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Default Does exercise give you a natural "high"?

A couple of months ago I was a couch potato. I was on anti depressants, and just plain miserable with everything going on in my life, including finances, job, and being overweight. If you were to tell me to exercise three times a week to lose weight, I would just ignore you and tell you youre crazy.

Since im the bridesmaid for three weddings coming up, I figured Id do something to lose weight. For the past three weeks, I have been exercising everyday for an hour to two hours and I LOVE it. Im not down right depressed anymore and I look forward to going to the gym. Crazy, huh?

Today, I exercised for three hours on the elliptical and treadmill and for some reason, I feel really good. Better than usual. kinda scary.

Do any of you feel like that? Is this normal? lol
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Exercise is known to be a mood booster and GREAT for those of us with depression. I'm on meds for depression but honestly I need to keep exercise in the mix to be feeling close to normal. I wouldn't call it a "high" but the endorphines are nice.
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Yes it is normal ^_^ Some people say that exercise releases endorphins. I'm not sure that the amounts of endorphins released are enough to change clinical depression, but doing something positive about something that might have been bugging you for a while, like your weight, will definately give you a boost
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OH yeaah!! defintaly gives you a high!

But just a little warning..(or this could just be me) i got a little to enthusiastic with the exercise a few months in going running 2 times a day eveyr day for 2 weeks..let me tell you the high turned into a huuuuge low. But now ive learnt NOT to over do it!
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I feel that exercise gives me a natural high. I can really tell the difference if I slack off or take a break. I'm moodier, more tired, and find, strangely, I have more trouble sleeping at night.

I feel better with all those endorphins pinging around inside me.
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One of the managements for depression is exercise
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I wish I could get my hubs to work out for this exact reason. I know it would help him. However, his life, his choice.

As for me, I do not suffer from depression BUT I find that exercise keeps me motivated to eat well and drink lots of water. If my commitment starts to wane, one good workout and I'm back at it.
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Physically, exercise makes me feel good. I have more energy after working out than I do before; I would have thought it would have the opposite effect.

Emotionally, exercise gives me a sense of self pride. That's nice because I generally never feel proud of myself.
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It makes me feel better. When I don't do it, I miss it. I also think it helps me stay on plan.
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im at the point where if i dont exercise, it throws my whole day off, and i start dreading it.
im so glad i started working out. I think going on this forum motivates me to work out , too.
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Yes!!! I have an anxiety disorder, and exercise is the only way I can manage it without meds (which I refuse to take). I get addicted to the endorphin rush, and like it was said above, it just gives me more physical energy.
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It's normal!

I have to get past the 20 minute point to start to feel the high. I love it - it would kick in just as I was winding down and I'd go for another 20 minutes instead of quitting!

Too bad my bike commute to work is exactly 20 minutes, then I could be feeling it twice daily.
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I totally agree! I did a weight training class and cardio today and I have felt GREAT today! and since starting a regular exercise plan I've gained so much energy!
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the endorphins release are totally enough to effect your mood! my ex boyfriend was MISERABLE on days he didn't work out, to the point where i wouldn't call him before 8am because i knew we'd get into a fight in his pre-workout state. as for me, it makes me super tired and all i want to do after a workout is sleep. it does put me in a good mood for the rest of teh day though

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Yes, yoga makes me feel like I'm on a tranquilizing mood elevator.

And hiking usually gets me high, but first I have to pass through the "why did the I think this was a good idea? who invented hiking? they are the stupidest people ever. [insert favorite swear words here]" then I get to, "oh yeah, this is great, I feel so good, I should go to the Alps and just hike for weeks."
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