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Hey Girlies!

I feel like its been forever since I posted on here. Its been a whirlwind of a weekend. My friends and I went out and seen Night at the Museum and Up this weekend. Up is a great pixar movie, and the pixar short is soooooo cute. Food wise maybe not as good as I wanted but I could have definitely done worse. Btw going out with friends is fridgin expensive I calculated what I spent going out to movies and resturaunts and its somewhere in the $60 range.

I started my jury duty today. OMG how f'n boring we were only there for orientation so I still had to go work after because we didnt stay long enough. I got to sit in the jury box chairs which has cushions on them I got warm and I was almost asleep. I was trying my best to stay awake as the judge droned on about keeping an open mind throughout the duration of the trial etc. He shut up just in time I was so head bobbing LOL. I am hoping for walking after work tonight I think I might have the house to myself when I get home. Well back to work for now ttfn.
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Bee I don't envy you with jury duty. It doesn't sound like it would be a whole lot of fun. I'm so happy that I'm exempt from it! I have degree in sociology with a minor in criminology and b/c of this I can't serve on a jury. Who know that getting my useless degree would have at least one perk!
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OMG... I went to the gym today for the first time in about two months... I forgot how nice it felt... Maybe I do need to get out of my house to work out, as the huge stack of workout dvd's are sitting next to my tv collecting dust.

SO, I have decided to renew my Monthly Pass, and am going to the meeting next Monday. (I would go tonight, but I have plans already)

Bee I saw Up as well! It was SOOO cute. I still need to go see Night at the Museum though...
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Sounds like everyone had a great (although busy) weekend!!! That's definitely nice to hear. My weekend was nice. Yesterday, my mom and I went shopping and just went to random stores and got a bunch of stuff!!!

I had to go to the dentist this afternoon to get a crown and the right side of my face is so numb right now!!! The worst thing is that the novacaine is starting to wear off and I have that tingly feeling from my right eye down to my right cheek. And the soreness is coming....blah! I hate the dentist so much!!! My dentist, himself, is a really nice guy (although kinda goofy), but just going there is awful!
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Today was a pretty good day until about an hour ago. We got a phone call from my brother in Phoenix telling us that my other brother (also in phoenix) drove himself to the ER today. Apparently he was having "heart issues" and didn't feel right. The doctors say it's cardiac arrhythmia. They have him on all sorts of machines and meds and want to monitor him over night because they're not sure exactly what caused it. I have a feeling what may have caused it is that he's 5'11 and weighs 325lbs. Apparently it can be easily treated with meds. I'm just hoping he takes this as a wake-up call to finally lose the weight. There is no reason for a thirty-one year old man to be driving himself to the hospital for heart problems. ugh...I wish he had listened to me last summer when I talked to him.

Anyway, other than my brother being dumb, all is well. I talked to my cousin today and gave him ideas about what I want on my shoes. I'm ordering them today so hopefully they'll be here soon so he can decorate them. He recently asked me to help him out with posters and such too. It seems as though my degree is getting some use's about time, since I won't be using it in my career

Well, I hope all is well with you ladies (and few gentlemen)!

Ciao, bellas!
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Amy I hope your brother is okay! My uncle had his first heart attack at 35 and had to drastically change the way he lived his life. He didn't have any kind of surgery, it just scared him so much that he changed his lifestyle.

Now, I'm sure Michigan is nice, but I'm having a crappy time. We're in the middle of an industrial park and I'm here with the biggest tool bag from my job. I finished all of my chart review today - my patients were easy and tomorrow I have to go to pharmacies and other departments, so its nice to have that out of the way. Oh, but no, he thinks b/c I finished my charts I need to pick up the slack on his lack of work. No way Jose. He also derailed my eating by picking a crappy restaurant for lunch and refusing to go to the sushi place right next door. Fortunately tomorrow we'll be at the hospital cafeteria, so I'll be able to eat where ever I want. Jerk.

