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Samantha - you look great! My favorite is the first one, but all three look good.
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I luv my curves
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Lauren you look great, I see muscles!!!!! Keep up the good work. WHen did you start running??

Samantha you look fab as well!
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Originally Posted by LBLAZY View Post
I ran my first 5k this morning! It was SO hot out, but I did it! I was one of the top 10 women finishers (won't know the specifics till the results are posted)
What diet are you on? 100 #s in 9 months just amazes me!!
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What up, guys. Today was the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner for my sister's wedding... Here's me and the boy.

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The Last 10lbs!
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Everyone looks so awesome in all these photos! Love the dress aliquot!

Samantha, what sort of ab exercises are you doing for those awesome abs of yours? You look fantastic in all three of those bikinis!
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Sam: I love the dress! And the picture is adorable! You look great!

freedomreins: I use one of those huge exercise balls and do sit ups off of that. I do about 4 sets of 25 crunches. I do 5 sets of planks for 30 seconds each. I do a few other things now and then but that's mainly what I do.

and here's me at the beach!
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I can, I will, I do
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You girls look amazing!! Congrats on all your success and good luck getting to your goals
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on the way to skinny
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New haircut! Its the first time I've EVER considered trying a pixie cut...I finally feel skinny enough to pull it off! lol

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The Last 10lbs!
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Divine, you look AWESOME with your new hair! You can TOTALLY pull it off!
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You are all looking AMAZING!!!

Divine - LOVE your hair cut! I've had several pixie cuts over the course of my lifetime and I think half of the battle is having the attitude to pull it off. You look so damn cute! Gorgeous eyes btw!
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Divine Fidelity - You're looking fantastic! I love the new do, it totally suits you. And look how skinny you look in those pics!

Wormwood - You and your family are beautiful! I love the little Phillies outfit, that is so cute!

Avezy - Wow, you look great what a difference!

Lauren - Great job!

Samantha - You look smokin' hot in the bikinis! Rock it girl

Aliquot - OMG!!!! LOOK AT YOU!!! You look totally amazing, and skinny! Look at your little waist line!


Not much is new for me, I'm 1lb away from my June goal of 172. I went to Kentucky at the beginning of the week, here's a pic from that.

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My best friend and I this past weekend...I'm in my new size 12 dress
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Haley - OMG you look so damn skinny and HOT! way to go girl!!!

Aliquot - love the look wonderful!
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Haley - you're too darn pretty I just got a hair cut similar to yours, but never though of curling it because I was afraid it'd look to short. Is that natural? I'm headed to the curling iron right now!

Platform - HOT BOOTS! And HOT you! ow owwwA!
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Garstar- It's natural but then I add a few curls in random spots as a final touch... I can only wear it curly once it has grown out some...its very long right now

Mary- your hair is looking really good

Sam- I love that dress on you

Divine- I still cant believe you cut off all your hair... I saw the pictures on facebook and I was like why did she change her picture to someone else... I didnt even recognize you
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