Crap Crap Crap!

  • My old Navy had an Awesome deal this morning! All the ladies tees were 3 bucks! There was a line when they opened.

    I picked up a bunch in XL. I've been buying XL so long I didn't think about it. Too Big. Wayyy too big. What was I thinking???

    I bet they're all out now so I can't even exchange. Maybe I'll try and take them in?

    I feel so dumb... But hey, smaller sizes are always good, right?
  • Oooh, what a good deal. Bummer that you ended up buying the wrong size, but I suppose as far as problems go, that's not SUCH a bad one to have! Hehe. good luck trying to exchange them or take them in... But either way, smaller sizes are definitely always good!
  • Hahah, they say it takes the mind a while to catch up with the body. I guess they were right!
  • Use them as sleep shirts or workout clothes!
  • Is it a tshirt they normally carry? If so, maybe you can wait until they restock it & go in for an exchange....

    And I totally know what you mean about smaller size denial. I tried on some size L cardigans at BR and liked them, but thought they looked a little off. Then I realized they were too big! The mediums looked perfect. It never occurred to me that I would go down a size on top (I'm still a 36D, but I guess everything else is more narrow). Just shows how much our bodies can surprise us, I guess.
  • Sell em on Ebay?
  • I went back later and they still had some left so I picked up a few in my correct size. I'm gonna try and shrink the big ones and I could totally use them as gym shirts. DUH I needed some new ones anyway.

    Sorry for the flip out... it's just funny how we get so set in our ways and don't even think about what we're doing sometimes!
  • I was going to say try to shrink them, but that works