Stretch Marks

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  • Has anyone found anything that works to help minimize the obviousness of stretch marks?

    Lots of people say tanning helps, but the tanner I get the more obvious they are. Thanks!
  • i have no idea, i'm looking for the same thing. my mom always said just to moisturize because the massage helped them go away. doesn't seem to do anything.
  • Technically, there's no way to get rid of them. It's very.. very... very.. very... VERY... annoying.

    But there are a lot of products that claim they help. Bio Oil, creams of various kinds... there are surgical options too.

    There are a bunch of stretch mark cream reviews here:

    These are apparently the 3 top rated stretch mark creams:
    1. Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention -

    2. EC Research TriLastin-

    3 Cosmetyn -

    Good luck honey! Hope you find something that helps. And if you find some miracle cream or oil, let the rest of us know.
  • I've heard vitamin E helps
  • I have heard that Bio-oil really helps to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. I'm actually planning on picking some up very soon so we will see.
  • ive also heard about bio oil. I used it a while ago but cant remember how well it worked
  • Tanning always makes mine worse too

    I just try to rub them down with cocoa butter after I bathe...Dunno if it helps but I hear it does.
  • I use Palmer's Cocoa butter formula with vitamin E. It's helping somewhat to smooth them but I don't think they'll ever go away. I'm hoping it will also help prevent some loose skin though I'm fully ready to accept I'll have to deal with it.

    I'm pale as a ghost but luckily so are my stretch marks. I've had them since I was 12 or so and they've long turned silver-ish.
  • They are scars. They are scars just the same as if you cut yourself. They are going nowhere.

    I have them on my hips and then inside of my thighs. I don't know what stage yours are at, if they are still red an raised or silvery and pale but I don't think I've ever met a woman who didn't have them. Even people who have always been thin.

    The creams you can buy will reduce their redness (if they are at that stage) but they will never disappear.
  • tanning definitely has the opposite effect on me cause it makes them stand out even more lol. the only (and cheapest) lotion i know of that makes a difference in the appearance is cocoa butter, but even that is marginal :/
  • Quote: They are scars. They are scars just the same as if you cut yourself. They are going nowhere.
    So true! I have some on my stomach and white ones on my inner arms. The ones on my arms have faded with time and now I can't really see them. The ones on my stomach are slowly doing the same. I just have to wait it out and accept they are apart of me. I don't think the oils and creams do anything except moisturize and help with redness...
  • The only place I only ever got really noticeable stretch marks was on my boobs, and with time (a long time) they've faded and they're really not noticeable unless you know to look for them (as I do). I've tried creams, etc, and nothing worked, just time...
  • I don't know about getting rid of them, but a way to prevent them is using a good moisturizer with shea butter. I have stretch marks, but not nearly as many as I could have. I use Lay it on Thick by Bath and Body Works. With time, your stretch marks will slowly fade. Like others said it is just like a scar.
  • But, just like other scars, some are worse than others. I lost and gained a lot of weight in a period of 2 years about five years back and it really shows on my stomach. Now I'm starting to lose it finally... and slowly this time.... but from the first time my stomach is just trashed looking. Granted, most of them are white now, but in certain lights they look really terrible and the skin itself looks worn out no matter how much I moisturize..... which I do at LEAST once a day, with good thick stuff. *sigh* I wonder if there's anything I'll ever be able to do for it..... the skin all over the rest of my body is so thick and healthy looking... but my stomach just looks sad and worn from all the weight gain and loss .
  • Yea I really didn't want to spend 80$ on something that most likely won't work. I doubt it will work, but I picked up a thing of Bio-oil (since its cheap)...there's a part of me somewhere thats optimistic! lol.

    I don't really mind any of them except the white ones on my arms