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Default rambling, off-topic man thread. everyone's favorite...

I do not understand myself. Why in the world am I crying over the fact that I just found out via Facebook that my only serious ex has a new girlfriend? I have been dating the most amazing guy in the world for over 9 months and for some reason it still feels like he just stabbed me in the back.

I dated him for a year, and (TMI) we lost our virginity to each other. We broke up in February '09 and he has repeatedly contacted me, and every time he does it feels like being hurt all over again. I started dating this one in April, but I guess I still have some weird feelings. I feel so bad because I love the man I am with.

Oh, and it doesn't help that his new girlfriend is thinner and prettier than I am. Guh. And I am not on my BC right now, so my hormones are EVERYWHERE. At least I have replaced the mint chocolate chip ice cream with carrots. Please tell me I am not insane.
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Aw, I understand. I found out horrible news this morning myself, so comiserating sounds great. Replacing the ice cream with carrots is a great step. Personally, I have more fruit today than I have had any other time...and just went to the gym for the first time in over two weeks... I did a sub-8 mile while sobbing! Trust me, you're not insane... I'm not sure about me.
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youre not insane!!! i think it would help if some of the blanks were filled in like why did you break up etc. in any case maybe you had really high hopes when you started seeing him and its tough to deal with the relationship not working out...best wishes...you seem level headed enough to sort this out...start by giving it a little time....youre not insane!!!
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I hear you, when I found out that my ex of many years ago had married the girl he cheated on me with my heart was broken all over again. I was in a great relationship with my bf of two year, I had just purchased a house life was good and I wanted nothing to do with the ex, but still.....it bothered me!

It still bother's me that he's married and i'm not, but I truly couldn't be happier with the new bf and new life.

You're not insane it's completely natural to feel like you do, don't worry about that, just enjoy your carrots!
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Nope, you're not insane! I remember feeling like that after breaking up with one of my ex's. First loves especially are hard to get over!
But eventually you will completely, and then thoughts of them will be more curiosity than heartbreak.

It sounds also like you didn't have enough time to get over the ex before dating a new guy, so maybe there are some things that have been left unprocessed.?
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I've never broken up with anyone (still with my first love, luckily), but I can easily imagine how I'd feel if we split and then I saw a photo of him with a new girl online. Take solace in the fact that you found a new boy only a couple months after breaking up with this one, so his heart was probably wrenched to pieces when he saw your status last April when the wounds were even fresher.
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