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Well for this week I ended up staying the same. I'm really getting sick of the 290's! But I really have no one to blame for that other than myself. This has been a very busy week which lead to pretty much hardly any exercise. Maybe a day or two. Also there were a few events with not the healthiest food and the weekend rolls around which is a little damaging. All I can do now is do better for next week. Gotta move on from the not so great week I had!

Starting Weight: 297
Current Weight: 295 (-2 pounds lost, 8 to go)
Goal Weight: 285

Best of luck ladies
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It's the final countdown!
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I'm joining in on this a little late. I'd like to be in the 150's by Labor Day. Right now I'm hovering between 164-166. Fun, fun. So, my goal will be 159!

Weight today: 165.4
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FYI- lots of countries have Labor/Labour Day. But not everyone has it in Sept. Some countries (ie- Australia) have it on different days in different states (I learned this the hard way. Traveled to Adelaide on S.A.'s labour day and everything was closed! it wasn't our labour day back in Queensland)

Anyhow, American and Canadian Labour Day is Sept 7th. And I'm so in the challenge.

I want to be at 252 lbs!

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can I join in?? I'd LOVE to be back to my goal weight of 140...this morning I was at 146 :-(...I know its soon gonna be TOM and hope that is why..I go to about 4 exercise classes a week (1 hr. long) of intense perhaps its my eating! arghh...
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Hey Everyone!

I need to jump on the wagon as well, I think a time-related goal may help to give an extra push.

I'm going to make it a reachable 153.0 lb goal simply because I don't want to feel defeated. Really I just want to get under 155 as that marks my 100 lb loss!

To get there I vow to stay on plan 6 days a week with one "cheat" day (or actually cheat meal) as well as drink all my water. September 1st is when I have chosen to start my running routine too, as I live in AZ and running outside is simply toooo hot in August.

Good luck girls!
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exercising with twins
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I'll jump on this bandwagon. I really wanted to be at 150 by September 1st but I seem to have plateaued at 162 for the last couple of weeks... so I'm I'm going to set 155 as my goal (halfway there) for labour day but I would really like to get down a bit farther.

To get there I plan to keep doing No More Trouble Zones, and add in Burn Fat Boost Metabolism a couple of days each week. I also plan to stay on target calorie wise as much as possible.
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