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one pound at a time
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Default jedi mind tricks!

so, maybe this is a nsv, but i realized that what works for me is every time i am "hungry", which to me seems like i am just thinking of eating for the sake of eating, i "indulge" in a daydream about what its going to be like when i'm skinny... it totally works and is really fun!


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That is actually a really great idea.. I think i will give it a try and see what happens.. Thanks for the idea~
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I will do this.
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I totally agree!


I just have a taste of what I am craving. I made the boyfriend order it and I have a few bites - craving over.

*grumbles* frickin' boyfriend who can eat whatever he wants.. *grumble*
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Great idea. I daydream all the time, but I've never thought about doing it as a weight loss diversion. It keeps me from getting other things done, why not keep me from eating too? :P
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Becoming better overall
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haha I do the same thing! Yeah it really is a good way to dart cravings. I heard somewhere that cravings last 15 minutes, so if you can wait through 15 minutes of it, you can get through that.. Idk if that is true or not, but I end up spending 15 minutes looking at clothes online and fantasizing about wearing them and looking good lol.
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good idea
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This might have worked for me, except luckily I no longer get food cravings. I can now easily tell when I am experiencing actual hunger, and when I am not, if I want food, I just tell myself, "But look, you're not hungry." and go do something else. That helps a lot, reminding myself that I'm really NOT hungry (but if I AM hungry, I most definitely eat! =D)
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I do that a lot!
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Shrinking chickie
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tried it
loved it
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I use a mind trick I got on one of the 3FC boards (can't remember which) - when I find myself craving something I really can't eat (like cake at an office function), I imagine that the food in front of me is somehow spoiled, or was prepared poorly. One of my ultimate gross-out things is bugs, so I'll imagine the cake has worms in it or something.

I've passed this along to a young cousin who is wearing braces and always feels bad at the movies when she can't have popcorn - I told her to imagine bugs crawling through it, and it kills her craving. Kind of gross, but pretty effective!
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haha I'm a daydreamer...but I've never tried that! now I definitely will
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I totally do that. I also daydream about being skinny while I'm out jogging sometimes, if I feel unmotivated. I think of the clothes I'll by when I'm skinny and being skinny and running into old friends/ex boyfriends and wearing a bikini at the beach. . .

Sometimes if I have a really bad food craving I actually look at clothes or bathing suits online that I can picture myself wearing once I lose more weight. It's fun!
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