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Default What is your Non-Scale Weight Loss goal?

So, I don't know about anyone else, but I have a major problem on obsessing over the numbers on my scale. I go crazy with charts, diagrams, the whole sha-bang. So what I want to do is focus on a NSV as my weight loss goal instead of worrying about body fat and bmi and all of that. And as usual I got to thinking what are other people's secret NSVs.

Mine is that I can fit into my fiance's pants (comfortably). He is a pretty skinny guy (wears 28x30) so it may be slightly realistic but a goal that I want to shoot for. I think once I do this I will be the happiest person in the world and my weight loss will be complete!

What's yours?
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To get off my high blood pressure medication.
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I really, really would love it if my boyfriend's pants would be so large and slip off me instead of fitting pretty well. I'm ashamed that we're the same size though he is 4 inches taller. :-(. Also want to fit back into the clothes I was wearing last summer by this upcoming summer.
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I want to be a perfect size 8 pants. (I'll never be a size 8 dress bc my boobs are just too big, and I don't want them to shrink lol)
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I want to climb to the highest mountain peak in each of the 50 states!!
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I have a pair of jeans and a very expensive ($200!) gorgeous silk blouse that I want to wear this summer. I haven't worn it in years and I can't wait to do so again.

I also want to be able to go backpacking with my friends and bf this summer without having to dope my self into oblivion to kill the pain from my knees!
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I want to be able to walk into a store and buy some clothes that are not in the plus size section. I would also like to look better in a swim suit. And, a short term nsv is to fit back into my size 18 jeans that I haven't worn in two years.

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I wanna be able to sit down and not have to put my purse on my lap to cover my gut!
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I'd like to fit into a size 8 pair of SHORTS .. comfortably!

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I want to be able to fit into a size 10 and to gain some muscles in my arms
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I want to fit into the dress in my photo, i made that my last year of highschool and havent been able to fit into it since then. its an 8/10. but my short term is to be able to run a 10k with my friends
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A 27" waist and size 6 pants...but since I'm only 5 pounds from goal and my thighs can barely squeeze into 8s that may be pie in the sky!
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I want to be able to wear a size 6 pant AND to be able to run at least 2 miles without passing out . I can't even run one right now!
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I have lots of clothes that I have been able to wear in about a year, I'd like to get back into them. I also like to watch my belt and count the notches it's gone down, so my goal would be to have to buy a new belt.
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Great thread! Especially right now, when the numbers on my scale are just creeping up on me, even though I've been sticking to plan... sigh.

I'm another person pretty motivated by size. I bought a pair of pants that I love in my goal size, and I'm taking progress pictures in them, too. Still not close to fitting them, though.

My other non-scale goal is a bit of a joke with my boyfriend. I've pledged to beat him at arm wrestling.
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