What is the 20-Somethings club?

  • And how do I join?

    Do I have to be a certain age? Size? Weight? What does 20-Something mean?
  • be in yours 20s agewise thats all unless its changed since i joined lol
  • Thank you sooo much... Okay, next question... HOW do I join? LOL
  • There isn't any joining You just start posting. The 20 Somethings is just a section of 3FC that's for, well, people in their 20's. It's an amazingly supportive place where you find like-minded individuals who are interested in healthy living and weightloss. We post anything and everything related to weightloss and life in general (guys, school, work, and all the other dramas life has to offer ).

    Welcome to the forum!
  • Okay... Sounds great! Thanks!
  • I'm in, long time lurker first time poster... :P