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Default *** Weekkly Chat May 10 to May 16 ***

Hey everybody!!! I think this is my first time starting on e of theses threads. I hope everyone had a good week! Brie and Taylor: Hope everything went well with your exams/papers, but YAY!!! Schools out!!!

I was in New Orleans for a conference. I didn't eat that great, but I did get in some exercise everyday. My weight is up 3 pounds. I met this amazing chick who lost about 100 pounds. She gave me a lot of tips. She lost it 2 years ago and now works at a YMCA and at a gym. We hung out, and she's supposed to be sending me some recipes and stuff. Her whole mission in life is helping other people be healthy, so I am totally reinspired. She was actually running 20 flights of stairs for her workout. She did it 5 times in a row!!! It was crazy! Anyways... I'm already back on plan. I had a super healthy breakfast and am going to work out soon. I'm going to the grocery store for more healthy foods, and I'm gonna lose this weight!!!

Update: I have a typo in the title and I can't change it This is why I don't start the thread...

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20 flights of stairs is torture enough....but FIVE TIMES?!?! Wow!! I'm pretty sure I would be found sprawled out in between two floors about halfway into the second time!

I still have the remnants of my sinus infection and it won't budge. Headache, stuffy nose, my teeth hurt, etc. I have been able to up my time at the gym throughout the week though which is good. I started off earlier this week only getting through about 35 minutes on the elliptical before feeling like I was going to collapse....but I was able to do 50 minutes this weekend, so that was good.

It's been a great weekend...cousin's wedding Friday night, Red Sox game with my dad yesterday, and then spending the day with my mom today! I'm starting to get discouraged though because I have been at the same weight for almost a month now. I think I am finally hitting one of those dreaded plateaus! It definitely sucks.
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Thumbs up Fabulous


I'm pretty new but I just wanted to let you know that YOU have inspired me!keep up the good work.

Today is usually a cheat day for me but i'm gonna make better choices.
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Chele: She invited me and I only made it through twice and I was walking. But then I just went and did some lunges, pushups, and crunches that my trainer taught me. We were really just trying to just find stuff to do. The hotel was charging $10 a day for use of the gym! As much as those rooms were, there was no way I was giving those people any more money.

FutureSkinnyChick: Hey! Glad you found someone that inspires you! I think that's why a lost of us keep coming back to this site. I poke around in the goal forums too. I wish you the best in your weight loss!!!

I just worked out... 30 minutes elliptical, 6 step, 20 bike, and a few arm weights. I think I'm back in the groove. I actually have a date tonight. I WILL make it through the rest of this day on plan!!! I think I've decided that day by day works best for me.

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Hey ladies! Its been a while for me on here. I've only been going to my trainer once a week and not really doing much else but I have been eating a lot less and now I'm actually losing weight after not losing any for awhile. So I have a man. We've been together since beginning april. I have to be out of my place june 1st. I think I'm going to move in with him. I'm kinda nervous but ever since my church shunned me, I have nobody in ca. Its been really hard.

Be- that's crazy about the stairs. I love new orleans though. That's awesome that u are remotivated.

Che- hey girl! I hope u have a great day with your momma. I miss u!
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Hey, I hope everyone is well! I took some pictures in my bikini today, to help recommit to losing the last few pounds. I went to buy a scale today too (don't have one in this house) but they were a little out of my price range so I got a measuring tape and took all my measurements! I made up a new blog and posted all this stuff so I can stay motivated. I think it will be easier to focus like this.
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This is not a test.
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morning everyone! Today i could KILL for some chocolate but i will stay on plan if it kills me dammit!! My cat was sick yesterday, was throwing up every hour from about 7pm on Saturday til 9am Sunday, now shes looking a bit more like her normal self, and shes eating a little and drinking plenty so thats a relief. She wants to go outside and has been hunting for my breakfast too which shows shes getting back to normal Poor thing

Going to gym today, cant wait

Welcome futureskinnychick!

I come with graduation pictures! I know other chicks have graduated, you better post yours too

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It's the final countdown!
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I was lucky enough to be in charge of our Mother's Day lunch today. We had grilled chicken, salad w/lots of veggies, & corn. For dessert? Fruit pizza! Pretty healthy meal, overall.

I join a gym tomorrow. It's a 24 hour access kind of place & they have FREE personal trainers. I'm hoping it'll help - I've got to get going!

Luckily my scale stopped freaking me out. I hate "that time of of the month." I weighed myself each morning for 4 days & each day ... I gained a POUND! What?!! Today, it was all gone again. Sheesh.
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Its Alana Time
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hey everyone

I finally have a moment to post on here. It feels like forever. Plus I going the extra mile for work and listening to mortgage loan cds that my mom gave me. And by that I mean its the noise that I am listening to while I type.

Beaka - thats cool that you trained a little with her. And that she is going to give you some tips. I always feel like they are more legit when they come from someone who has already gone through the process of losing weight.

KE - free personal trainers?!? I would be there every day. That sounds like a great menu of food. Fruit pizza. Never had it. Sounds good

Icon - yay for graduation, Congrats

aneleh - the inches are the most important thing. No one know how much you weigh except you. But i do like the constant reminder of getting my butt in the gym when the scale says something i am not too happy with.

