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Heck Yes!
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I'll totally join too! I'm going on vacation next month and I know I will want to wear some cute sweaters when it gets colder!

1. Drink more water- Seems like I'm always telling myself this
2. Do more yoga and strength training
3. Start 30 Day Shred (Netflix should be delivering it soon)
4. Get more sleep
5. Find more healthy recipes

I'm glad we have our group! We can so do this!
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Queen Yo-yo
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*shakes head slowly*
I'm in shock. I SO very rarely do well with time-line goals... and according to my goal for this thread, I'm trying to... well, get to my final goal by the time school starts at my new college. And... to be at my final goal by then, losing two lbs a week, I needed to be at 146 on Saturday. ....sure, I'm a day late, but I weighed in at 146.0 today (Sunday)....!!! I'm still in shock!

... I'm starting to wonder if this is actually possible!!! My next goal is 144 by Saturday. That still seems a bit excessive, down from 146 already, but we'll see! I've been running every other day, and going for walks in the days in between... and eating really well. I feel good!
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Well TOM for this month is finally coming to a close and I am thankful for that. My weight during goes up 10 lbs...not fun for someone trying to lose weight. Especially when at least 2 out of my 7 days do I feel like a complete and utter cow as it is.

I haven't been doing well with eating and exercising...I have stayed within my range calorie wise, but I'm eating crap. I do exercise some, but not much. I don't know if this sounds completely ridiculous, but the reason is my dbf. He has been working 7 days a week for at least 12 hours a day. The most I have been able to see him the past 3 months is 1-2 hours a day. This is unusual for us; we are still having our weekly date night, but this also is where the 1-2 comes in. It was sad because this weekend we had a movie night and he was so tired that he fell asleep. I feel utterly depressed. I just don't know how to get out of this blue funk. Any advice on this would be great. Hope everyone else is having a good week!
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I've been doing really good with eating the last couple of days... until today when I got a sundae from Culver's. But the rest of the day I ate really well so hopefully it won't be too bad. I'm solidly at 165 though which is awesome. This morning the needle on the scale moved almost to 160, but I usually go by my afternoon weight, not my early morning weight. I don't always weigh myself twice a day, I just happened to today. Hopefully I'll be a solid 160 by the time classes start in early September.
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It's the final countdown!
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So far I've been doing excellent with exercising ... but I need to work on my eating habits for sure. I keep falling off the wagon! Damn! Starting 30DS with a friend next week and working on starting the C25K!
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