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Feelin' Sassafrassy
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Default These are a few of my Favorite Things!

I was just thinking about the stuff that I use in my weight loss journey and it has come to mind I have a few favorite things. So what are those things that you cant do without in your journey, it could be a certain food, or device, or website etc.

Here are mine:

1) Slim a Bear- Klondike Krunch Bars, for diet ice cream these things are good. They are about 100 calories a piece and OMG yummy.

2) Ipod- This thing gets me through work and working out. I would be lost if it broke. I really believe I would cry. There is nothing like a good music mix for any occasion.

3) Support- 3FC has always been my constant encourager thought I have not been faithful I can always come back here and be encouraged when need be.
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1. 3FC has totally helped me in the second half of my journey and I'm so thankful for you ladies

2. Spray butter haha I know it sounds crazy but it helps me out a lot

3. Books... Reading is the only thing that keeps me going at the gym... and honestly I have read so many books since I've started my journey
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I luv my curves
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Of course three fat chicks but also

Cambells hand held soups chicken noddle(80 cals)
Laughing cow cheese(35 cals)
Boiled eggs
the all ladies gym I attend
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Have to agree with you all - 3FC support!

* Also my treadmill + laptop --> I watch movies/shows as I walk, its the only exercise form I haven't gotten bored with yet.
* Salad baggies.
* Lean ground beef + chicken breasts portioned, individually packed and frozen.
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WW tracker
The "Y"
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- V8...I drink it EVERY day. I don't know how I'd function without it.
- spin class
- Kashi cookies...if you haven't tried these - get up and drive to the store RIGHT NOW.
- no sugar added applesauce cups
- my Puma running shoes
- tomatoes (I eat tomatoes like they're goin' out of style, y'all)
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On my way to Skinny!
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*Slim Fast...French Vanille Shake mix
*My treadmill!!
*Also, 3FC, before it was so boring and lonely, having no one to talk to, no support, but Im positive 3fc is what has keeps me going!

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This is not a test.
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les mills
my personal trainer i have no idea where he gets all his energy from!
3FC *lovelovelove*
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work hard.
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reading - - books motivate, inspire and change me.
the weight room - - working to feel stronger is even better than working to lose weight.
nature - - running outside on gorgeous spring, summer, fall, and yes, even winter days.

and of course, the encouragement of friends, family and 3FC.
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the support of my roommates-- I just couldn't continue if there was always an abundance of off-limits food.

My very old WW set--cause I know it and love it.

cable at the school gym-- I don't have it at my apartment, so it forces me to work out to get my tv time.

and, to echo the sentiment of many, 3FC <3
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3FC for sure!!! When I'm about to eat bad things I can stop myself better when I think about all the wonderful ladies here and how we're all in this together. Like reading this thread has even been helpful in thinking of new ways to stay on track

Like Matilda08, I love laughing cow cheese, how can something taste so creamy yet not be fattening! I eat it inside pita pockets almost daily, sometimes with a dash of garlic powder. It's also really nice inside baked potatoes. (no I don't work for them )

Then I'd say vegetables, you'd probably have to eat a wheelbarrowful of them to gain and they taste soooo good! I like tomatoes and cucumber the best, but I've also been cooking vegetables that I never really eaten before like leeks. Today I'm going to roast lots of veges and herbs

Also Sparkpeople website is great, it is so easy to use and it's incredibly helpful for caloriecounting and understanding how to divide calories around protein, carbs and fat more efficiently.

And finally, living with a health fanatic! I live with my landlord who runs, swims, cycles, does yoga, and eats pretty much only wholefoods. He is so incredibly motivating, and I would be too ashamed to put anything unhealthy in the fridge because his food is there too...
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hmmm, this site is awesome, but also:

homemade lentil soup
my ipod (which has been bumping a lot of Lily Allen--great work out music!)
my new hot pink tights that make my legs look great!
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Finding my wings...
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Of COURSE 3FC.... but also:

-Cherry tomatos
-My food journal
-Low fat mozz stix
-Diet pepsi
-Spices & seasonings
-Can't Believe It's Not Butter
-Crystal Light
-My best friend Danielle, for being my sounding board and fellow 3FCer!
-My grandma for being my biggest cheerleader
-My family for all being so proud and supportive of me! I KNOW it's gotta get tiring hearing about calories and portions people.... sorry!

I think I could go on... so... yeah...
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Bee -- you have that song stuck in my head now! Thanks!

Mine are always changing because I am a creature of habit and I will get on one kick for a while and then get bored and change it up.

-3FC for sure -- for the support and recipes! You guys always have good suggestions for things I never would have thought about!

-Treadmill + Laptop + Ipod (Jiggly I was glad to see someone else is a nerd like me!) -- I put my music on the ipod, do my stuff on the treadmill and watch a movie on the laptop. Makes the time go by so much faster!

-Veggies, V8, Lean Turkey, chicken, etc.
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-laughing cows! seriously. so. good.
-diet coke, my one vice, but how i love it
-C25K - helped me train last spring to be able to complete a half marathon this past october. AWESOME program for non-runners like me!
-my ultra-supportive husband, who loves me no matter what size, but knows i'm happier in life when i'm happier with how i look
-3FC - isn't it weird how people you've never "met" can keep you so accountable?
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