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platformnine 01-18-2010 09:13 AM

.+*Weekly Chat Jan 18-Jan 24*+.
Morning ladies!!!!

It's another week in January, and I don't know about you guys, but I feel GREAT!!! :D Last week I was kind of blah blah, but after last night I'm pumped for this week and feeling much more positive about getting the job I applied for!

Here's what happened to me last night:


I just got off the phone with John :3 We had a really great talk, and I love how open and honest I can be with him. We're both still REALLY attracted to each other (to the point where he's been afraid to be alone with me this whole week), but we both understand now that we should just focus on being friends. He even talked to his mom about me! And the tramp that he's still friends with, he has no interest in her as a conquest. He wants me so much more. There's hope that in the future there will be something between us (like serious hope, we both want it to happen and the groundwork is already laid out). I didn't realize that I was still sort of bummed out about this situation until we talked, because I feel TONS better now! He's going to hang out with us tomorrow and then I get to spend two and a half days with him in the poconos. I'm impressed that we can still flirt with each other so much and have it be more about friendship than anything else. Maybe we'll be friends that occasionally kiss, because he sets my blood on fire and I drive him crazy. If anything physical happens between us, I won't expect it to bloom into a relationship, but I'd definitely welcome it or take the opportunity to start it myself.

Even though I'm not ready to have him be my boyfriend yet, because he's so used to sh*tty relationships that he has developed complexes (which he asked for me to help him with), I am excited for what the future could bring between us. It feels different with him because he just gets me and we're so honest with each other.

I feel sooo much better!

stellarosa27 01-18-2010 09:17 AM

Goood morning :)

Mary - that's great :) Good luck with the job! Boys are still stupid though.

I'm back from NJ. And at work. I swear, we're the only company open on MLK day. Kind of had a rough weekend, and realized that being in my parents' house makes me want to stuff my face. While some of that did happen, I managed to cut myself off Saturday night. I realized what I was doing, and I was like oh, this is stupid, do something else. So I made a wreath from sparkly hearts. I hate Valentine's day (don't get me started) but I like sparkles. And despite all the face stuffing, I managed to maintain this weekend. Yay.

I'm off to NC early tomorrow, so I'm just going to take advantage of the quiet day and prep for my visit and try to be as angelic as possible when it comes to eating. I considered checking my bags so I can bring some food with me, but I'm not sure how keen work would be paying for that for a 3 day visit.

lissa9501 01-18-2010 09:52 AM

i did good yesterday i snacked on cashews instead of chips or cookies. i was shocked by a blood sugar reading i had my dad do even tho i'm 50 pounds or more overweight my sugar is normal (if i dont get this weight off and under control i'm headed for diabetes like my dad) i knit for a bit last night as well. trying to get myself back into a happy place

PurplePeep 01-18-2010 10:10 AM

Mary-That sounds like such a relief. Hooray!

Jennierose-You're not the the only company open-I'm here at work too. Boo. At least there was no traffic for me this morning since everyone else has the day off. I'm not crazy about Valentine's Day either but I love the pinks and reds. Good job on finding something to do to distract yourself from food.

This weekend the hubby and I went and saw Avatar in 3D. I didn't expect to like it at all but I really did. It was so amazing and pretty! Plus it had a mostly happy ending.
I'm realizing the weekends are the worst for me, eating wise. I went over my points both Saturday and Sunday. Tonight is grocery shopping though so I'm going to load up on fruit and brown rice, etc.
I also talked to my husband and told him my goal weight and he said he would help me however he could. I've always been sort of shy discussing my weight and dieting with him but I feel a lot better now. It is weird because normally we are such an open couple but I just hate admitting I need help with something like my weight.

platformnine 01-18-2010 10:12 AM

Lissa - Good job on the snack choice! Were you working on your cardigan? I have two pairs of gloves I need to start, but I've been slack on my knitting after the holidays lol

Stella - Yay for realizing you were binging! That's half the battle! I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's either :| But I still want to look hot lol. I just ordered some lingerie that probably will go unused until the next boy comes along... Boys are still stupid, but I'm really glad that after only two months I have a strong enough friendship with John and I mean so much to him that he doesn't want to screw me over. How are things with you and CB?

