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stellarosa27 02-01-2010 10:16 AM

~~Weekly Chat - February 1 to February 7 ~~
Good moooorning ladies :)

I'm in a much better mood after this weekend - I no longer feel like the world hates me.

Yay. I'm going to credit listening to Michael Buble for hours on end for the improvement.

I just have to work late today (boo) and then run and do a whooooole lot of reading for school. Yay public health.

Happy Monday/Tuesday!! :)

Feral 02-01-2010 10:39 AM


I stayed in bed until 8 today and it was greattttt!!!!! I had a really weird dream about my grandma's old house. Long story short my grandma died, my brother stayed in her house for a little while, moved in with his gf at the time, I was in ATL and my dad and his brother's sold her house. It was GREAT property. The house was over 50 years old and needed a lot of work, but only like 5 minutes away from downtown in a little neighborhood area.

So they sold the house and the owners tore down the house and built this HUGE house on a little piece of property. Luckily they didn't tear down the HUGE oak tree in the front yard. I would've been pissed about that because that tree was something my dad and his brother's grew up playing in as well as me and my brother, cousins.

I had this random dream last night where I was in the old house and for some reason my parents and I were staying there, but they were trying to sell the house so all of these random people were coming through looking at it. At one point I was on the couch and I was almost in tears because I felt like in losing the house, we were losing our only connection to my grandparents. And I didn't see him, but I heard my grandfather speaking to me and he said "It's just a house. Your grandmother and I are always with you, there's no need to be upset over material objects." As hokey as it sounds, I really felt connected to them in that dream. The weird part to this... as if it wasn't already weird, is that I never met my grandfather. He died before all of the grandchildren were born, but I know he's "around."

SO yeah... that was pretty cool.

No work today... just more studying.

I'm still at 195.5 so I'm going to take that as a def loss. Now, if I can just get another .5 before Wednesday!

stellarosa27 02-01-2010 10:42 AM

Feral - I have weird dreams like that all the time and I DEFINITELY believe its my mom talking to me from wherever she is. I believe in all that hokey stuff :)

A few months after she died I had a dream that we were in the kitchen, and she was talking and I was like well, do you feel BETTER? and she was like yes, I feel great - I took that as a sign that she was okay and I needed to stop worrying.

My best friend also had dreams about her - I really and truly believe its her and not my imagination.

So maybe that was your grandfather just reassuring you :)

Feral 02-01-2010 10:48 AM

Yeah the things with my grandfather is that right after I was born my mom had a dream about him. They were in the hospital and my dad was holding me and Pop was there and my dad turns to him and says "Look Pop, it's a little girl and she has brown eyes just like me." (All of the grandchildren on my dad's side have blue eyes, except for me) Pop said "Yeah, I know, I picked her out just for you." My mom said it was the most vivid dream she's ever had.

I didn't learn this until I was in middle school, but my whole life I've always felt he was around, even though I didn't "know" him.

I also had a dream about my grandmother shortly after she died. We were in her house and I was talking to her. I don't remember what she said, but again, I felt like it was a definite connection.

I think that's cool you've had the same experiences with your mom. :)

stargzr 02-01-2010 11:31 AM

Morning Ladies! Great way to start the week with positive notes. :)
I had a really good weekend -eating wise. I'm down to 170 as of this morning and am super excited that I now have less than 10lbs left until my original goal. Not sure if I mentioned, but I'm calorie cycling to get the scale moving again. So far it's working so hopefully it'll continue to work. :) Hubby and I got a free 30day trial to a video store in our town... we can rent free for 30days. It's limited to 1 movie per day, so we made a list of all the ones we want to see. I'll be a movie watching fiend this month! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

stellarosa27 02-01-2010 11:53 AM

Star - that's awesome!!

Feral - yeah, I actually try to will myself into having them. Its very odd - its like I talk to my mom before I go to sleep, hoping she'll come say hi. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. (it worked last week :) )

Feral 02-01-2010 12:37 PM


I have this pair of jeans which I haven't worn in a lonnnnng time. I don't even know what size they really are because they're one of Lane Bryant's weird sizes (they have 1,2,3 not 14,16,18, etc).

A few weeks ago (we'll call it a month) I pulled them out of the closet because i hadn't worn them in a while. TBH I figured I wouldn't fit into them, but I wanted to see. I pulled them on and couldn't even button them.

So 12 lbs later... I decided to try them on this morning. I figured I would see how they fit and take progress pictures in those because it's a good way to measure.

They slid on AND they buttoned. Now, there's some def muffin top, but I should easily be able to wear these again in another 10 lbs comfortably.

