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Default I drank 7 glasses of WINE. AHHHHHH!!!!

OK...I have had some issues the past week or so. I started my TOM a week ago today...and despite trying to mentally prepare myself for a sluggish metabolism and potential gain, I couldn't. I had just hit the 20 lb loss mark and instead of feeling elated...I felt frustrated and hopeless. I do not know why. I don't know what triggered it. It just seemed so daunting to lose more. I felt like it was impossible. I stuck with my food and exercise plans all last week...even if I was a bit reluctant...but then THIS WEEKEND happened. OH BOY. Friday night, I was still within my caloric range, but a lot of those calories were not the best variety (I had half a buffalo chicken wrap for dinner and some creamy cole slaw). And then SATURDAY hit. I did a light workout in the morning because I had to drive 40 miles to my Mom's with my toddler...and I was great all day. Fantastic, really. Until that night. My husband and I saw a movie...Crazy Heart (awesome!)...and I resisted the temptation of buttered popcorn and nachos and pretzels. I made it through like a champ. We got to the restaurant for dinner, where I had preplanned my meal. Red snapper with creamed spinach on the side. It was all good, until the WINE MONSTER struck! "Just one," I thought. "I deserve this glass of delicious fermented fruit!" And I had one. A Reisling with a hint of green apple flavor. It was delicious. Then I had another. Then I had to try a Pinot Noir. Then I apparently had to try 4 more glasses. OH LORD. I was a hot mess by the end of the evening (some friends had met us out). I haven't had a drink since 2009, so I think I just snapped after all of the discipline and diligence that's surrounded this weight loss thing. Yesterday, I felt like someone had run me over with a Mack truck. I was also really pissed at myself for consuming thousands of calories in ALCOHOL. ACKKKKKK!

I'm on plan again, I am, and I'm excited for the next 20. Has anyone slipped up to this magnitude? I feel like a total lush!!!!!
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Ohh don't stress about it! Really! For one thing, a glass of wine is typically about 100 calories...so 7 glasses would be around 700ish...not thousands! And besides that, IMO I think it's better that you indulged in the wine rather than the popcorn/nachos..and all bad FOOD. If you're not a regular drinker, then alcohol is not going to be a trigger like food can be. I slip up and end up drinking usually 1 night a week...and sometimes not just wine...a lot of times it's beer. But I'm still losing weight (have never gained any back that I've lost)...I just get right back on track the very next morning. If you don't allow yourself to cut loose once in a while, you'll drive yourself insane. And as long as you don't do it on a regular basis then you're doing much better than me! Don't be so hard on yourself...you're doing GREAT! You've lost 20lbs so far! That's a small child!! CONGRATS to you for that! Keep on going!!!
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Wine is a huge weakness for me!!! I can drink a whole bottle in one evening!! I honestly don't have any advice on how not to do it, cause I havent figured it out myself.

Some days I can stick to one glass (i did last night) but other times its the whole bottle. =/
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Way to go for getting right back on track It's OK to mess up from time to time, so long as you jump right back on the band wagon!

A lot of people who had the same experience would throw in the towel from there. Good job staying strong and continuing to strive forward!!
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Lol, I already have my calories for Thursday planned, am going to be eating light for most of the day, because I plan on having 680 cal worth of mixed drinks that night (vodka and orange juice, no grenadine, but 1 cherry). If I stick to my guns, I will only be over about 300 cal, which is okay to do once in a while.

If the wine is worth drinking your calories, don't beat yourself up over a few glasses (or seven).
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I don't know how healthy this is but I also eat very light on days that I know I'm going to go out and do some drinking. The benefit is it takes less boozin to feel the same effects on a more empty stomach. But how do you avoid drunken munchies?
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Get the carrot sticks and celery sticks that come with the buffalo wings, with a small side of the buffalo sauce. They might look at you funny, but it sure does taste good!
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oh boy, this is my biggest problem. I was doing this a few times a week last year, now i am down to twice a month or so...it's very frustrating. I totally understand how you feel.
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