back (round 3)

  • i'm back!

    unfortunately i've been gone for a while, and weight has packed back on in the meantime. between jan. '09 and may '09, i somehow managed to gain back the 50+ lbs i lost last year (yes, folks, in just five short months).

    i guess i have new inspiration this time - it's no longer about self-esteem or appearance, but health. in an effort to be more active over the past couple weeks i have been playing tennis, and unfortunately twisted my knee about a week ago. it's been a big pain, and even though it's starting to get better, i realized: "if my poor knees have to keep carrying around 250 lbs, in ten years this pain is going to be permanent!"

    so, that's that. i'm back and looking for support and inspiration!
  • Welcome back..

    Wishing you all the best on your weight loss journey. I too just gained 15 pounds back in a month due to a stresseful situations so i totally know what you are taking about..

    Again welcome back.. This is totally the best place to be for weight loss..