New Moving out of the 150s challenge!

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  • Hey Guys! The old "Moving out of the 150s" thread was getting too big and was here's the new one!

    Hope you all are doing well! I weighed myself again this morning to make sure my weigh-in yesterday wasn't a fluke....and I was 159.4! So I'm here to stay!

    Good luck to all of you!
  • Thanks for starting the new thread Amba!

    I am new to the 150's thread as of yesterday. Scale read 159.2 this morning but I'm keeping my ticker at yesterday's weight. I know it's going to take a lot of work and may be impossible, but I'd like to be into the 140's (149) by New Year's Eve.
  • Quote: Thanks for starting the new thread Amba!

    I am new to the 150's thread as of yesterday. Scale read 159.2 this morning but I'm keeping my ticker at yesterday's weight. I know it's going to take a lot of work and may be impossible, but I'd like to be into the 140's (149) by New Year's Eve.
    I'm new as of yesterday too! I would *LOVE* to be out of the 150s by New Years, but my weight loss has started to slow down a first I was losing between 2-3lbs a lately its been about 1lb a week. I started a more consistent exercise routine last week, hoping to give a little boost to my weight I dunno..we'll see! I think 149 is a bit unrealistic for myself, but I would be happy getting to the low 150s (153-ish). Good luck to ya!!!!
  • Hello
    I am wondering if you would make two exceptions for me?
    1 - Today I was 160.4 but I don't want to join the 160s group b/c I've been in the 150s for the most of the past 3 months and have just had a few really bad eating, bingeing weekends!
    2 - I'm not exactly in my 20s
    So if you'll have me, I'd love to "journal" here and I'm originally from ohio
    I understand if my admission is denied but you guys/gals can do this! 149 by NYE!
  • Quote:
    Yay!! Congrats, Echo! I'm sure it's a lose and not water weight!
    I added these mini goal pictures to the mini goal album the other day: 61.4% of goal weight is now gone!
    Thanks so much Kurri! you're such a cutepie ! really appreciate it!

    and wow congratulations on getting 61.4% of your goal weight done, that is INCREDIBLE!! well done you!!!

    Amba - thanks so much for making us a new thread!!!

    Bella! congratulations on getting into the 150s!!!

    Lisa lovely for you to join us!!! you're more than welcome to stay of course! i'm sure this week you will burst into the 150s no problem! so stay on right here.

    today was my official weigh in for the biggest loser challenge, and i lost 2lbs since last monday. totally shocked me as by my calculatons i wasnt expecting it! lol. as i had a few high calorie days and only worked out 4 days a week.

    so on my digital scale it read 152.8lbs! : a new number! .. i broke into the 152s! hehe hope i can sustain it this week though! and stay in the 152s
  • Lisa-You're more than welcome to join us here!

    Echo-Congrats!! That's awesome!! You're SO close to the 140s!! You have been ZOOMING through the 150s! I hope now that I've broken into them, they'll go by just as fast for me!
  • I'm going to just post here now so I get the email notifications for new messages...
    Well I don't have an official weigh-in for another week, but I do get on the scale unofficially once every day or so... and I'm seeing a trend in a drop! Before I was consistently around 155ish.. now it's been around 153-154 a whole lot... one can hope, right?
  • Meg--*HIGH FIVES* Sounds like you're well on your way to the 140s!! When you're on the upper end of a 10-lb range, it seems sooo far away...but once you cross that half-way point, its exciting!! Congrats & keep up the good work!!
  • i might get kicked out sooner than i got in - at 1545 calories and it's only 3:45 p.m. but i can do this! Green beans and tea for dinner

    B - cheese itz (2 servings) 300
    L - banana 85
    slim fast 170
    slim fast bar 100
    cheese cubes 100
    black olives 50
    lean cuisine macaroni and cheese 290
    S - slim fast meal bar 200
    bagel 250
    1545 calories
  • Holy cow, Echo! You really are going to leave us all in the 150s!

    Congrats, Meg! Downward trending weeks are always great weeks!

    Welcome, EsperanzaBella82! If I was able to get to the 140s by NYE, I'd probably die from shock. Sending no stalling wishes your way!

    Hey Lisa! I'm from Jersey, too! I'm just 20 mins away from Springfield, on the other side of Newark! Don't worry about todays eating. We all have bad days! Get back on track tomorrow!

    Amba, are we going to break through the 150s together too?? Wanna race to 149?
  • Kurri-IT'S ON SISTER!! You have a bit of a head start on me, but that's'll push me to work harder! 149, HERE WE COME!!!
  • Yay new one!! I didnt weigh myself this morning, it has been so hectic around here. We just moved rooms in the sorority house and now all of my stuff is in funny places, I will have to get organized this week. Ate well today and didnt go out tonight like i wanted to so badly. I am just fed up with my body looking this way. I feel like I am sacraficing so much and I am getting nowhere. Ill post weight tomorrow...
  • KURLEQ - so cool ur so close to me! Enjoy the lovely weather today!

    so I haven't done great - around 1600 and I need to be btwn 1400/1500. I have dinner plans each night this week. How do you guys handle that? It sucks everytime no matter if I eat before - I just keep eating and if I don't eat and i see a mozzarella stick it's all over!
  • Well....I see no group for teens, so I'm just going to hop in this little group if thats okay! I actually am starting in the 150's, but REALLY want to break into the 140's as soon as possible I started 158 about a week or two ago but havent weighed myself since then...I will tomorrow!
  • Hi ladies, looks like everyone is on their way to reaching their goals Keep it up!!

    We'll be in the 140's in noooo time!!

    As for me- down to 152 today!
    Can't believe it, but that means I've lost a total of 20 lbs!!