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Ready for a smaller me.
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I'll post progress pictures here as soon as I have progress to show and once I reach the 25 post minimum!
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I girls here is a picture of me going to my sister baby shower .... I remember buying this coat ... it did not close the bottoms and two months later "it fits".
It was on sale on Winner ....

And this was under ...

This is my baby on march 17 she was turning 6 months.

This my boy .. He is going to be 3

And this is my older girl she is 9


And the last one my and my husband..

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There Is No Wagon
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I got this dress custom made off Etsy and I looove it. It's VERY form-fitting though so it takes some confidence to pull off. I'll post other angles on my blog. ETA: I posted pics with the red lipstick you guys suggested on my blog.

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Forest - It looks AMAZING on you!!!
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There Is No Wagon
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S/C/G: 33.3%/21.8%/19%

Height: 5'5"


Thanks Mary
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i dont have many full body pics cause i always hate how i look in them but here is one i dont hate everything about! lol
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okay forest- i just clicked on your blog... and we are fashion soul sisters

i post as murderthefatchick on there so i know this is a repeat but i fricken loooove the red lipstick on you!

also, where on etsy did you get that dress? you must link! also- the part about loving even those curves? that dress would not looks as good WITHOUT those curves, it looks amaaaazing
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you look SO beautiful! I love that outfit, it looks great on youand it really shows off your figure well!! And your family are all beautiful!!!!
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Brighter than the moon!
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You ladies all look great!

Forest, I LOOOOOOVE the dress
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Wow these pics are amazing! You guys are all so beautiful! I can't wait to be confident enough in myself to put myself out there...so for now I will hide behind my avatar!

Feral- I LOVE your hair- I so want that haircut! The reason I don't get it is because of my weight! I have a "lump" of fat at the base of my neck between my shoulders and with a haircut like that it would show! Maybe that would be a good reward for goal! But it looks fantastic on you!

Phoenix- Your eyes are so striking- the difference in your face amazes me! And you do have a GORGEOUS complexion! Wow you should be in a St. Ives commercial!

Thanks for sharing your photos ladies! I need the inspiration!
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some pictures from my fabulous 80's evening

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Haley - BEST EYE MAKEUP EVER. Lookin' good!
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I agree with Aliquot....LOVE the eye makeup!!!

All you girls are looking fabulous!
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Here's me.
Attached Images
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Height: 5'7


Haley, loks like you have a blast! And love all the make-up and clothes. awesome.

reagansquad-lookin' sharp!
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