Exercise after being Sick

  • I got sick in early November, assumed it was the flu, and once the worst was over I tried to get back to normal (and hopefully back to exercising). Unfortunately, I never really got better and was so fatigued all the time, and it seemed like I could never get enough sleep (which was really awesome during finals week). I finally went to the doctor when I went home for break, and it was mono.

    I had been planning to exercise a ton over break, but ended up still sleeping for forever, which I really needed, so I'm glad for it. However, I've been hoping that I could start exercising more and work towards getting toned, and since it's winter term I have a lighter workload. I'm still feeling fatigued. I'm less so, but I don't know what to do about exercising, whether I should just try it out and see, or wait until I get back to normal, etc. What do you guys think? Are there any exercises you'd suggest?
  • You could do some low-impact exercise for short intervals. I have a friend with Lyme Disease who gets fatigued easily and that's what she does. Like doing the treadmill (no incline) for thirty minutes. At least you'd be doing something.
  • Maybe do some stretching and light walking, and see how your body feels afterword? That way you're up and moving, but it's not too taxing on you body.
  • I'm having this issue right now as I'm trying to get better after an upper respiratory infection. I think it's best just to start walking and maybe do light things like lunges and sit ups, nothing too intense. Hopefully I can take my own advice. I haven't even been able to do any of that.

    Feel better soon!