQ, and omg that stuff from the Amish stores sounds AWESOME. Isn't it awesome when we expect our bodies to totally hate us on the scale and they end up only hating us a tiny bit? haha

    Sorry to hear about the hip pain. Sometimes we think that our bodies are work horses and we push em to the max. Glad your going to the doc to get it fixed though Yeah things were crazy busy here with the boyfriend and with my sister having a new baby. (shes adorable btw) My boyfriend has never been a very active person. He likes to be active but you have to push him to get started. Since I met him he has lost about 15lbs. My weight loss was intimidating him apparently lol. His grandmother always tells him hes too skinny and that I need to stop making him lose weight LOL (You know how grandmothers are). Hes already small if you ask me just needs to gain some muscle. Once I relocate to Chicago he really wants to get active with me and run and bike ride and all the things that I love. I can't wait! I made him run the 5k with me and he was kicking my rear, and he has only ever ran like 3 times in his whole life, while I have been training for almost a YEAR! What is it when men and there ability to do stuff easier than us girls?!?!

    Happy Fake Monday today as well!!! I almost forgot it was Tuesday to be honest. Which is good because today I'm back on track with tracking me calories and workout and calories burned. I'm really gonna try to track EVERYTHING as hard as it may be, atleast for a week or two. Boot Camp Pammy has officially opened its doors.. all are welcome
  • Welcome Ryan!!
    So firstly, I LOVE the name Ryan for women. I'm still trying to convince my husband Ryan and Jordan are amazing names for girls when that time comes :P
    It's a very strong, assertive, name. Like the name of a character Angelina Jolie would play in a movie

    Okay, so that rants done, haha.

    Hope all y'all American's had a great long weekend - Had to think for a minute and remembered we just had Victoria Day last week for our long weekend and yours is Memorial day!

    Happy Tuesday, ladies!
  • Good morning ladies! I just logged in and I was like wait, 2 pages? Its Mon...oh right...

    Memorial Day Weekend was really busy for me, I covered 2 states and a District with a lot of alcohol in between, but I'm back down to 170.0 this morning I know some of that is still water retention from TOM and that really salty burger I had yesterday, but I'm going to be so busy this week I'm not going to have a chance to eat terribly. I have a week long meeting, so I possibly won't be able to check in during the day (or maybe at all) but I'm thinking of you ladies!
  • So I had an awesome weekend...and my food was only off plan on Sunday...but it was sooooo off plan its not even funny and I think I ate enough for a a whole week...oh well...you live and you learn

    Saturday I did do some drinking but honestly I didnt drink that much but I got super drunk and sick... I guess I have no alcohol tolerance anymore and I felt like a jerk

    I'm at 189 today and I'm ok with that and in the past week I have ran 4 times which is awesome... I've done an 11 minute mile twice so thats pretty neat

    I went shopping and got new things which is also exciting including a super hot red dress... I'll post a picture in the picture section

    The LSAT is in less than a week (omg finally) and for this week even though I'm stressed I'm going to be hardcore about tracking and staying within my range and also not going off plan on the weekend...why are weekends so difficult

    Ryan-Welcome, I also love your name

    Shauna- All of that stuff sounds awesome

    Feral- I hope your hip is fixed...after running I had this weird pain where my leg attaches to my body... i felt like a broken barbie doll lol

    Pammy- I'll join your boot camp
  • Good morning ladies!!! I'm back after some awesome birthday celebrations this past week/weekend. No falling off the wagon for me... lets do this!!!
  • Pammy - what do you mean my body is not a work horse?!!?! LOL I think you're right.... I already had the appt for the chiro so I guess it was just good timing. It doesnt seem to be bothering me currently but the day is young! And WOW - the bf never runs and kicked your booty. I would've kicked HIS booty!!!! Who does he think he is?!?!!

    Stella - BOOOOOO to week long meetings. YUCK! And yay for 170 after drinking/sodium.

    Haley - YAY IT'S FINALLY GOING TO BE OVER!!!! I think I'm almost relieved for you. Funny how the whole drining thing is different when you start to lose weight. I think part of it is not weighing as much and part of it is possibly cutting out drinking you were doing before... and not eating as much. I can get a buzz on like 2 beers now. That didn't happen before.

    Jess - WAS IT YOUR BIRTHDAY?! If so happy belated..... and YES... LET'S DO THIS!
  • Hey ladies, I'm going to read back on the thread later and catch up - I had a busy weekend!

