Isn't it weird?

  • Doesn't it feel weird thinking about how much you need to lose.. and then looking at yourself thinking: "Where is 40 lbs going to come off from!?" -
    I still can't fathom myself being in the 120's. I'm going to be tiny! I'm short as it is..
    I saw this visual of how 1 lb of fat looks like (jeez, that thing was big!) - and I was thinking.. "I have 40X that to lose?!" - I know it's all "layers" but still, it's really fascinating.
    I've always been overweight so I'm really excited, I wonder how I'm going to look.. I just cannot picture myself that small! The lowest I've ever got to was 143 (for a brief period of time) and it was just soo strange to see myself and see my body parts changing.. to see my jawline become defined, back dimples suddenly emerging.. and oddly enough - my eyes and nose becoming more defined! It's so exciting.
    Does anyone else feel the same way? What areas have you noticed changing the most?
  • Perhaps i see myself as bigger than I am...however I still see areas that I could lose..and areas that I wonder if I'll EVER be able to lose more my tummy and thighs..those I think won't ever go!

    The areas I noticed changing the most are where there are FINALLY.....hip bones and tailbone...One time I was relaxing in the bathtub and and when I went to sit up I could feel the bone on the ceramic..oww! And then I I can't believe i've never felt that before!

    You'll be amazed at where it will come off! Good luck!!!
  • Hmmm. I haven't been at a truly low weight for my height in a really long time. I'm slightly under 5'4".... and I haven't been less than 146 in about 4 years now... I'm just finally starting to get to a point where my body may really be CHANGING fat-distribution-wise...

    I've started to be able to see my ribs again (not in a scary, wow-she's-so-thin-I-can-see-her-ribs kind of way, but moreso just my fat distribution dips in around my ribs. Note the pink bra pic, it shows it well.)

    Also, my back is changing significantly, THANK GOD.

    I can't wait to see weight coming off my thighs, they haven't changed size at all in forever. The fat just CLINGS there...