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Default what sizes are "big"?

i am currently a size 10 and yet i feel as large as i was when i was a size 18. maybe its because i am not sure what sizes other people views as "large". i have little or no perspective on how i really look! i think that is what is driving me crazy.

honestly, what sizes are skinny, normal and large? what do you guys think?
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When I was an 18, I felt big--not really big, but big--I felt thick in my movements. When I was in my latter months of pregnancy I couldn't breathe and didn't feel good even walking. I was in an XL Maternity size.
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For me a size 6 is skinny. A size 8 is normal, and a size 10 (my current state also) is slightly over-weight. However, I only think this way because when I was younger my mother told me that I should be happy to be a size 6 bc a 6 is skinny (I was in 6th grade). So it's just kinda always stuck with me that a size 6 is skinny.

So yeah, to me double digits is not where I personally hope to be, but a size 8 really isn't all that much smaller than a size 10 (like when I was at 145 I could almost fit into a size 8, but I couldn't squeeze into a size 10 until I was at 155). I think it's just one of those things where it's really all relative and all in your head as to what is skinny and what isn't. Bc honestly, I have no idea what I really look like to other people...
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I think size ten is "normal". I think the sizes that magazines or media consider "normal" are seriously abnormal and look pretty unhealthy if it's not your body type. Like... Normal is a variety of sizes I think. Depends on the person.
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Ya, i think it just depends on your height, weight, etc. I'm also in a size 10 right now, but being 5'3" I think it wouldn't hurt to try to get back to a 7-8. That's what I consider average/normal for myself.
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I agree with the above. I'm a size 10, and a lot of my friends are size 10 I'd say its not big, but just a bit above average. I'd also say 8 is average. And 4-6 is skinny... anything under 4 is pretty small! But then again, some people are just built that way.
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in my opinion anything above a size 10 is considered large
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I aim for a size 10 or 12. If I were to go below that, I'd look too emaciated (with my body structure - yay hips).
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Well I think the stores consider size 14 and up to be plus sized, I think.....But I remember being a size 18 and just thought I was a cow, but now, I would welcome an 18......I hope to one day be in a size 9......probly wont happen for me though cause of my belly skin.
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I really think it depends on your frame size and body type. For example, I know that I will never be a size 4. I am 5'2" but I have huge hips and a huge rib cage. I am shooting for a 6, but even that may be unattainable. Right now I am an 8. My friend and I are almost the same height, and we weigh the same... she's a size 4. She is very apple shaped, and I am very pear shaped, so there is a huge difference in how our pants sit on our bodies.
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Don't let how others see sizes become a measure for you. Try laying your current pants on top of the pants you wore at your heaviest size and just take a look at how far you've come. Healthy is healthy and can't be measured by a size and how fit a person is makes a big difference in perception. Confidence is the best weight-loss tool and mirror, everybody else can just kiss it. ^-^ You've done good, keep working on that body-dismorphia, it's hard... but own the hard work you've done and that pant size, because that is AMAZING.

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I used to feel like 6 was skinny, 8 was normal, and 10 was when I had gained some - this is just based on how I felt in those sizes, not something inherent in the numbers. But that was 10 years ago.

Now sizes have changes and I'd have to revise that down to 2-4 skinny, 4-6 normal, and 8 means I'm gaining.

It totally depends on each body. I see lots of women that I think are a bigger size or bigger around than me, but look like they're at a great weight for them. And I don't feel large or ugly in a size 8 or 10, it's just not where I sit now when eating well and exercising.
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I don't think the size means much. Like say a person was quite fit with very little 'pudgyness' aka fat, they could still be wearing a size 12 because of their body type, and it would definitely not look 'big'. I wear a size 7/9 pants but I have a LOT of fat on my but/hips/thighs/calves. By that I mean I can grab a hand-full of JUST fat. What is big? It's so relative! Who cares lol

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I'll be so happy once I get into a 14- it means that there's no more "plus size" shopping, and it's a very common size. A 10 and 12 are similar- very common. Anything below a 10 is getting really uncommon, especially where I live- you can't give away those sizes at some clothing stores.

But ultimately, my goal is a not a size, but a body fat percentage (18% is the low end of normal, so I'd like to be a 16% to 17%- and right now, I'm about 32%.

Down here, our sizes are way different: a 6 is like a 2, an 8 is around a 4/6. A 16 is more like a 14/16 in the States. I've got a weird sense of what is big, and for me, anything over a 14/16 is big.

The average woman is 5'4", weighs 150 pounds and is a size 12, they are NOT 5'10", weigh 120 pounds and wear a size 2.
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Height is a huge factor. I'm 5'8" and felt super hot when I wore size 12 pants. I can't wait to fit back into those!
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