New Sayonara to the 140's challenge

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  • Please let me know if is Ok to star a new one , if it's Ok ..... join in .

    For those who wish to say goodbye to the 140s, lets band together and support each other! What do you say ladies?


  • Nobody
  • Ok ...... I am the only one in the 140's , I going to do my best for be out of it asa soon as I can ... So I won't be alone .

    The only problem is that I am fresh in 140,s (148.2 ) and whit my breastfeeding is a little hard to lose the weight .

    Just keep going, just keep goin
  • Hey, I am in the 140s! I didnt join the last thread because it seemed so long and I didnt like to jump in, and I simply must have missed this one! I'm 148 too. Lets not be int he 140s alone anymore!
  • Hey Ladies!

    I plan on being in this thread VERY soon...weighed in at 150.2 this morning...

    I will join you when I'm a legit 140-er!

    I used to post in the 150s thread, and it was great motivation, but same as you Iconised, I let it go to long and didn't feel like I could just jump back in...

    Good luck girls!
  • I was in the other thread... this week has been ok.. I've had my treats but not overdone it. Workouts: good, not super hard, but a good pace (body combat, bodyspirit, bodypump, can you tell I love Les Mills workouts?, a walk in the park). I even had an amazing date with a guy and did rock climbing with him. I had never done it, and I must say it's the perfect date activity.. The guy gets to help you a lot.. and you have to trust each other when you are being each other's anchor... your heart is just pounding... and that is a great thing to be sharing with a dude you are trying to get to know!.. I think I may have dropped another lb. My official weight in is on Wed. Spirits up and weights down!!
  • Hey 40's ladies. Im in the other thread as well but its quite!!! I am sticking around 145-147. Had a great two days right around 144 but Im sticking at 145. My body likes to be around 142-145 so Im finding it harder to get out of here. Im starting to count my calories with but Im not for sure if I set it up right. Im never netting what I need to so I dont think Im fueling my body enough with all the exercise Im doing.
    Still going strong with Chalean...Im in luv with her videos and cant wait to start the new phase next wk. I can totally tell a difference in my body but the scale really hasnt moved!!! Im ok with that!
  • Hi Girls!

    I'm brand new..this is my first post! I'd love to join in. I've been up and down over the years..130-190lbs. I've been stuck at 147 for about a year and a half now..ready to make it into the 130's again!

    Nice to 'meet' you all
  • Yay we arent alone!
  • good morning! i weighed in at 149.8 this morning!!!! SOOOO excited. i know it's only one day, but if this lasts for a couple of days, i am officially in the 140s! woot!

    UnbearableLightness - that sounds like a fun date. my husband LOVES to rock climb, and it's such a good workout! when he climbs on a regular basis he gets ripped!

    bablou - what exactly are the Chalean videos? i've heard los about them, but are they strength, cardio, combo of both? i need a good at home workout option...

    LIsaT - Hi and welcome! Nice to meet you too!
  • Thanks skinnywish

    Just weighed in 148..try to stay on plan and go to spinning today. Good Luck everyone.

  • It Good to see that we are no alone.... My baby is crying I will be back latter.
  • Hi girls how are we doing...

    Well i have been trying to exersice a little , but is hard now whith my 3 year old and my 2 months baby. I going to be a while around here, the weight is coming of slowly.

    I will love to be in 143 be new year.... who nows.

    My WI is on saturdays and I doing WW what about you?
  • I have posted this on the maintence forum... but I would really like some input on this matter.. here it goes:

    I have just read, that the longer you can mantain weight loss, the more permanent it becomes... but also I read that people that have lost more than 30% of their weight, are more likely to gain it back. I'm not there yet, but I'm thinking about my weight goal (which is about 30% less of my original weight)..currently I have lost about 17%, but I was wondering if maybe it would be advisable to stop the weight loss around 20% loss, and do some mantaining for a couple of months... to give my body a small break from weight losing, start practicing maintenance techniques... and perhaps have a better shot at mantaining weight loss in the long run.. I have a lot of momentum at the moment... and I can't wait to be slim, and fit in smaller clothes.. However, I'm worried that stopping in the way.. might make it harder to go back onto to weightloss... plus... I'm becoming afraid of not being able to keep up in maintenance, because it seems like it will require tons of excercise to keep it, currently I'm being good with that... but I'm always afraid I could easily fall off and go back to lazy self again..

    Has any body done this in their journey? Any advice? Thanks..
  • Hi girls how are we doing , today i WI at 147.4 so happy ,I going in the right direccion.
    My Nov mini goal was to lose 2.9 pounds and I lose 3 .I will try for 4.4 for december , that will put me in 143 . I have 5 WI so let see.

    How are we Doing , I live in toronto so no Thanks given for me here.

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