What're your fav sports bras?

  • What are the best you've found? Where do you get them? Do you ever wear more than one at a time?

    I personally have a large chest and have never found one I'm in love with. I've tried to wear as many as 3 at a time of the typical ones you get from Walmart, but that doesn't offer enough support nor will they stay PUT (mind of their own, I swear). I tried a Lane Bryant one, but I can't even get into that one without help (it criss-crosses and it's a toughie to latch beind your back). Just no luck.
  • My plain old champion ones have lasted forever. They're probably 10 years old and still give me support. However, most of the time I was wearing them I was only a 34B. They did serve me well as a 36C though.
  • Bendon! All the way
  • Enell sports bra, definitely. It is a bit on the ridiculously intense side, but it keeps the girls in place. I have a rather ample bosom (as my grandmother puts it) and if I wear anything but my enell bra, they just about knock me over. The bras are on the pricey side but are definitely worth it!!!
  • Enell, Enell, Enell........
  • www.movingcomfort.com has some good ones. I have the Maia bra currently and I'm asking for the Fiona for Christmas.

    The only thing I don't like is the higher the size the fewer color options you have
  • I really like the CW-X bras for running. I am a 32DD and they really have helped me with my running.
  • Another one for enell.
  • I bought one from Jockey and I don't much care for it.I normally wear a "day" bra underneath it.
    I hope my boobs shrink sometime soon.
  • I wear Nike sports bra's... but I too wear a "day" bra underneath it... (usually a super cheap underwire). I hate that I don't feel comfortable unless I have 2 bras on... ugh!
  • I'm between a 38D and a 36DD and the Champion ones work for me. It also probably helps that most of my running shirts have a shelf bra in them so its kind of double coverage.