I'm kind of homesick, which is weird. I've only been here for 24 hours. I just have to keep telling myself "you're going home tomorrow - you're going home tomorrow" I figured working out would make me feel better, but the fitness center reeks of paint and makes me dizzy. I managed a half hour on the treadmill before I almost passed out from the fumes, so I walked around outside until it started raining.

I hope everyone else is having a better day/night.
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last time
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hey girls I am currently stuck in an airport in omaha, nebraska. I left miami at 1 EST and was supposed to be home at 7CST. needless to say I am not a happy camper.

miami was frickin awesome. I can't share all of the ridiculous things I did down there lol but when I get home I will share some. lots of beautiful men, alcohol, parties, the beach and everyone is close to naked so u can only imagine! omg! I am going back every year until I get wifed up.
I met this fine jamaican and I thought about u luvja!
I wanted this dominican guy who was soooo beautiful to impregnate me lol j/k he was fine though. I've been drunk since thursday now I am hungover and want to go home!!!
I begin detox and back POP once I wake up from my miami induced coma.
ttyl, hopefully I get home tonight
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Hey Ladies!

How y'all doing? It's been forever since I've been on here. Much drama been going on in my life but I've actually lost me a few pounds! Finally!!!

So now I've lost 40 pounds total!!!!
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This is not a test.
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Congrats Here we go again! thats awesome
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bejeweled your trip to Miami sounds awesome. I've always wanted to go on a trip like that, that turns out wild and fun and is something I'll always remember. I'm hoping soon it will happen

HWGA It's nice to see you back on here! And great job on still losing!

My weekend went well, my bf came to visit me at school. We did a lot of walking around so that's good. I could have eaten better but that's how it goes. Then again I didn't eat so well tonight either I had a grilled cheese, an individual bag of baked lays.. then I had a craving and ate an individual bag of lightly salted kettle chips. According to thedailyplate I'm still under for the day, but talk about wasted calories!
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bjeweled- That totally sucks. I've been following your saga on FB. Sounds like you should've stayed in Miami!

HWG- FINALLY! You are back and where you should be. No more leaving!!! Congrats on your 40 lbs. YOU ROCK!!!!!

Me: Day 1 babysitting was a success! We played princess, ballerina, dancer, Hannah Montana, gymnast, and hip-hop dancer. Talk about burning calories! Sheesh that girl never STOPS moving. But its fun. And, I get an excuse to where a crown and make my royal servants bow1

**Got test results completely back from doctor. I shall summarize our hour long conversation.
News from my doctor:
1. All levels are "excellent" EXCEPT- 3hr. post Glucose Tolerance, Thyroid, and Testosterone. Can anyone say PCOS?
2. For weight loss, nix straight cardio for a while and use heavy resistance training with cardio mixed in. (30 Day Shred, Lifting Weights to lose Weight, Biggest Loser)
3. S-T-R-I-C-T diet. Lots of dark green, leafy veggies. ABSOLUTELY NO HFCS, fast food, or processed foods.
*She says if you are eating foods with HFCS you are killing yourself and everyone you feed it too. I believe her that it has a lot of bad things to it. Not sure if it constitutes murder. So, take it as you wish.
4. Buy only organic or whole foods. Watch strawberries, peaches, and apples. They contain the MOST pesticides some of which can be stored in certain cells.
5. A whole (expensive!) regimine of supplements including oil and capsules for various nutrient boosting.

So there is the skinny of it. If anyone wants details, let me know.

Have a Great Day!
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Drose I know exactly what you mean. I was under my minimum, so i decided it'd be a good idea to eat like 100 cheeseballs. still with in my calorie range, but i can definitely feel the extra sodium right now.
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Good morning ladies!

Hope everyone had a decent Monday and start to June.

bjeweled- Sounds like you had a blast, minus the plane delays. Glad it was fun and hope you make it home soon.

- Welcome back! Here's to success and congrats on the loss!

