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last time
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yup bronchitis...i was wheezing the nurse said so I am in the bed bored out of my mind. ugh I just want to work out I feel like I get fatter by the moment
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This is not a test.
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i am so over weight loss today
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aww, Icon, hang in there. it's ok to have an off day! (just don't be like me and let it turn into an off month ). it gets frustrating, but it'll get better.

lissa- i know what you mean by injuries hanging around. i dislocated my knee in 7th grade and it still kills me everytime it rains. i read something once though saying that for every lb you lose, it takes 4 lbs of stress off of your knees, so think of the good you're doing them by all of that gym work

chele-i think together we should burn all pollen. my allergies are killer now too.--and if you get that recipe, you must share

beaka- md is an awesome state. the drivers are terrible (sorry Jennirose, but they are) but the state is fantastic

bjeweled-i'm sorry about the bronchitis. that blows! as much as it sucks, stay in bed and take care of yourself. if you push it too hard, you'll end up like janis dickinson on "i'm a celebrity get me out of here" and be totally useless (yes i'm a loser and watch that show).

jennirose-there's this park out behind the dorms at Loyola, i can't remember what it's called but there's a great path which i heard is great for hiking. i used to go out there and write a lot...and walk when i felt motivated. i'll ask a few of my friends from there and see if i can find out what it was called. it's right by a creek and it's SO nice this time of year.

as for me, i've been taking pictures of my cousin's artwork again. i've been living in photoshop for a few hours so my eyes are wacked out right now. i'm so excited, he's going to start working on my shoes tonight. i can't wait to see how they turn out!
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Brighter than the moon!
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Amy - no need to apologize to me, they do suck. The best is when it rains. They act like the sky is falling. I actually know the park you're talking about - I think - there's one I used to go to, it has duck ponds and there's koi in there as well. I'd go to feed the ducks and just walk around

Bjeweled - feel better! Bronchitis sucks.

Icon -
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