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DivineFidelity 12-01-2009 01:33 AM

Gym Membership vs. Working out at home.
So I've been thinking about buying an exercise bike, or elliptical, or treadmill, or something so that I could exercise more, in a lower impact way then I've been trying, and so that I could exercise in the comfort of my own bedroom...

but now I'm wondering if it would be a better idea to get a gym membership...

I'm nervous that I'll pay for the membership but never go because it freaks me out going alone, and I don't have anyone else that would be interested in going with me...and I also don't know if I'd be able to motivate myself to actually GO...and I don't have a set work schedule so it's not like I can set aside specific times each week to go...BUT at the same time I would have access to all of the equipment I could possibly want...and more weights, and a pool I could swim laps in, and all that other stuff.

Do you guys think the cost of a gym membership is worth it? Oh, and how much does a gym membership even cost? lol.

Iconised Ghost 12-01-2009 01:47 AM

from my experience, i've preferred a gym membership. I work from home, so its nice to be able to go somewhere else to do something else, if you know what I mean. Makes it more of a break. Plus I dont have to worry about family members commenting, sweating on the carpet, collapsing and not having anyone to revive me :lol: Plus at the gym there are people to make sure you are doing everything right, got the right posture etc. My gym is pretty expensive, but i think it varies a lot depending on where you go

VernDern 12-01-2009 02:09 AM

I had a membership at golds for a couple years and LOVED it. I feel extremely limited just working out at home. It was so nice to be in that atmosphere and have access to everything a gym offers. To me it was as motivated as I could get and once you start going a while you start to meet people and know the staff and you just go.

We used to have a movie cenema with cardio equipment in replace of chairs and OMG how I miss it. It was so easy to go in and watch a movie and end up working out for over a hour! lol

I also *LOVE* doing all the classes.

If I could afford it right now I would totally have a membership again. My membership was 30 bucks a month and when I went in and they tried to get me to pay start up fees or whatever they are for like 100 bucks I told them another gym had a special for no money down and ta da I didnt have to pay anything. I would like to point out that another gym really did had a special and I didnt lie! lol

Just call around for specials though and you can get a pretty good monthly rate and play your cards. =)

Iconised Ghost 12-01-2009 02:11 AM

oh yeah VernDern reminded me! I would definately wait and see if there are any joining specials before you go for the gym option, if you decide to. Often at this time of year they have specials, e.g. waive the joining fee etc, so you can save a bunch there

angelinelosesweight 12-01-2009 02:21 AM

I agree- this time of year is when a lot of people join- new years time- so they usually do specials:)

I say Gym- I've bought equipment before and it always becomes a laundry rack. I like the Gym because other people there are really working hard so it motivates me and I push myself more than if I'm alone at home.

I would join somewhere close with fun classes- like ZUMBA! That's my favorite. Classes are a good way to meet fitness minded friends too!

ms hodge 12-01-2009 02:35 AM

I love having a treadmill at home because I always seem to get the urge to workout really late at night when the gym is closed/I don't feel like going out.

On the other hand, gym equipment is so stinking expensive! And the gyms usually have topnotch machines and you can try as many as you want without having to shell out the money to get them yourself.

TIARA 12-01-2009 04:25 AM

i think it depends all on you. if you buy the equipment would you really exercise at home? And if you got the membership would you really go? i say this because i have the stationary bike, a boxing dummy, and elliptical and even with having it i found i wouldnt be motivated to actualy do it and even when i got that burst of energy to do it it wasnt for long because i knew i could end it anytime because i was at home..As for the membership i did that as well but i found myself being selfconcious of working out with alot of regular people it seemed like i was the only big person there thank god i was able to get my money back since i was there for only 2 weeks..
so my question to you is just ask your self which can you see yourself doing try to do all the pros and cons now..
i do exercise i found a good middle between home and a gym. i walk sometimes jogg around my job its exactly a mile . i do the loop when im done work so u see when i get tired i cant just go in the house and quit i must finish to get back ..lol
recently i got myself a wii fit plus its so much fun....i even sweat and i feel the burn its exercise you cant wait to do..lol

