In Slump...NEED serious motivation!!

  • I don't know what has happened to me. I was doing so well a few weeks ago and then I hit a slump. Do any of you experience this? It hasn't lasted too long and I haven't gained back any weight I lost, but I feel so unmotivated. I don't know why I've been so negative lately...I hate it!!! Help!!
  • Normal! Completely normal!

    Slumps happen and the important thing is that you spot them and recover from them. Weightloss and maintenance (and ESPECIALLY maintenance) is imperfect and non-linear, but you have to be willing to pick yourself up and get back into the groove. Can you do that? I think you can
  • I just got out of a slump...

    It started with me no longer journaling my food intake...and then I just stopped caring...I figured if I guessed and I was careful, I could still eat fast food...and I don't work out at all...I never I just got lazier and lazier and kept eating more until I'd see the scale go up 5 lbs, and then I'd get back on track for a few days...and then I'd get lazy again until the scale went up again...

    it was like I forgot how good it feels to get on that scale and realize I've lost 2 lbs in a week...It was like I kept forgetting how badly I want to make it to onederland...

    I don't understand it, I just know it happened.

    I don't even really know what motivated me to get back on track, but it was probably one of many of the challenges I'm participating on in this forum. Try and find one and stick with it, and maybe that will help.

    Good Luck!
  • I've been slumpy lately, i was the last 3 days BUT I made myself workout anyways, you can't always rely on motivation. I know for sure it'll probably take a year to get where I want to be, and I know I won't be motivated for a year , lol. Just replace word "want" with "need". So tell yourself you NEED to workout...
  • Thanks y'all! Your words definitely helped some. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that gets to feeling "down". I'm glad I have come to the realization that I'm in a slump and yes, mateosmama, I "need" to workout. Thanks!
  • Aaah! I feel like you are talking about me. I was doing really well for the past 6+ weeks with the occasional "planned" treat. I just came back from a vacation from a coutry that has been known for their female/women vanity/shallowness and boy did I feel BAD about myself amongst all the surgically enhanced, emaciated, beauty product addicts locals and tourists. I simply have been binging ever since and put some serious weight considering the period. I plan to eat as healthy as possible and slowly going back to my previous mindset. It's not easy to get back in the zone just give it sometime. I plan to start watching BG again and read a lot of motivational success stories. Just remind yourself how being fit and powerful will transcend to every aspect of your life.

    I'm embarrassed to say this but there's some competition between me and my co-worker so I'm planning to take it on the personal level from my side and keep an eye on my diet/workout plan because I don't want her to do better than me (ok that’s bad but I think it’ll work for the time being).
  • I feel like i'm also in a slump. I was working out hard for the past two years and school just got really busy and eventually so did work. Not to mention birthcontrol doesn't help at all. Now I feel like everything is more balanced BUT i'm having a hard time shedding the excess weight i accumulated during that time. I'm 126 and 5'1, it's decent weight but on my body type it doesn't look great. I'm just so tiny and my chest area doesnt help since it's really big DD's ! it's unbelieveable... so i'm just trying to tone up, especially since I came out of a almost 2 year relationship that turned really unhealthy, it affected my self-esteem. Sorry i'm venting just haven't really told anyone that about my weight issues.