Me- I had a decent day yesterday. I put in my 30-day notice on my apartment so I will be vacating by June 30th, officially. My boss was surprisingly understanding about my early departure, which I'm not sure is a good thing or not. Either way, I'm counting down the days.

In other news, I am on L1D1 on 30DS (I believe I got the lingo right, lol) and totally feeling the burn. I guess the first day is the hardest. But yeah, that's just another attempt at getting back OP. I really want to do it this time, and with my orientation coming up in a few short months, I have less time to do it in. : /

Anyway, must head to work, I hope all of you have a pleasant day!

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Good morning ladies

brie - LMAO, you met a FINE JAMAICAN and you didn't get me his numba!? You know I love di yard men!! That's awesome lol. Glad you had a good time, can't wait to see pictures!!!

HWGA - YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You rock girl. We miss you.
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Good Morning Ladies, Happy Tuesday! I had a fabulous off plan weekend, as I started the Fat Smash yesterday, and made it through D1P1, so 8 more days to go until I'm out of Detox. I wasn't too bad!! My Dad's party was great, we took a family portrait on Sunday while my sister was still in town, so I'm hoping those came out. Not too much else going on, started summer school yesterday and I freaking love this teacher, he's hilarious, plus it's a good 2 hour break from work! Hope you all have a good day!

Star - good work staying on plan over the weekend, i know that is the hardest time, ESPECIALLY with a Mon-Fri job.

Stella - fantastic bringing jillian with you to MI, my friend just texted me over the weekend telling me she finally started this and that I need to get it! I'm so interested, I think i want to use that to replace booty camp. Only because it will save me money, I'm actually used to getting up at 5:30 on Saturday to be there by 6:30 now. No way JOSE is right, you did your stuff, why can't he do his! hope you are on your way home now, and out of paint fumes!!

icon - listen to your PT, I'm assuming most people see a gain before a drop. Good luck with your kitty cat, I hope she gets better soon!

shelly - glad you had fun with family this weekend, how was your show?

luvja - i'm totally jealous, I want a bf hairdresser!! My cousin is one but she lives in the next state above me :-( CHEERS to being on plan for this week, day by day!!!!

Heather - tell those guys to get to work and get shiet done! yay for sleeping in, i don't even know what that is anymore! You are too cute with the babysitting experience from day 1, sounds like you'll have fun everyday, lets hope your house gets done done done! that is a little dramatic about the HFCS.

jade - i can so relate to having a large family, i'm so glad its june, 6 of my family members had birthdays this month, not to mention my neice moving to HighSchool! may is always my downfall, I'm working back to my old mile times too, how messed up is that we lose that much time pretty much overnight? But it definitely is good having a goal to reach for!

bliss - good luck with the tractor supply co! Go to the gym girly, you know you'll love it afterwards!(see I knew you'd love it!)

shantroy - your weekend sounded fabulous! I actually like being that busy, it makes me feel better about going to work!

Bee - yukie jury duty! I wanted to see UP, but the 3-d one was sold out, so we saw Terminator instead, which to my surprise was not too bad, considering the last one was AWEFUL!

chele - hope you feel better soon, dentists are no fun!

amy - OH no! I hope your brother does take this as a wake up call, that's crazy he drove himself, specially here in phoenix, how far does he live from the hospital? Everything is so spread out here, but thankfully the snowbirds are gone, so the traffic shouldn't have been too bad, THANK good ness he made it! What degree did you get that you aren't using? I probably missed that in another post, but sounds like some kind of design! FUN!

Brie - Miami sounds like a TON of fun, and I hope you lived it up girly! Funny story about the dominican, that's hilarious! I did detox day 1 yesterday, not too shabby, can't wait to see if this works!

HWGA - woowho! Nice to hear from you again! How is the guy thing going? What about the crazy church people? I hope everyone is treating you properly!

DRose - glad your BF visited, that's always nice. Today is a new day, so no worries on the chips!

That is all!
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