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Default What do you snack on throughout the day?

I need some snack ideas. I try to do fruit and veggies as much as possible but if I use them to much then I'll get tired of eating it. So the things on my snack list are fruit with peanut butter..apples and banana's. I'll eat carrots and celery w/pb, yogurt, cottage cheese w/apple butter, special K bars...
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I like the 100 calorie popcorn packs, and have recently discovered Chai with artificial sweetener and a little tiny bit of 2% milk.
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I like Almonds a lot...they carry a fair amount of protein so it keeps me going longer.

Special K crackers with a wedge of Laughing Cow light cheese

Apples, bananas, carrots, popcorn, beef jerky, Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches. I'm a snacking type person
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I've become more of a snacker-- especially at work--
Raw almonds
laughing cow cheese with a few triscuits (the low sodium ones)
Fiber one bars
String Cheese
Mini Pitas w/ hummus
Baby carrots and sugar snap peas

I definately look for things with a fair amount of fiber and protein so that my snacking will actually be filling.

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My favorites are laughing cow cheese with triscuits, chocolate flavored rice cake snacks, greek yogurt with a tiny bit of granola, and strawberries or blueberries.
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~Light laughing cow cheese with low fat crackers
~an apple ( i used to hate them)
~a yogurt.. my faves are greek ones and skyr. So thick and usually they have 16 grams of protein- makes you SUPER full.
~Popchips (althought I don't get them a lot because I tend to eat more than I should
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unsalted nuts, crasins, string cheese, and i live on POPCORN! kettle corn's a good one.
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Love raw Almonds and String cheese combo.
Jello pudding sugar free 60 calories are great.
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I'm a pretty big snacker as well, I must admit.

- Fruit - of any variety! lately its been nectarines because they're in season and lovely
- corn thins (either the lightly flavoured ones or plain with either peanut butter or nutella)
- nuts
- homemade muffins
- yoghurt
- muesli
- sesame snaps
- vita wheats with vegemite
- hommus or tzaziki with carrots or rice crackers
- shaved ham rolled up with a thin slice of avocado
- small tins of tuna
- baked beans
- ricotta cheese mixed through with honey
- english muffins
- homemade slices or biscuits

... thats about all I can think of off the top of my head lol
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I love the cocoa roasted almonds by Diamond. They are a nice change from regular almonds

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I love a light yogurt with a granola bar (only 200 calories!) with some calorie-free flavored seltzer water. So good. Otherwise, fruit or just a slice of cheese does it for me. If I'm starving, I sometimes make myself a serving of oatmeal since it's only 160 calories and really filing!
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Throughout the day at work I usually snack on bananas, oranges, avacado (with lime), sometimes almonds and lots and lots of green tea!
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I snack on babybel light cheese wedges, pretzel sticks and hummus, bananas and clementines.
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- fruit, cereal, crackers (kashi makes some great ones), vegetables, green tea, popcorn, dark chocolate, yogurt, pb+j thinwich sandwiches, small servings of left overs

I count calories so nothing is really off-limits. I even snack on ice-cream occasionally setting aside calories for it
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I make sure all my snacks are clean and have a mix of lean proteins and complex carbs. I eat clean so a lot of my recipes come from Tosca Reno's books and I I'll make a big batch of whatever I'm cooking the night/weekend before and take smaller portions for snack/lunch.
If my morning snack is an apple, then I'll eat about 10 almonds with it or raw veggies w/ homemade clean hummus so that it has a proper mix of cc & lp and will keep me full.
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