I said "NO CAKE!" .. who would have thought..

  • Yesterday at the store as we walked by those beautiful little one serving slices of cake... i normally would just pray that my fiance would see them and want them too.. and usually he would and we would by a piece of each kind. Nummy. [[and if he didnt want cake...i was too shy for some reason to say i wanted some...]]

    But last night after a good day of eating healthy, i really wanted some, and so did he. And when he stopped to pick up some off the shelf, i said "NO CAKE!" He shrugged. .

    It made me smile, and quite proud
  • Way to go!!!
    It's so hard to tell ourselves no sometimes... and I do the exact same thing as you, I let other people's junk fests give me... permission, almost.. to eat crappy food as well.

    Anyhow, that's super amazing! Congrats on your 5 lbs so far, stick with it honey!!!
  • Good job
  • woo hoo congrats on not eating the cake!

    and i'm the exact same way as you are. i wont eat something unless my b.f. brings it up first. like it justifies me eating something bad, lol
  • Yay congrats!!!!!! Feels good doesn't it?! I went to a wedding and had a big slice of cake :S....however the last time i had cake was probably MONTHS ago..lol.