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Default OT: bump its

Has anyone tried those bump it hair things that they sell on tv? I'm just wondering what you thought about them if you've tried them. Did they work well? Could you see it?

My hair is dark blonde, but I add tons of highlights, so my hair is somewhere between light and dark blonde. I can't decide which color to order... if I do order them.
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i'm sure they work but IMHO they're horribly overpriced (for a little piece of plastic!)
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My daughter has them. I think that they work well if you have relatively thick hair. I would go with the lighter color.
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Oh my gosh I want one of those so badly! One day my mother called me and could barely get any words out on the phone. It sounded like she was having trouble breathing and in my mind I'm FREAKING out, concerned that she's sobbing hysterically.
Turns out she was laughing so hard from watching the bump it commercial she couldn't talk.
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I have thick dark hair but haven't taken the plunge, partially due to price. I've seen only one person with them, but it looked like she had a growth on her head, totally not natural at all. It could have been how she put them in, though.
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Pretty harmless really...
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Just a heads up, I saw these at super Walmart the other day, I think it was $9.99, so I'm sure thats cheaper than getting it on tv & no shipping charge. Have a looksie there before paying a higher price. :-)
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I've been wanting to try them ever since I saw the infomercial! But I feel like they'll suck because what is holding them in place? Just a little set of comby bits. I don't know. But they're such a cool idea!
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i want one, but i must agree, what is holding them up on your head?
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I'd never heard of them, so googled - wow, it's really hard for me to imagine them not showing. It's not a little bump - that's a BIG bump! I do struggle with trying to put a little of that kind of lift into my hair, but man, not to that degree. The pictures on their website looked a little costumey in style to me.
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Omigod. I really want one of these in the most moronic way, simply because I tease the crown of my hair, and hairspray the crap out of it.... every day. And it always just... gets crunchy and gross and looks like garbage.

Buuut... they have them at Walmart, you say? Apparently Canadians can't order from their website. *dramatic eye-roll*
I'm pretty bored. Maybe I'll wander over to Walmart and check there...

Oh, I lied they do. We have our own button, hahahaha. I'm gonna go check at Walmart anyhow.

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I am also intrigued but never have bought one. I am afraid they will look too obvious. Like, "Look at that girl! She bought one of those things too!" lol
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i've made fun of people wearing these things at the bar bc they look tacky & obvious, lol.
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I dont think they would work.. however i want to buy that "Instyler" hair straightener thingie lol
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getting back on track!!
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one of our local news channels does reviews of products to find out if they actually work. here's the link to the bump it deal or dud review if anyone is interested.
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i have them, and you can get a set of three at bed bath and beyond or sally's for 10 bucks altogether and if you go to bed bath you can use one of their 20% off coupons which make it not a bad deal.. they really work! like, it really makes a difference. i figured that if i can make jy head taller my face wouldnt look as wide and people keep on complimenting me on my hair!
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