Running with asthma

  • I'm a beginner runner with exercised induced asthma. I'm also allergic to the inhalers so I just have to work through it on my own. Does anyone else have this problem? I tried to do C25K but I was struggling with it. When I run slowly, (I was doing it at around 4-4.5 MPH) my body hurt badly and I just hated it. I went out with my husband who's a runner and we discovered that if I run my natural pace (6-7 mph) my body really loves it! I feel great and I'm not at all sore. Unfortunately, my lungs can't handle over 5.5 and under 5.5 I get achy and running just feels wrong. Right now I'm just doing what I can and running 30 seconds-1 minute then walking till I stop wheezing but it's a little frustrating. Does anyone have some tips for how to work through this? I don't want to have to choose between breathing but feeling achy and hating it and not breathing but feeling great and having fun.
  • you're allergic to the inhalers?!? Holy , what do you do? Do you have anything you can take instead? Surely there must be something that you take to relieve the symptoms? I am a bad asthmatic, but im not allergic to the inhalers. I'm a huge fan of running, but if you dont have anything to combat the asthma then i dont know what to suggest that wont kill you lol
  • Hey vmo1. I also have exercise/allergy induced asthma. My allergist told me the best thing to do is not eat any fresh fruit/nuts/vegetables (that give me a mild reaction, itchy throat, etc) 2 hours before working out. I also have a bronchial dilator inhaler that I have to take 30min before working out. It's not an inhaler that is used for emergency treatment after an attack, but it definitely helps using it as a preventative measure. Also antihistamines help a ton too with hayfever that aggravates the condition.
    I've heard that if you continue to have asthma attacks even if you're not completely constricted each time, that you can do damage to your lungs, so it's something you want to prevent.
    And maybe you're running too fast and your cardiovascular system isn't used to it yet? Build up slowly, ensuring you have proper technique will help prevent your body from hurting too much (google running technique).