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Exclamation nearly a whole month wasted....sorting myself out again!

Hey all.
Just wanted to write this out so that i am kind of committing myself again to losing some weight! Like a written contract with myself and if i put it on here it is not just me that know's about it...hopefully meaning i will stick at it! sorry... ramble
Anyway.. i started in may 2009 and have lost very nearly a stone since then (13lbs!!) but since the beginning of july, i have just sort of stalled and have eaten pretty badly..luckily though, i have stayed the same weight since then (nothing short of a miracle there!). But i have wasted pretty much a month and i could probably have dropped another half stone by now but oh to learn from it, and move forward..not see it as a complete giving up and start eating cake..!
Well anyway...i go back to university in 7(ish) weeks and i would really love to drop another stone by then...i think that's possible...i KNOW it is...
So anyway..sorry for the long long ramble, but i just wanted to put myself out there again and get back on track...
I've ultimately got another 3 stone to lose now, but taking it half a stone at a time is the best way to go for me i think!

Thanks for reading if you got through the whole thing and i just wanted to say that everyone here is such an inspiration to me!

Jess xxxxxxxx
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Stalling is fine and probably needed once in a while for your body to re-adjust. But you have not allowed yourself to re-gain, which is the main thing and should be what counts!

You took a break (as we all should for the holidays!), and now you are starting to continue!

Good luck!
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Jess: (hehe, that's my name too!)
Congrats on your loss of a stone!!! That's really amazing! And congrats on your maintenance!!! It's fantastic that you didn't gain anything back, and really shows that when you get down to your goal weight, you won't have too terrible a time keeping that weight constant.

I really encourage you to join in on the "160s" thread ("trying to get out of the 160s" I think it is?). It's surprisingly encouraging to be chatting all with people who are more or less the same weight as you, and are all working hard at losing it!!! It also means automatically, people are keeping tabs on you and your weight loss, which is really motivating to keep the losses coming!

Really, good on you for coming BACK after that month, and deciding to kick the rest of your weight's @ss.
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We all get off track ( 4 months for me) but its a good thing that we get back!

Good luck!
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I can totally relate. I basically lost a month of dieting all due to the stress of a guy (damn men!) I am a stress eater. But what was worse is when I am really upset I like to sleep the night away. I would come home from work and sleep until morning. That resulted in missing a lot of exercise. But I am back on track and determined to kick ***!!

I am trying to set my first mini goal. I will be leaving for a cruise September 25th- what do you fellow chicks think would be a good pound goal to set?
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Welcome back Jess

dieting falls into the better said than done category. especially when you stall. it's so easy to get down on yourself when you're doing everything right yet the scale doesn't budge. it can drive a girl crazy! just hop back on the wagon, don't let this setback get you down and keep working at it. just remember you've already lost 13 pounds!!
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