i hope this helps you....sorry i wrote so much it just sounds like a question i could have asked and this is how id want someone to answer...best of luck

cheerios 12-01-2009 06:24 AM

i say get a membership at first i was worried about not havinga workout partner and going alone by myself but then as i start going by myself i realized i can go by msyelf and don't need someone to go with me and as a matter of fact when my mom wants to come with me i get mad because sometimes she wants to leave early and i like to stay longer so maybe its better to not have a work out partner ? =) Plus I get my alone time when i am at the gym i just blast my music and workout and not worry about anything else.

JMC885 12-01-2009 07:56 AM

Find a gym that has classes! This has been the biggest gym motivator for me. That way, for instance, you can give yourself a clear "I have to be at the gym at 7:00 for my kickboxing class." I always go to the gym when I have a specific time that I have to be there; otherwise, I'll keep telling myself "I'll go in a half hour" until bedtime.

initfor 12-01-2009 09:42 AM

I definately prefer a gym membership. I had sooooo much anxiety about going alone and I went and realized that everyone else there is there for the same reason (more or less)... they're trying to take care of themselves. I belong to the YMCA and it's just such a great environment. The staff is amazing and the equipment is always in great condition. There's a real sense of community there.

Lackie 12-01-2009 10:45 AM

I also prefer a gym membership. After the first few times going to the gym by myself it wasn't as intimidated and there are SO many machines, classes, and weights you can use. :) I agree with Iconised wait a little while until the new year so you can get a GREAT deal. :)

stellarosa27 12-01-2009 10:45 AM

I prefer a gym membership, just because if I'm paying for it I know I'll go, but I've started working out at home. My schedule's kind of weird now, but I've found since I got my Wii Fit I don't have an excuse not to work out because its right in my living room.

I think it depends on what your preferences are - some gyms will let you go work out for like a week to see how you like it - they're trial period, if you will - maybe try it and see if you feel comfortable.

Also, I've belong to gyms that ranged from $30-$45 a month. The 45 was a little more on the "pricey" end - but they had free classes and their hours were pretty long, so I considered it worth it.

junebug41 12-01-2009 10:50 AM

I also prefer going to the gym over working out at home. It's much easier for me to commit myself to getting in the car and driving to the gym than it is to pull myself away from the immediate distractions in my house and have to workout surrounded by said distractions.

I would still love a treadmill for those cold, snowy days when I don't want to go anywhere, though!

As far as cost, I always say never never never pay full price for a gym membership, or an initiation fee for that matter. I've been a member of 4 gyms and have paid the initiation fee at none of them. Memberships are always negotiable (even if they say they aren't, they can offer you something).

Ours is about $50 a month for both my DH and me, but we've paid as much as $100 a month (for both) when we lived in the city.

TJFitnessDiva 12-01-2009 11:21 AM

I think I'm the only person here that loves working out at home lol. I have 3 kids and get up right after my DH leaves for work (5:30am) and do my 5 mile run then on the treadmill. The gyms in my area want a small fortune each month :P on top of additional cash I'd have to shell out for child care...yuck!

Besides the treadmill I have an elliptical, stationary bike, bowflex, an assortment of free weights and lots of DVDs....oh yeah and a wii ;) I slowly made it to this point and most of my bigger equipment have either been given to me by friends/family that didn't use it anymore or I have found on craigslist.

You do have to be a bit more firm with yourself to stick to it since it's so much easier to say the heck with it at home :lol:

Aclai4067 12-01-2009 11:23 AM

I've always been a gym girl. My sister worked at a Gold's in high school and I got to go in with her sometimes. In college I worked at the University Rec Center (and still kinda do), which is a great way to get a free membership. I no longer live near the University Rec Center so when I pay for gas, parking, and time out of my day to get there it just isn't really free anymore. So I joined the YMCA. They have a scholarship if you can't afford a membership, I pay $20/month and no start up fee or contract.

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