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Thanks for all the advice
I went to petsmart and got him some wet food and he is finally eating he is being such a good boy and using his potty pad and sleeping in his kennel!
Tracy- I am not sure how much he weighs, maybe a pound or so he is really tiny but I am going to try and mix his dry food with water tomorrow to soften it up a little, thank you for all the advice, I haven't heard anything about nutra-cal, what is it? By the way, your puppies are adorable!!!
Mitaccen- have fun with your new puppy when you get it! they are so much fun!
Here are some pictures of him from today I named him Levi

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Originally Posted by Jessica88 View Post

OMG he's too cute!
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Going to be a mommy!
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He is a cutie! I love his coloring...

At 1lb he can probably regulate his blood sugar bu here is a link to what I was talking about... http://www.petsmart.com/product/inde...ductId=2755091

You might not need it but I always used it for the littlest one but she only weighed 10 0z... she was smaller than a pop can when we brought her home... it was crazy... She is a strapping 3.2 lbs now though- :P

Have fun with the new puppy!
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Carlos is my chihuahua. I think the most important thing is to remember they are small but exactly like other dogs. They need to go to puppy training, & be socialized with other animals and other people. Chis tend to be one person dogs-- they attach to only one person, and they seem "mean" to others. My dog trys to "protect" me. Remember that some children do not realise how strong they are to a tiny animal, and some kids can and will hurt your dog. Kids will naturally think since it is a small cute dog, they are automatically allowed to pet it-- don't let them-- especially if your chi is very protective towards you. Chihuahuas have 2 main health problems besides being small and fragile. All small dogs seem to have problems with tarter on their teeth. They suffer from tooth decay and bad teeth-- make a special effort to keep after tooth maintenance-- brushing and a yearly, or every 2 years dental at the vets. Chis tend to get over-weight. Don't feed your dog too much. I made that mistake too and have an overweight dog. Feed only the best food since they don't get a lot-- seriously, I couldn't see feeding him more than 1/4th cup a day when full grown. A can of dog food lasts a week. Get good stuff. I am against fillers like potatos, rice, corn. Manufacturers put that in to bulk up the dog food so they make more of a profit.

Another issue is potty training. Chis have small bladders and since they are so small cannot really spend a lot of time outside in the winter-- I have mine litter-box trained. Usually dogs who come from breeders can already use the litter box-- ask your breeder if he can already do this and stick with it. It is so much easier if you don't have to take the dog out at 3 am.
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You can also use meat flavored human baby food to mix with his dry food until he's eating like normal.
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Ask your vet about ID food for now.
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Awwww he is super cute!!!! Im glad he's eating now...Im sure Tracy was right though and he just missed his momma and siblings!

This is Harrison...he's about 4.5lbs.
Thanks for posting pics!!! =)
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Good luck with your new pup! I'm sad to see that the breeder let him go at only 6 weeks. 8 weeks is really the minimum age that a puppy should be away from it's mother and litter mates and in some states it is illegal to sell a puppy less than 8 weeks old. However, what's done is done now.
I recommend you check out this site for choosing a good dog food- www.dogfoodanalysis.com
Personally I feed my two boxers a RAW prey model diet. You could google that for more info or I'd be glad to provide some good links if you are interested.
Cute lil guy you have there!
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I have a chihuahua terrier mix named Mingus (we have no idea what type of terrier.) He was 5lbs when we brought him home at 3 months old. He's 3 now and weighs 10lbs.

We crate trained him and he loves his crate. When he was younger we kept him in it whenever we were gone, but now he just sleeps in it or hangs out in it sometimes (when we aren't home all he does is sleep on the couch these days.) We take his crate with us when we travel to make him feel safe too.

As far as potty training, we took him out every few hours for awhile. Then we put him on a schedule which he's still on. He goes out when we wake up at 6am-ish, he goes out when we get home around 5pm, and we take him out before we go to bed. When we first got him I think Dh went home on his lunch and let him out at noon, but we only did that until he was about 6 months old. Mingus is really good at letting us know if he needs to go out for emergencies.

We feed Mingus Solid Gold Wee Bits. We fed him Nutro puppy bites when he was little, but we got him at 3 months. We don't feed him wet food. We were told that dry is better for their teeth, although we moisten his food with water so I don't know if we're negating the benefits to his teeth. We also feed him two small meals twice a day, which was what our vet suggested to keep his blood sugar steady.

Good luck and have fun with your new puppy. He's adorable!

BTW, I've attached a picture of my little Ming. The mailman gave him that milkbone. He couldn't figure out how to eat it, so he just carried it around. Lol.
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Congrats on the cute puppy. We got our great pyrenees when she was 6 weeks old and weighed about 5 lbs. Now she is 6 months old and weighs about 50 lbs! We crate trained her from the day we got her and its been awesome having her be potty trained when she turned 7 weeks old. I clicker trained her and I would say "go business" and she would go and then I would click and then give her a treat. It was awesome having her clicker trained since all I would have to do is say those words and she would go without me having to stand out there all night waiting for the dog to go pee. Puppies are frustrating sometimes but were looking for a male companion for her so that she has someone to play with. We plan on adopting a Tibetan Mastiff or a english Mastiff. Were a big dog family. Enjoy your puppy he's so cute

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