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Default Does anyone not gain during TOM?

I got mine a few days ago and just for the heck of it I decided to weigh myself every day to see what my weight does during it. I completely expected to see a nice gain but instead I've still been losing. Maybe it's just an off month and not really normal for me but I don't know because I've never stepped on the scale before during it.
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I am a freak. I have about a 3-pound whoosh on the first day of my period and then it stays there. I'm pretty sure it is just water weight, so I try to stay really hydrated until it ends to make sure I don't retain.
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I think it all depends on your body. The last time I was on TOM I lost but there have been times where I have gained or when I stayed the same weight for a while.
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I'm similar to Bama, I have a woosh right before I'm due, then I sort of hover at that woosh point. Not really gaining, not really losing.
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I can NOT gain, if I really watch what I eat. If this happens, I'll maintain, and then maybe have a whoosh.
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During my TOM my weight acts the same as if I weren't on TOM, there's no difference
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I weigh daily and also track my ovulation cycle and what I've noticed is that when I ovulate, the scale stops moving. It's just stops dead in it's tracks and no matter how clean I eat and how on plan I am, it's just sitting there, like a log.

Then once TOM comes around, I whoosh and lose weight pretty quickly that week and then it goes back to normal weight loss until I ovulate again.

I'm glad I figured out my pattern, or else I might be pulling my hair out every month wondering why the scale isn't moving.
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I'm on an OCP, so I usually don't gain but I certainly don't lose while I'm on my TOM. During my TOM, I stay the same weight but once it ends I drop a few pounds.
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I either stay the same, or lose during my TOM. I've never really gained during it.
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I don't really gain either during my TOM. It just stalls until it's over with. When my TOM is finished I usually go down 1 -2lbs. I haven't had an issue with cravings during them either really.
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I same either keep losing or stay about the same. I'm on TOM now and loosing!
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This is really interesting. I never weighed myself before during my TOM, mostly because I'm kind of cranky. Now I'm curious about it though!
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Maybe a pound, but I always lose it after. Sometimes I actually lose. Mine has gotten super regular over the past couple of years, and I think it has to do with not being stressed out, being generally happy, etc. I always get mine every 26 days for three days. It's become like clockwork. And I quit taking birth control like a year ago.
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I gain a lot (2-3 kilos) in the 3 days before, return to normal once it's finished :S
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I don't really gain, but my weight remains constant for the week before. No loss whatsoever (or gain) no matter how hard I'm working. I usually notice a very very small increase on the day that it'll start (might be up .2-.5lbs from the morning before). And then I'll have a big whoosh of a loss, usually 2-3lbs over the next few days. So, I'm usualyl excited for my TOM, because I know I'll get a big loss, haha.
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