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Default Are you sure the camera only adds ten...?

Pictures. I hate pictures. Anyone else hate pictures? On those days, where I finally manage to convince myself that I don't look all that bad... man. Pictures are the thing that bring me back down to earth, and remind me of my weight issues.

Anyone else feel this way?

Today tho, I had a moment of GLORY. My new blackberry buzzed at me to inform me that my cousin's friend had tagged me in 4 pictures on Facebook from my cousin's wedding. So, I panicked.

Not a logical reaction, right? Panic? But every guy I've got a crush on who's on my facebook, anyone who hasn't seen me in a few years since I gained a tonne of weight... I don't like them seeing photos of me that make me want to cry. And usually, pictures of myself do. I untag myself a WHOLE lot.

So, in my post-"you've-been-tagged" ritual, I went to Facebook and got my cursor all ready to untag some pics... but... lo and behold... not one of them looked BAD! All of them are from after I managed to drop my weight back down below 160, and it's kinda coming off my face.... and... I kinda look good in some of them (in the least narcissistic way possible)!

In fact, my cousin tormented me when we were kids with subtle references to how I was fatter than her... and in the one pic I was tagged in with her, I think I look pretty damn good!


Anyone else have horrible issues with pictures? Or had pictures taken lately that they LOVE of themselves? Post!
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I hear you!I hate picture also.My mom always says that when I die my children will never remember what I looked like when I was raising them....true.
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oh, im the same way some times, My facebook says I have about 300 photos tagged of me, but If you were to count all the untagged ones , I'm not joking there would be about 700+.
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Losing 20! :)
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Anytime someone wants to take a pic of me I put my hands up or turn away...I DONT take pics and I refuse to unless I lose weight...When I weighed 165 I would smile and I looked like santa clause! lol...That sucked...Im 146ish lol...(since the scale is fluctuating from 146-150!)....And I still wont take pics...You cant pay me to...It takes 20 pics to get the perfect photo for me.
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you look STUNNING! i have noticed as my weight has dropped that i'm no longer the "omg i have 4 chins we're taking another one" girl. i'm not incredibly pleased with a lot of them, but i no longer complain, which my friends appreciate haha.
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This is not a test.
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you look so stunning! I used to be exactly the same, now i am a bit better...i still screen out a lot of the photos that i put on facebook, but i am coming to accept that sometimes i look good and sometimes not so good and thats true for everyone.

My favourite recent picture of me is this one though:

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this time it's for real
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OMG i detag EVERYTHING. it terrifies me that the bad pictures are even still out there

here - I'll show you a good one, and a bad one. i think the good one was only about 5 lbs lighter!
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Brighter than the moon!
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I hate pictures of myself. I always feel great about myself, and then I see a picture and think wait, when did I swallow another person? Humph.

Hopefully I'll take some awesome pictures this week in Cali

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Ugh, try living with a husband who is a photographer on the side.

I constantly have a camera shoved in my face, and HATE every second of it. I usually delete any of the pics of me before he downloads them to the computer.
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I think you look great in that photo. Not really weight related- but your skin looks flawless! I'm totally envious. I'm pretty freckly, which I don't really mind in person (I have a two actually on my lips, which is pretty unique and my boyfriend says is adorable- i'll trust him) but sometimes in photos they can make my skin tone look really uneven/splotchy. Which it totally shouldn't be! I'm only 20, this should be my best skin time.
Also from what I can see of it, your hair looks great too. I love curled hair, its so classy.
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Iconised Ghost-- you made me lol. seriously.

i hate letting other people take pictures of me. If I can take the picture, move the camera to an angle that favors me, then Im okay.
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That is a really pretty picture of you, Jelbb. Your eyes are gorgeous. And actually, your chest SLIGHTLY gives away that you are a wee bit heavier than you want to be, but if you cropped the bottom out just a bit you honestly look so thin. Your face gives NO signs of needing to lose weight at ALL. It's gorgeous. So at least you have one spot that looks uber good, right? I'm sure the rest of you looks fab too, but I can't see it in that picture so I can't really judge.
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Lol, thanks for the kind words, ladies!
It's great to know I'm not the only psychotically anti-pics-of-self-unless-they're-perfect, hehehe!

Aww! I hope you hit a weight where you start taking pics that you like more frequently!

Same. Completely. I'm sure there are nearly 1,000 out there, but I don't do with the tagging, lol...

Hahahahaha... well, you can't look fat in an MRI, so KUDOS woman, on the sexay brain pic!!!

Pfft, you can tell you were just leaning back in it, giving you extra chins you DON'T actually have. But I do that too... I see the pics with the extra chins and go, "Jesus, how often did I lean back like that and show off the ten chins!? Do I ALWAYS have ten chins!?" and then the panicking ensues.
You're gorgey, btw.

Eeek, it'd drive me nuts, lol.

Hahaha. I never make people retake them, I just steal their cameras later and delete them, or specify, "Do NOT tag me in that..."

I think the same of myself, lol. Hope you take some stunners!

Hahaha, I love that you brought up freckles. You can't tell in that pic, but I'm totally covered in 'em. My arms are non-stop freckles. They're multiplying so quickly, they're starting to attach to one another. I don't look all that freckly in the face because I'm makeup-obsessed, and I wear concealer and a cream foundation, covered with a powder foundation to kill the sheen.
Here's a better idea of a foundation-free look at my freckles...
(far left

Lol, YES. I hold the camera UP, and aim it down a little. Minimizes the chins!!!!

Awww, thanks honey!!! Honestly, that's just my "good side," lol. My nose doesn't have a bump on that side (it does a bit on the other) and the line of my chin is more defined... same side of my face as in my display pic, 'cept the webcam program flips the image, hahaha. I appreciate the super nice words!!

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Jelbb - I have to agree that picture is GREAT!!

I mostly don't let people take pictures of me, but a few years ago I kinda gave up and wanted to live my life, and REMEMBER my life.. so I do it anyways. I actually let my bf take a full body picture of me, AND post it on facebook.. not too sure what I was thinking.. but here it is!

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keep on truckin'
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Well, I am actually at my highest weight since high school. But THIS picture came out well...
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