20 Somethings Photos - Round 3!

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  • amhoffy - You look great! I think you looked really pretty in your first pictures too.. I wish my bra fat was as minimal as yours in that pic

    You and your bf are cute with your "serious faces"
  • amhoffy - You look fantastic! And you totally don't look like you were 180 in those quad pictures!
  • Thanks guys Its depressing to go hunting for "before" pictures, because when you see them it still feels like I'm looking at them and that's what I look like. I should probably ask my friends for their pictures of me, because in the past I've usually deleted any awful ones I come across. I'm the friend that steals people's cameras and deletes bad pictures of me if I can get my hands on them. Bad, I know. Finiding the worst ones is good for me though because it reminds me how quickly 50 lbs can pile on me. No more rollercoaster! I'm determined to never have a picture like those again. (And I'll try to avoid the red bra strap situation as well, sorry about that!)
  • The scale can bite me, I don't feel like I'm in the 170s anymore. And this picture can prove it:

    And my new shoes:

    In NYC for my 21st birthday:

    Annnnd some pictures from my party, I think some of you were asking about that. The dress code was vintage 20s-50s. The first picture is with my friend's boyfriend and the second is with my boyfriend.
  • You look so good! I'm IN LOVE with your outfits, especially your vintage dress! Those heels look fabulous with it These pics may trigger a relapse with my shoe addiction!
  • at haze nightclub in vagas (at aria) I'm the white girl lol:

    me doing tug of war... i'm not as useful as i was last year (when i was way heavier) but I'm def the strongest girl! I'm 2nd from the left:

    on the strip. that's a 100 oz margarita in a guitar hanging around my neck. OHHH YEAH. let the shenanigans begin.

  • Mary - OMFrickingG, you are adorable!!! Who cares what the scale says when you look like that?!
  • Amhoffy - Thanks! I got a lot of my newer wardrobe from ModCloth. The dress I found on sale at Urban Outfitters and the cardigan is from Forever21.

    Jazz - Lmao, the white girl, you look so cute! Looks like you had a great time!

    Smisen - Thanks!! It's my new mantra.
  • Mary : I love your birthday outfits, and your new shoes .... you look so good.

    Jazz : Your picture is like a red carpet picture.

    amhoffy: You have such a pretty smile..

    Hurray for all of us........ Summer here we come
  • thanks girls!
  • Jazzy- I love your pictures... and can I have your boobs? k thanks... so pretty lady...and I'm jealous of your 100 oz margarita only bc its in a guitar

    Mary- I love that coat... and you're looking good

    amh- You're also looking really good and I love your hair
  • Hey ladies! Everyone's looking fine

    Just did a 10K this morning, it went GREAT! I"m in the purple, my partner is in the blue. We did a half marathon relay, so we each ran a 10K to complete the 13 miles, so much fun! this was my second year doing the race, and I felt so accomplished and proud of myself. Now on to that half marathon!

  • Fonesca and Haley - Thanks!!!

    Garstar - I was just thinking about you today! You look so cute at the race!
  • Platform - aw thanks! You looked adorable at your birthday party. What a fun theme, you did a tea right? My mom is huge into teas so we have tea parties all the time, they're fun

    Samantha I like the second one best! You wouldn't have to worry about a tie then getting in the way with your robe. Congrates on the graduation!

    Amy - you are GORGEOUS. Also, where else can you seriously post a picture of your butt and it's acceptable haha. Looking good!
  • everyone looks so good! keep up all the hard work ladies

    Here is me today trying on clothes at Macys, I don't match at all haha but the shorts were a size 13 in the juniors section so I was pretty happy