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Default "She really shouldn't be wearing that..."

Warning: FA-themed stuff ahead...

Today I put on my size 12 Banana Republic shorts and a flowy top, tucked it in, and belted my shorts around my waist. Yes, I wore my shirt tucked in and my shorts belted around my waist, and yes, I'm a size 12. But fat people aren't supposed to do that, right? We have to wear pants that come up 3 inches below the navel and floaty tops that float away from the "problem areas", right?

WRONG. I hate fashion myths that say that fat people aren't supposed to wear certain kinds of clothing. Like skinny jeans. So what if straight-leg is more "flattering?" If I were a hipster I'd throw on my size 12 skinny jeans and rock them like anybody else, thank you very much. There was an era when we thought that skinny jeans made everybody look weird,'s all a MYTH that we perpetuate by buying into it.

What are some fashion myths about fat people that really get your goat?

Disclaimers: I'm not saying that I'm confident enough to pull off every look out there, or that every fat person should be, it just bugs me sometimes. Also, as a size 12, I'm probably better described as normal, not fat, but I think that to the MSM that perpetuate these myths, a size 12 is included in fat fashion taboos (and I recognize that size 12 is just a number, and encompasses many different bodies).

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I think size 12 is seen by MANY as "fat" and I HATE that. I looked awesome as a size 12 (and forestroad, you look great).

One myth is that "fat people" - or anyone above a size 8 - can't wear a bikini. I have a long torso and big boobs - if I wear a one piece I look pregnant. So I wear a bikini and I'm comfortable in it (and some dude came up to me at the pool the other day and was like girl, you look GOOD) so there
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Size 12 is not considered fat. Think size 20 or 22 if you are thinking fat. I am at goal and weigh 118 . I don't wear size 12 anymore but I wear straight leg jeans because I 'm short and they give me the look of being taller.

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Default i love this vid n its what ur saying in ur post
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This is not a test.
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I hate every myth about swim wear and over weight people. Especially comments about how they should cover up on the beach or not be there at all
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First of all, size 12 isn't fat.

Clothing rules really don't apply to specific people or body types in general, it's more like don't wear clothes that are too small for you. And it really depends on your body type, some thin people look horrible in skinny jeans. It's about finding what clothes look best on your body.

Thin women can look horrible in some clothes. And so can fat women, and they can also look amazing. So there really aren't a set of rules for everyone.
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Pretty harmless really...
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AT 149 you seriously are not FAT!!!

Wear what you feel comfy wearing & the **** with what people think you should be wearing or not be wearing! 'Nuff said...
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Originally Posted by sunflowergirl68 View Post
it's more like don't wear clothes that are too small for you.
I agree. I've seen morbidly obese people wearing tight clothes that do not fully cover all of their dangling fat rolls. While I admire the self-esteem involved, it's simply unsightly. Of course, I've seen skinny women dress in tight, skimpy clothes also, and they look like they should be on a street corner. IMO, if you're dressed in a way that you wouldn't be morbidly embarrassed for your boss or grandma to see, you're good to go.
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There Is No Wagon
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First of all, glad to see there are so many out there who don't believe in fashion taboos

Second of all, didn't mean to imply I was "fat" in a negative sense...I was basically just using it as a descriptor for not skinny, and yes by some (but not most) ppl's standards, actually fat. To some people, I'm sure I'm skinny. It's all relative. In any event, it wasn't meant as a judgment or anything. Sorry if it offended
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no i understand, at a size 8/10 i was the fattest girl in my sorority by a long shot, its true that at our age a size 12 is considered fat, i promise. that being said, if you can pull it off it doenst really matter what size you are, ive seen girls who arent 2s rock some really great styles and look like models while doing it, so go for it, belt that shirt
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I've certainly said my share of "She really shouldn't be wearing that..." type comments before, but not because I think bigger people need to wear certain types of clothing. (And I feel bad for saying it anyway, but my mom and I get catty when we're together. )

Usually it's because someone wears something that just plain doesn't fit -- even skinny girls get a muffin top if they're wearing jeans that are two sizes too small. Other times it's a weird color combination (light pink shirt with dark pink pants - saw that yesterday) or a bad mix of patterns.

I do think there's something to be said for taking your body shape into account when choosing clothes. I'm probably on the borderline of "fat" but I have a huge stomach. If I wore a flowy shirt with an empire waist, I would certainly expect to overhear someone saying "did she LOOK in the MIRROR before she went out?" I guess that's a bad example because chances are, they'd just assume I'm pregnant, but hopefully my point makes sense.
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You know, I think it should depend less on what size you actually as compared to what kind of styles look good on your body type.

I'm sorry but my body type is strange and not easy to find certain clothes and styles to go with it. And though there are bigger women out there than me, they might be able to pull off certain things better than me because of their body type.

So basically.... if you rock it, do so. If not... keep it off! Or, on a better note... if you feel comfortable in it... go for it!
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I hate that people say overweight people shouldn't wear skinny jeans! I believed that until I put on a pair... so it would probably look better if I was smaller, so what! I hate feeling like I have to wear clothes that hide every inch of my body! And I dream of the day when I could be a size 12 again, so I don't think that's big either! Ah... to walk into a store and just grab something and know that I can fit it... it'll be great! (At least that's how it works in my dreams... remember, it's been a long time since I was that size!)
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First of all, you are not fat - I weigh the same as you and am 3 inch shorter (and slowly stop feeling fat...)

I disagree with the notion that big girls should not show their knees. They can, in fact, be much more flattering than ankle- or calf-long skirts.
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I seen this on Ruby and its true. Where floral prints are BIG florals. Just because I like floral prints does not mean I want 1 big flower going across my boobs.

Just because I am fat does not mean I dont have shape. I try clothes on and because its a plus size there is 0 shaping to the outfit, there are shapely fat people. Ugh

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