Purple - It's different for everyone, but as you go along on the journey I've found it's easier to open up and talk about my weight - I'm even telling people numbers now. It's great when you have the love and support of friends, family, and loved ones :)

I get to MODEL today!!! :D I've always loved fashion, but never really wanted to be a model (aside from getting styled for an editorial shoot). This is for my friend's portfolio. She's shooting me as Alice in a Wonderland themed piece. Then she's going to composite my shots with some other shots she's taken of the woods around my house and the abandoned car that's there. I'm excited!

Feral 01-18-2010 10:13 AM

Stella - WHERE in NC? You're up in my turf, chick!!!! How did I miss this memo? And trust me, I have the SAME problem at my parents house. So it makes it tough living with them. When I was out on my own I ate well, but I lost a TON of weight but then again I was ALWAYS on the go too. I still think there's something to it though.

Mary - I'm glad you feel better! And that's cool you guys were able to talk. I'm with Stella though, boys are still dumb. If it walks like a boy and talks like a boy, then its still stupid like a boy. ;)

Lissa - great job on the healthy choices. I'm sure that helped your blood sugar tremendously!!!! And remember -- Knitting helps you LOSE weight so you're going in the right direction! AHHAHA

I have today off (woohoo govt job!) so the day will be spent studying for A&P and my lab coming up tomorrow. BLAH! Also I have to attempt to figure out some kind of chicken meal for tonight/tomorrow's lunch/dinner.

Have I mentioned that I can't wait to get PAID!?!?!?! Last check I got was a month ago and I still have 2 more weeks. Stupid teacher salary schedule! ARGH!

I've been having a Monday morning breakfast dance session in the kitchen. I really think I should just randomly dance around more often because a) its AWESOME b) it's a good work out. I used to do it all the time, ****, I used to go out dancing all the time.... like I would literally dance for 8 hours. I miss those days *sigh*

Have a GREAT day everyone!!!!!

Wow cross post - Purple-Weekend eating is hard one everyone because you're bored around the house, you have more time on your hands and sometimes after a great (or stressful) week you feel like you deserve a little treat. Sometimes you do, but too many of those add up (I'm telling this to myself as well as you!). And don't feel bad about being shy with your hubby, but remember, you're married and he loves you.... and yes, you want to lose weight, but he loves you where you are right now! :)

stellarosa27 01-18-2010 10:21 AM

Feral - please tell me its warm there. Lighter clothes take up less room in my suitcase :)

Purple - I always used to save my extra points for the weekend. Friday and Saturday were HUGE points days, but I just made up for it with a bit of extra-exercise.

OMG I'm having a "I just want to eat eat eat" days. This is bad. I have lots of gum at my desk, but whoa boy. I'm wondering if the deli downstairs has beef jerky. That might tide me over.

platformnine 01-18-2010 10:24 AM

Stella - Maybe on your lunch break you can go get some healthy snacks?

Feral 01-18-2010 10:27 AM

Stella - Its MUCH warmer here than it is there I can assure you that. Yesterday was UNSEASONABLY warm (I think the high was around 65).... and it was great minus the rain on and off.

Tues - 64
Wed - 63 (with showers)
Thurs -45 (with showers)

LOL Welcome to the south. Home of unpredictable weather. It will be 70 one day and then 35 a few days later.

SpoonSockSpork12 01-18-2010 10:31 AM

Hi all! New here, so I wanted to jump on a thread. Yesterday was my first day on my WW/SB Frankenstein monster, and I went to bed hungry and therefore grumpy. I'm in a long-distance relationship and I think my boyfriend thought I was mad at him on webcam last night, haha. I may have to explain what I'm doing to him just so he doesn't think something's wrong. Anyway, got up this morning and decided to do a day 2 weigh-in--3 pounds down! Makes me glad that I did not binge before bed. :)

Looking forward to getting to know you all so I can comment on your latest gossip. ;)

HaleyisLove 01-18-2010 10:33 AM

Good Morning ladies!

eating wise I had a horrible weekend as always... and yesterday I ate so much crap I was sick... If I didnt live with my parents this honestly would never happen... ugh...oh and if I didnt date boys who like to go out to dinner...

