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  • Hi ladies,

    Who is with me?!!

    I weighed in today at 227 which is 3/4 of a pound down in 5 days but....

    I am so ready to get out of the 200's!!

    Let's get this done!!

    My plan:

    Workout 4-5 days a week for at least an hour

    Eat clean

    Drink plenty of water!

    Keep my fork only on my plate ( I tend to "pick" off my fiance's plate)

    Only 2 glasses of wine on fridays
  • im def in.

    been in the high 200's more than half my life and im so close to getting out of it! im at 205 on the scale now
  • We can do it, Brit!

    I have also been in the 200's for a majority of my life and I am SO READY to be 199!!!!
  • I dont honestly dont know when I was under 200 pounds... probably somewhere in middle school... My teen/adult years have been spent in the 200's and I'm getting sooo close

    I've lost 73 pounds and I'm now 18 away from 199

    We can totally do this ladies!
  • Holy, I just did the math. I think this is the 5th time I'm in the 200's. Yes it is. This is the last time I ever want to be there and I'm 4 pounds away. And I intend to never see the big 2 on my scale ever again.

    Keep it up ladies!
  • I'm so far away from 200 its sad.
  • i'm in! i start at my new gym this week and will start adding cardio to my already intense weight training sessions with my trainer. i know the fat will come off now and i am ready to get under 200!

    i think i am hovering between 205-210.

    the funny part is my body looks damn good i can see my 2 liter turning into a coke bottle again the weight training is so effective and has helped me not be obsessed with the scale. im not close to goal or personal perfection but i am proud of the weight i can lift and my progress. now i am ready to lose some pounds!


    PT Sessions 3x a week
    Spinning 2-3x a week
    Yoga Once a Week on Sunday

    Consume 4-5 servings of fruits and/or veggies daily
    Use my Amazing Grass Supplement 1-2x Daily
    No Carbohydrates after Work or 5pm
    Eat something every 2 hours
    Drink 100 oz. of Water Daily
    No Alcohol till Birthday (4/15)

    Im here to support you gals! We can do this!!!

    Taylor - Do you have that word file of crockpot recipes you sent me a long time ago? I cant find it anywhere.
  • Ali - You're not far from getting out of the 200's. Slow and steady wins the race. That's a good lesson to pick up too for maintaining (I have to keep telling myself that as well) and we're all here for motivation.
  • Ali when I was almost 300 pounds I never thought I'd be this close to onderland...but I am...and I know you can do it!
  • I am so extremely proud of all you! We can do this and it seems like we all really want this.

    Haley You are so close! You had done such a great job!!! I can't remember the last time I weighed in the 100's...I think it was 12...and I am 23..

    Jess 4 pounds away!?!? OMG!!! Keep truckin'

    ali Not that far away. I am 227 a lot better than 243 than I was Jan. 1st.

    bjw HEY HONEY! Oh my gosh - how are you? I have no idea where I put those...let me check my inboxes and sent boxes and see if I have them.
  • I haven't seen 199 in like 5 years and this time, I am going to do it! Lets go ladies! WOO!
  • UGH yes I'm tired of the 200's!! I plan to be in onederland in two months... I just put on all this weight in the last year, hopefully it'll come off just as fast :-)
  • i'm in too! i remember my highest weight of 305 (i didn't look it, guess that's a good thing to be tall), but i could feel it, so i did a horrible horrible way of losing weight, and got down to where i would hover between 202 and 197. i did pretty good at maintaining that for about a year and a half, but life got super stressful (mainly moving to australia and back) and i put on a good 50+ lbs. but now i am eating right and down to 212.7, so i am really hoping to be out of the 200's my the end of march. i would love to be in onderland by my spring break cruise!

    for my plan, i am going to continue eating healthy, drink a gallon of water a day (was super hard at first, but now it's like second nature) and in beginning of march i'm going to buy a treadmill (still uneasy about going to a gym, will definitely re-evaluate that when i get closer to my goal weight). i'm going to continue to play all of my wii games that require me to get moving and break a sweat and i'm starting to lift free weights to help the bat wings. lol
  • OH girls! I am so excited people are joining this thread!!!

    I have a GREAT day!

    Worked out: 30 minutes of cardio before an hour with my trainer and then took my dog on an hour walk

    Food: Was great! No little bites of anything, ate clean and I am about to enjoy my 100 calorie popcorn

    Only thing is that I could have drank more water. I am going to look into getting myself one of those cool water bottles sold at whole foods so I want to drink it. I think I got in 3 liters today...

    five Wow, you have lost so much weight so far. Almost a hundred pounds, right? Way to go! Why don't you like going to the gym? How do get in a gallon of water a day??? That's *so* great.

    thousand and Chick Welcome to the thread!! I am sure you both are going to do great.
  • taylor - the going from 305 to 202-197 happened so badly. i was so upset that i had let myself get to that point that i basically starved myself for a good but of it, to finally my body just kinda got used to it and dropped the weight. obviously because i didn't lose it right, i gained half of it back, but this time i am doing it right, starting out at 250, i've lost 38 pounds so far, and only 2 more pounds until i am halfway to my goal. and the gym, i just have a huge self conscious issue, so i don't go. i need to be comfortable with my body first before i flaunt it in work out clothes for strangers. for the gallon a day water, i have a one gallon jug with me everyday that i fill up every morning, and if i'm off from class, i have a glass sitting next to me and fill it up with that jug everytime i run out. if i'm in class that day i bring a smaller water bottle filled with water and drink from that and fill it up from the big jugs between my breaks.