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I have so many clothes in my closet that I can't wear because of this habit!
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Heee. I don't go shopping for clothes that often. Especially now that I mostly just watch my friend's son and play with my puppies. My husband has another 4 months left on his tour so wearing cute clothes isn't exactly one of my priorities. But I like having that pajama set. I'm already excited over it. I'm have no doubt that I should be able to wear it with more comfort in two months time. ^^
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I did it with one pair of pants. I feel like there's a real risk of buying a whole wardrobe that doesn't fit, which is not only counterproductive and expensive but encourages you to wear clothes that don't fit. That's the only thing I'd be aware of. But you CAN fit into those clothes before Christmas.
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Early on in my weight loss efforts, I bought two Urban Outfitters dresses that I loved, but were too snug. I couldn't zip up one, and the other was stretched tightly between each button.

I'm not sure if it's always the best idea to buy for a smaller you, but as long as you have a realistic idea of when you are going to get to that size and don't overreach, then it's great. It was so amazing to see those two dresses start to fit. The day I could zip that dress up, I felt amazing. It feels even better to realize that they are getting too big.

Good luck! It really can be a good incentive, and also it's a non-scale way of charting your progress... Every few weeks, keep trying them on, and you'll see a difference.
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I've done this before in the past and I must say it's a wonderful feeling when you can finally fit into them. Of course like others said I wouldn't recommend buying a whole new wardrobe or anything like that but a couple of shirts and a pair of pants couldn't hurt I don't think. I even have a pair of size 6 shorts that I bought when they were on sale and I had some extra cash. I started at a size 18 and I'm now a size 12, but I love that those shorts keep inching up my thighs every time I try them on lol! Hasn't hurt me any to have them but I guess it just depends on your personality.

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My deal with myself this time around (since this time around the plan is actually working), is to not buy anything until I'm at goal. Until then I've been buying 1-2 sizes down at consignment stores and the Good Will store and when they're too big, I exchange them/give them back and get the next 2 sizes. I've been able to do it twice now. I'm between a size 14 and a 12 right now
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I do this. I have a hard time with body image issues, so when I can actually fit into something a size or two smaller, I know I've lost weight, even if I can't see it in the mirror.
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I do it!
To me it's a great motivator.. I actually bought a pair of jeans in a size too small and the next size down. When I bought the larger size, they were really tight and the smaller ones didn't fit. BUT, I only bought them because they are the same cut and what-not and it's so difficult for me to find jeans that fit over my rear end. I also saw a skirt on clearance that I just HAD to have. The largest size I could find was an 8... so I bought it and it sits in it's bag in my closet. I'm now comfortably in a 12, so I have a little ways to go - but I absolutely LOVE it!!
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I do it too, just not frequently.

I was in the Chinatown in New York and I saw this amazing top that I just HAD to have. Problem is: it was made for genetically-blessed Asian women with tiny little waists. I could get my head through the XL and part of my arms, but that's it. I bought it anyways. LOL

The day I was able to pull that top on without it getting stuck around my bust or my belly was just about the best day ever! It's still a bit tight around the bust (I'm a 34F.. not a lot of tops that aren't tight across the bust, hehe), but I wear it anyway.

Definitely my feel-good top!
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I'm actually contemplating doing this now, I've never done it on purpose, but I'm having a hard time staying motivated, so I figured if I bought my Christmas Party dress a size smaller and kept it out in the open it might be the push I need. I see nothing wrong with one goal item of clothing for motivation - in fact, I've heard it recommended before! Just make sure it's something you REALLY love so it will keep you moving!
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I'll throw in my 2 cents. I personally don't think its a good idea. I really don't think it will help motivate you. I can only see it hurting your motiviation if the clothes don't start feeling loser when you think they should. It could be very possible for you to be losing just not in the areas that would make the clothes losers, ie losing weight off your chest but not your waist.
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This technique works for me. I don't do it often and I REALLY don't do it with super-fitted items that depend a great deal on you proportions since I never know how my body will be shaped. That said, I have bought extras a size or two down for items like yoga pants when I found a pair that I loved for a good price. It keeps me motivated and I have never regretted it.

As far as it being a good idea or a bad one, I think that depends on a lot of factors such as: how much you do it, what type of items you buy, and your own personality. Being ALMOST small enough to button jeans motivates me far more than anything else does.
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Earlier this summer I saw a cute dress on sale that I wanted for my vacation that I was going on in Septemeber. I knew that I was going to lose more weight before I left so I bought one size too small. I could still get it on it just didn't look good. It was sooo great when I tried it on again a couple of days before I left and it actually fit. It thought it was a great motivator. I've kept a lot of clothes that used to fit and I'm trying to get back into, it's so unbeleivable great when you put something on a realiz how much better it looks that it used to.
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I can do it!
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I haven't ever done it before, but two days ago I found a dress being sold on Ebay that I'm desperate to buy. It's 60 new from the shop and the one on ebay is sitting at 6.50. I really can't afford to buy it new, but the cheap one it's a size 12 and I'm an 18. I was going to have it as an ultimate goal. From what everybody's saying it's probably a bad idea as it's so much smaller. But what a bargain! They don't tend to sell their dresses for long periods of time either, so it will be gone soon! Eek!
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I have a couple of things in my closet that I bought specifically in smaller sizes for motivation. Most recently, I bought a zip-up rain jacket. I can zip it up, but I can hardly move. So I know it will fit and look good on me once I drop some pounds!
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