Things are good between new boy and I... the word slow comes into mind...very frustrating but understandable... have I mentioned I'm impatient...

I'm off of work a lot lately...however I still get paid so its been nice...however I get bored and I also dont drink enough water lol

Stella I totally hate valentines day as well but I like hearts and glittery things :) Have fun in NC

Feral Have fun studying...

Mary I'm glad you have a better feeling about things but understand that boys are still pretty stupid and also they say things they might not always really feel... and sometimes they say those things to get places...sometimes those places are your pants... just be careful :)

Purple I havent seen Avatar but I heard people leave the moving feeling depressed because they want to live in that world....hmmm

Lissa Good job

Alrighty ladies I'm off to the gym... after I play my farmville haha

stellarosa27 01-18-2010 10:42 AM

Feral - Awesome news. Maybe I'll just bring a light jacket...oh wait, I don't have one....craaaaaaap.

Mary - I'm not hungry, its all emotional, hence why I'm trying to make due on the gum. I'm a recovering emotional eater. Do they have meetings for this?

Haley - I think slow is good :) Maybe you could offer to cook him dinner at his place ?

Spork (one of my favorite words EVER) - that's awesome about the 3 lbs :) Maybe you can have a light snack after dinner - I've become a huge fan of 100 calorie bags of popcorn (don't know if you can do that on SB though).

HaleyisLove 01-18-2010 10:53 AM

Stella- I've tried that...he totally wants me no where near his house...or something like that lol... I think he's afraid I'll rape him or something...

lissa9501 01-18-2010 11:28 AM

i did about 3 rows on my sleeve of the cardigan. i knit up a pair of gloves in October and cast on a 2nd pair in a diff color..gotta finish those too

where in NC are you headed stella?

Feral 01-18-2010 11:30 AM

Okay so here is my stupid BOY rant for the day...

So you guys know about the best friend situation that I was really excited about and then decided ehhhh not so excited and we talked and everything was cool because we're both on the same page.

Talked to him on Thurs and he sounded all upset or whatever and then he sent me an email replying to my original email saying that everything was cool and he agreed, but that maybe we could give it a try later on if things lined up right ..as in i as out of school and he had dealt with his divorce. So that automatically threw up a red flag for me because I realized that he still liked me, but I don't feel the same way. And we haven't really talked because now it's a little awkward.

Fast forward to this morning and the MORONIC email I got... he deleted me from his facebook "temporarily" because he can't stand seeing what I'm up to every day and knowing he's not involved in my life and how talking to me put him into a manic head space the other day because he is... and I quote "in love with me and it's too hard for him to know that I don't feel the same way." Which is understandable, but I feel like he lied to me when we had our original conversation.

And then there's Mikey... wonderful wonderful wonderful Mikey who I have adored FOREVER... and he's cool... nothing weird about him.

And then there's my friend David who told me he has a crush on me, but it's just a lil crush cause he's married. Nothing inappropriate, but he told me and I would probably have a crush on him minus the whole marriage thing....

Then David tells me that our friend Dylan admitted HE has a crush on me to him this weekend....

WTF. The men I want, I can't have for whatever reason. The men I'm not interested in.... are freaking CRAZY... (not that Dylan is crazy, I actually love Dylan to death).....

*face palm*

I'm not tooting my own horn ladies, please don't feel like I'm saying "all of these boys like me" but I just feel like there are some personal patterns that have suddenly come back up that I thought I had dealt with. And I don't want my friend hurting and I DON'T WANT BOYS LIKING ME BECAUSE IT MAKES ME CRAZY!!!! ARRRRGHHHHHHH.

Anyone have a boulder and a catapult I could borrow?


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