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Losing weight - Toning up
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probably not.
i don't have much weight to lose, so it's not something amusing.
and it's taken me years to set these last lbs
and last, i probably can't say in my stories that i still hate exercise and i still love carbs it would be bad, wouldn't it?
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I luv my curves
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Originally Posted by angee phalangee View Post
I will, just because I know that reading goal stories has been truely inspirational and reassuring for me. When I meet my goal, I will have lost 101 lbs, and if I think there's a possibility that one person out there might be uplifted by my journey like I was by others'...well that's enough to make me want to tell it.
I feel the same way!!!! I love reading the goal and mini goal stories sometime they bring tears to my eyes.
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I will definitely post my story. When I reach goal I am enlisting in the military.
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Yes, indeed.
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Originally Posted by kabaker View Post
I will definitely post my story. When I reach goal I am enlisting in the military.
Oh my gosh! That's an awesome goal. One of my best friends lost about 100 pounds to enlist and he looked great, was so proud of himself, and we are all still immensely proud of him. It's wonderful.

I plan to post my story. My boyfriend is on a weirdly supportive streak and prompted me to take "before" pics yesterday in a bikini and I think they're so gross... but if the "afters" look good enough I'll definitely post up some pics too. I hate to say that I skim stories and fixate on pics for motivation.
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Jess is losing it!
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I will definitely post my goal story, and before/after pics
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Originally Posted by BeautyandtheBeast View Post
I see what you mean but I, personally, would be very interested in hearing your story because I would be able to relate more to you with regards to your starting weight. Hearing all the stories from people who have lost a hundred pounds and more are great and very inspiring but I do actually prefer to read from people who were at the same weight I am. I can just relate to it more.

Just because one person doesn't have a hundred pounds to lose doesn't mean they don't find it hard. No matter what weight we are we all struggle to find ourselves and feel comfortable in our own skin.

Well in that case I will! Hopefully I'll be able to inspire at least one person who doesn't have so much weight to lose, but they'll be able to get rid of the extra weight before it becomes more!

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Still pushing to ultimate
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For sure I will post my story!!! Even if you dont have that much to lose you are helping someone who might be in your position to get that extra push so please people dont think your story is any less of importance then someone elses. People might find that what Im doing at my before weight might help them to get over their hump when they plateau!! I still workout as hard and stress out about my calories just as much as the next person. So when I get down to the low 130's you will be hearing everything I!!!
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I think everyone's story is interesting.
How they got to goal..
Why they put the weight on in the first place.
By the time I get to goal I will have lost over 80lbs..
Thats something to celebrate...
But too me 5 or 10 lbs is something to celebrate because your making a change in your life that is SO important.
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I am SO going to post mine!! Are you kidding?? I've been complaining about my weight issues and hating my double chin/love handles/inner thigh roll/bra hangover/arm fat for 9 years!!!!!! I lost about 15 lbs in a month last summer, starving myself to fit in a too-small bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding, but I gained it all back and more immediately after the I DOs. So you better believe that when I lose 35lbs and can actually say that I weigh ONEHUNDRED AND THIRTY POUNDS, I am going to scream it from the rooftops.

And post pictures. Of me in a bikini. Heck yes!

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Lifes a Journey
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I think I will with before and after pictures. Why not you know? Were all on this site and even the smallest success story and be inspirational for other people.
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Train Insane
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Definitely because I hate being the person of what not to do, I want to finally be a weight loss inspiration! Plus I love reading stories about people who around my stats so it would be nice to give a story to someone who likes to read those too.
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Absofreakinglutely! I have been so inspired by other stories and I will definitely want to share it with others.

About pictures definitely help motivate me! Especially seeing dramatic weightloss on someone similar in age. Lots of the weightloss stories I see are older women (WHICH IS GREAT!!!), but there's something about seeing someone my age that gives me a spark! I took pictures of myself in my underwear and bra. They will be HIDDEN til I meet goal and then I'll do it again at whatever size I end up in and do the side by side. I might not show anyone else but I will know what happened! I need to take pics fully clothed to compare for others of course.

I think that anyone should celebrate their loss, whether it's 15 or 150 lbs!
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always full of hot air
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I posted mine (well atleast pictures) eventually. At first I didn't feel the need for it. But then I got to thinking.............where did I get my motivation when I first came here? It was from the success stories of everyone else. Please post, it really helps others to see that its not impossible to realize our goals!

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