I'll post pics later.


stellarosa27 02-01-2010 12:46 PM

Yay Feral!!! :)

So CB is coming over for dinner :)

I made this kick-a$$ stir fry yesterday, and I will be making it again. We're going to watch Airplane (I've never seen it). Yeah, that school reading is not getting done lol

Chele615 02-01-2010 01:58 PM

Stella - Reading or time with CB? CB should definitely win out ;) LOL

Feral - I have dreams every now and then where my grandparents make cameo appearances. I love it because they have been gone for a long time and I love seeing them. Grandpa died when I was 13 and Grammy died when I was 8.

I'm at school right now and probably shouldn't be here....hehe. But I actually feel caught up on work (IEPs are written and grades are calculated). So I have about 5 more minutes before the block ends, so I figured I would check in here quick.

MiZTaCCen 02-01-2010 02:39 PM

Morning Ladies!
My weekend sucked, I was very lazy and ate a bunch of crap =[ Oh well I'm not dwelling on it now. haha. I spelt in until 11:30 today since I'm on 12 day's off of work. =]
Today looks wonderful outside its sunny and only -3!
Has anyone ever has a weird dream where you had a video game character come to life in it? Mario from mario brothers was in my dream last night wanting to beat up one of my cousin's friends. lol.

HaleyisLove 02-01-2010 03:10 PM

I rarely remember my dreams but I had a weird one about handing from an airplane and then jumping and landing and being fine and then being pulled back into the plane by a string... haha

My cousin was a year younger than I was and died my senior year of high school...after she died I had one of her rings and I kept it in my wallet...one day at work I lost it... a year later I was working at the same place again for the summer and I ended up working with my cousins boyfriends sister ( the two of them died in a car accident together) his sister was telling me she always feels her brother around her and he does stuff like turns the lights on and off and whatever... I was like Sara ( my cousin) never visits me and just left it at that..later that day her ring was sitting on the counter...probably the coolest thing ever.

I had a date with the stairmaster today and it was amazing! I'm keeping my fingers crossed with the Russian... I just need things to work... bc I cant be the sad girl if they dont

Stella- I'm sooo excited that you get to hang with CB! have fun

MizT- I ate bad this weekend as well...ugh... also I saw a special on tv years ago about a kid who was asleep and dreamed he was in a mario brothers game and he jumped out of the window...

HaleyisLove 02-01-2010 03:16 PM

opps forgot

Feral- Congrats... my only attractive jeans are now way too big...I have no clue what I'm going to do...wear dresses all the time? thats ok in the winter months right?

stellarosa27 02-01-2010 03:35 PM

Haley - I've been buying cheap jeans just go get me through. Like JC Penny has them for under $20 sometimes. I can justify that. But dresses do rock. That's what I do in the summer, wear skirts/dresses.

Miz - way to be positive with the whole "only -3" :)

stargzr 02-01-2010 03:45 PM

feral - Congrats!! That's so great!!

haley - You are my hero for doing the stairmaster! I've never been on it, I swear when I walk by it, it gives me the evil eye. :lol:

MyPitBullSmiles 02-01-2010 03:52 PM

I'm KNOWN for my weird dreams. Just an example, last night I dreamed that I was kidnapped along with my sister (in her high school days, not now), a larger gentlemen in his 50s, and a mentally handicapped woman in her 20s (with brown hair and a blue shirt). We were dropped off in the middle of nowhere and a voice said "follow the signs and you'll get out alive" and the 3 "assistants" who dropped us off galloped off on horseback. One girl fell off and I managed to get a hold of her horse. I grew up on horses (rehabbed my first abused horse all by myself when I was 11. Now he's a trail horse belonging to my 7 yr old neice), so I knew the "wild" horses around us weren't wild (they were gelded. So I knew they were tame) so I set about to roping a few and my sis "made" halters out of twine. We mounted up (giving the handicapped girl the horse with a saddle so she had more stability) and we rode off. Then my dogs jumped on the bed and woke me up.

Yup my dreams are strange and VERY detailed! I can remember the specific brand/style of saddle, the cut of the reins, the coloring of the horses... Strange I know.

I totally believe in ghosts, except nobody I loved has ever died (most of my relatives are either alive, super horrible people who thankfully died, or I never knew), so the only ghosts I've ever had experiences with have been fairly negative. Sokay tho. I don't care of people don't believe me. To each their own!!!

Monday is hubby's last workday of the week so we're about to embark on our weekend!!! YAY! I gained 1.5 lbs overnight and I exercised yesterday AND ate 1400 calories (usually I only have 1200 and I'm full, last night I overate :barf:). So I'm tossing calories out the window for a while. In the next week I need to focus on not eating until I'm hungry and STOPPING when I'm full, and exercising MORE! Even if i don't lose weight at least I'm developing healthy habits that'll improve my health. Chubby or not!

Otherwise, I have TONS of cleaning to do before we have tons of guests over for the weekend... we'll see if it gets done! :club: Probably not.

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