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Ready for a change!
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Unhappy Intense! - 30 Day Shred

Sorry if this is being posted in the wrong section...

So I tried the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred today, first day..and wow, I couldn't finish all of it. I know it's supposed to be really good and it does help but I can't even stick it through the first day!!

And doing the pushups were hard on my knees (the modified version) even though I did have them on the mat. Do you guys think it's cause I'm on hardwood floor (even though knees were on the mat) or it's just my knees...

Anyone else here have the same problems as me? I know the only solution is to just keep on doing it and I'll get used to it.. ahhh!

PS - Totally unrelated, but what kind of sportsbra is really good? I have a not so great one now (and kind of old..) so I was hoping to go shopping for some new ones..any suggestions?! I need as much support as possible, kind of hard to do jumping jacks and skipping rope :P
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I've been doing 30DS for a few months now off and on, though I recently started it over on level 2 (death!!). But just stick with it. When I started doing it, I could barely make it through level one, and I felt like I had died of soreness by the next day.

I'd say yes it's because you're on wood floor. If I'm going to do pushups I put some extra padding under my knees (a folded up sweatshirt), otherwise it's not worth the pain. Keep going though, and soon you won't need to worry about it because you'll be able to do true pushups!

I'm on Day 3 of my 30 days, so we'll kick this together!
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Love - don't feel bad. I remember the first time I did 3DS... I thought I was going to die and I realized how out of shape I was. If you need to take more time to rest, do it. No one is pushing you but yourself. So stick with it.

I would say as far as your knees are concerned it probably has to do with the hardwoods. It also depends on how thick your mat is. Maybe you could try taking a folded up towel or two and using that when you do your push ups as extra cushion?

I can't speak for myself, but I know a few of the ladies on here have mentioned the ENELL sports bra. I think they're pretty expensive, but if you're bigger chested I think that's the way to go.

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Love - Read through the exercise posts and see what you find on 30 Day Shred and first timers. Jillian ain't no punk. For me it was those side lunges and lifting the weights because my back and hips were in a lot of pain when I would do them. At the time I couldn't bend over and pick up my toddler. Now it's no problem and I know I owe that to Jillian!! The jump ropes were hard for me as well. I stopped for about a month and went back to it doing level 2 this past Saturday and all of me hurts. I will keep going and so will you. Maybe use a pillow under your knees for push ups.
It will get better and you'll get stronger!!!
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Ready for a change!
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Thanks so much for all your responses!!
I will definitely try putting some sort of cushioning down for my knees...and I figured the only solution would be to stick with easy way out :|

Everlasting - it'll be good to have someone that's doing it at the same time as me..someone to complain about it with haha

Feral - thanks for the tip on the Enell sports bra..they are pricey! But I'll look into it more, maybe I can find a cheaper version somewhere..hmm...

Thanks again you guys! I just have to keep motivating myself
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I would just take it at your own pace. It is a tough workout and as long as your doing 100% then that's all that matters. I would also put something else down for your knees for the push ups. I 100% recommend the Enell sports bra! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE mine, but I am also a FF so I kinda need one. They are a bit pricey but you can sometimes find them on Ebay (where I purchased mine) Good luck!
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I just started level 2 on 30DS i like it much better than 1 actually. for pushups put a pilliow under your knees or folded up towel. the pushups used to hurt my wrists but lately i havent even noticed that my ankles are sore though i had to switch to low impact for a while til they recover.

Sports bra mine is from walmart a danskin i wear mine to work also (landscaping) lots of support and they arent expensive 10 or 12 bucks.
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It's true, it does get easier. After the first day I had to rest two days because I was so sore, and now it doesn't happen any more. Because I don't do the video every day (I usually save it for days I don't have time to go to the gym) I do some of the sets while watching TV every day, so I don't lose my progress. Especially the pushups because I am worst at that.

The Enells are good but expensive. Moving Comfort also makes good bras for a little cheaper; good running stores carry them. If you don't have the money, you can look around for cheaper bras that have some of the important elements, in places like TXMaxx or Marshalls; they often have a rack with sports bras and shorts in the back of the clothing section.

What you want is: non-stretchy material (not Lycra) across the chest and shoulder straps, pretty tight fit, and a high front, going up almost to the neck. I have a Patagonia bra like that that I got either at Marshalls or the clearance rack at REI. I even have one that kind of does the trick from Walmart, although I don't think they carry that model anymore. Here's a Moving Comfort example: lycra in the back, nylon (non-stretchy) in the front. They take a while to get used to, and you probably won't want to wear it except during your workout cause it's not the most comfortable thing, but they work.
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Putting a pillow under my knees when I was doing push ups helped.
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I'm currently on day 4 of level 3 and I literally have to talk myself into doing it everyday because I feel like I'm going to die once I'm though with it. Haha, I'm also on hardwood and I use a yoga mat but yes it is very much hard on the knees so I also use the pillow idea.

I know its hard now, but its totally worth it. I always feel proud of myself after I finish the video everyday. Thats what always keeps me going. I know you can do it!
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Don't feel bad! I had my first go-round with 30DS a week ago, and the bruises on my knees are just now starting to go away! Needless to say, at 312 pounds, it kicked my butt. Glad to know that it does get results!
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Hey don't beat yourself up, you tried and you aren't giving up! I did it for the first time about a week ago and I am having to psych myself up to do it again!
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i just bought the 30ds dvd, adn watched the level 1,it looks easy but am sure it is not, have not done it yet, and i know if it is from jillian it will kick my ***. just keep doing it it will get easier. do it every other day if needed or every 2 days. i know i will try everyday but from the sounds of it i might not. keep it up you're doing great
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You could also do a wall pushup if a pillow under the knees doesn't help.

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Jillian is really tough. When I first did the shred, I thought I was going to puke. Seriously, I felt nauseous afterwards. Like everyone said, just hang in there and it will get easier.

I'm now on day 23 of Jillian's 30 Day Slim Down. I alternate 30 day shred, No More Trouble Zones and Cardio--I do Turbo Kick, but her rotation includes Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism. I have lost some inches and I can definitely see my muscle definition. If you stick with it you will see results.
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