    I got sunburnt on my back so I didn't go spinning this morning. Does anyone know some good workouts that I can do if my mobility is sketchy? I was thinking lots of walking for this week.
  • Platform - I am a huge fan of deep-water running. Especially when you're tender, although I am a huge advocate of it all the time :P
    For some reason when you do it submersed in water it doesn't feel like work?
  • I was the textbook definition of a binger today. It was just one of those days. Back to normal tomorrow.....

    I just got back from work now, and I'm tired as anything. I barely slept last night because my mother doesn't know how to work an air conditioner...and I wanted to get up at 5 to go to the gym, but I knew that I would fall asleep there so I didn't go. It was delivery day at the store so I had to unload and sort cases, so I was moving around all day
  • I only have to wake up 13 more times until the end of the school year!!! My goodness, I need it big time this year. Tomorrow and Thursday are MCAS Biology testing days, so they'll be busy and the weekend will be here again before I know it. I feel like all we do is MCAS testing. Seriously....one week a month since January!
  • hellllooooo ladies!

    so this weekend was faboosh! i took a "nap" friday from about 7pm until 7:30 am saturday. opps. haha. then i went golfing for the first time with the boy. we only made it about 8 holes cuz i'm terrible and frustrated him, and i refused to jump on the golf cart when i could walk 70 feet to the ball. apparently golf isn't really a good game if you want to actually move. go figure.

    sunday we hit up his aunt's bbq where i strayed away from most of the appetizers and stuck to carrots and fat free ranch...dinner was grilled chicken with corn...and of course a deviled egg, or three. really, you can't say no to them.

    yesterday i ate a ton, but i was in the pool swimming with the little kids for about 6 hours, and when we weren't in the pool we were jumping on the trampoline. magically the scale states i'm still only 151...hoping to get rid of the 3 lbs i put on over the weekend by this weekend. keeping my fingers crossed.

    i need some advice. i'm in a wedding on july 3rd, and have to get my dress fitted asap. i'm concerned that in another month, though, my body will be a different shape. i'm not planning on dropping any more weight, just toning up. do you think it will make much of a difference? it's a strapless empire dress.
  • Got off to a good start to June worked out for about 45 mins doing zumba me likey I made bbq shrimp potato salad and corn on the cob for dinner it was good but the shrimp was a little salty i adjusted the recipe from 3lbs of shrimp to 1/2 lb probably why but for my first time cooking shrimp i'm pleased
    GH update he refuses to get in the cage or eat bubble gum so i guess fencing him out is my only remaining option
  • Poison ivy sucks. Especially when its on your right forearm and you have to type.

    Amy - I'm not sure what you could do. That's tricky, because even if you're toning, you're probably going to lose some size...

    I have no appetite. I do not want to eat anything. I forced myself to have hummus and pita bread for lunch, so I'm at about 700 calories for the day. This isn't good, but the thought of food makes me sick. AND I just did an hour on the stairmaster and 20 minutes doing push ups and crunches, thinking I'd trigger my appetite. Nothing. Ugh.
  • Thanks for the warm welcome. And while I have grown to love my name (and also new a girl named Jordan growing up) I would never name one on my children a name meant for the other gender. Maybe one which nick-names easily into it, like charlie/charolette. It was just hard in grade school.

    Anyhoo, other than the 20 peice nugget I slammed today in a bored/angry lapse of judgment I did well. I even did a 40 min aerobic workout. yay.

    Oh, so the lapse in judgement went like this, on my way home from my not-enough-hours job I was planning on talking to the manager of a chain restaraunt opening in my town about getting a PT job. I used to work for the same company, know the store manager and the area manager. So I get there and he's on lunch so I decide to grab lunch and return. In the drive through at McD's I was planning on a grilled chicken sandwich w/no mayo, apple dippers and water. I got at 20 peice nugget (on special) with the intention of eating 5 and saving the left overs for my son. Well upon my return to the store I found out the manager was not back yet and I proceded to eat each nugget while I waited over an hour. I felt sick. But it was one slip up for an otherwise good day.

    Hope you all have a great tomorrow.
  • For poison ivy take the inside of a banana peel and rub it on it usually clears up in a day better than anything you can get with a prescription. Working as a landscaper i get it often this takes care of it