HWGA - hey girl. hope everything works out. hugs

chele - 50 minutes is great being sick or not. When i am sick, i usually bow out at minute 15. Then i realize that i spent more time driving than at the gym

I am only going to have time for the bridged update on my life
- work - going really well. I think I am doing a pretty good job. I am also trying to go the extra mile so that when my 60 day temp is up, they will look to add me on in another area. The ppl i work with are cool. We had a pot luck on friday and someone suggested we make it a weekly thing. I shot that idea down so fast...

Workout - i have restarted C25K for like the 12th time it feels like. Completed W5d2 today. Then did sprints afterward. I got up to 10.6 for 45 sec. Some guy looked over and thought i was going to fall off bc i almost slipped. That could have been really bad

Night friends
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Default Warning: Longest Rant EVER

Personals first!

Beaka -- I would kill to be able to run flights of stairs like that! That is really inspiring. Are you going to try it? LoL.

Chele -- You should try rinsing your sinuses with a Neti pot. It looks like a little tea pot, and you fill it with warm water and a sea salt/baking soda/eucalyptus solution (mine came with packets of it) and then pretty much pour it into one nostril and it forces all the nastiness backed up in your head out the other nostril. It's gross, but it works wonders. I get sinus infections all the time too, but ever since my holistic adviser (my maman) told me to get one and do it weekly I haven't had a sinus infection, or even an allergy attack since.

Future -- Welcome!!!! You'll fall in love with the women here, everyone is so great.

HWGA -- Hihi! Oh hunny, I am so sorry they did that to you. wtf ever happened to following the example of Jesus in daily life? I would be finding a new church. I'm glad you found someone, and he'd better treat you like a queen or i'm coming to Cali to bust up his kneecaps Tanya Harding style.

Aneleh -- Measurements are the best way to keep track of your body while actively losing, I think. The scale is the best thing for keeping track when you're in maintenance though.

Ghost -- HAPPY GRADUATION!!!!!!!!

KEmery -- Post that recipe for fruit pizza! That sounds really good.

Star -- Glad the job is going so well! I got invited back for final interviews to be a communications officer (911 dispatch officer) in Prince George so hopefully we'll both be permanently and gainfully employed soon. Then we can make Ashlan come out here and go shopping at Stoney Point.

Now for shenanigans: Get a stiff drink for this one, or line up some peen afterwards. You will need it.

Okay, I know this is the only place where I can rant and be catty about this and nobody is going to give me the side-eye about it. My "friends" (I use the term loosely) have all had children within the last two years except, oh, three.

The problem with this is that out of the friends/acquaintances who have had kids, only 3 of them didn't pull that eat-whatever-I-want card and gain absurd amounts of weight. Those 3 are also the only ones who have actively worked on losing the weight. The rest are still quite fat and completely out of shape (which confuses me because I have babysat most of these kids, most of which can crawl and walk, and I am running after them every second they aren't asleep) at least two have actually GAINED weight since having their children because they didn't change their diets and for some idiotic reason thought that breast feeding was going to make them lose the 80+ pounds they put on. These women are also the ones that think their husbands should be 'more accepting' of their weight gain. Mmmkay, my only problem with that is this: Men are attracted visually. Their love for you is not based on how you look at that point, but his libido most certainly still is. I might get flamed for this, but honestly, as much as women alter and press for change in the *behavior* of their men, it is ONLY right and fair that you should keep yourself attractive. At least in the same condition you were when you guys dated. He'll be more likely to keep himself up as well so you'll both be happy. Huzzah -- back to the point.

*In Ben Stein voice* Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight . So...

What makes me even more mad is when the attempting to be fit and fit friends and I are making workout dates (or plans to go whitewater kayaking, as it were) and they make absurd comments. I normally would let this crap slide, but I don't appreciate people brushing my weight loss efforts off with 'anorexic' jokes, comments about trying to 'get my husband back', 'get a new man', etc.

First off, I worked and am still working bloody effing hard to get my body back to where i'm comfortable in my own skin. I have what my Maman calls 'skinny bones' which aptly means that though tall, I don't have a bigger frame. Most women my height could hold 160lbs and look slender. I can't. You can tell that i'm way overweight for my body when I start edging up over 140. I can be 112lbs and look very slender, but not gaunt by any means. No protruding hip bones, no suckface, no rib cage visible from the back, no knobby knees. Just normal looking athletic thin, and comfortably wearing a size 4. My mom, grandma, all my aunts -- the same thing.

What makes me even more mad is when the people making those jokes insist that they wear a size 9 in jeans as they stuff a entire forkful of fettuccine alfredo into their mouth, knowing FULL WELL that their CANKLE couldn't squeeze into the *thigh* of a pair of size 9 jeans. *I* wear a 7/9 in juniors, and my hips have not had something the size of a cantaloupe bust through them, I don't eat giant plates of cheese pasta twice a day, and my only strenuous exercise isn't the effort it takes to haul myself out of the front seat of a car. THEN they had the nerve to get mad at me for giving them the 'b*tch, puh-leeeeeeeeeeeeeeze!' look while they discussed it. I also made sure to mention I didn't think that was accurate as I was a only a size smaller, and those jeans are cut very straight through the hips and waist to fit a teenage body, not a woman's.

Then the rest of the fat ones start chiming in about how that can't be right because they also wear various juniors sizes and then got to complaining about how their husbands want them to be "super skinny" after having kids, and how your body changes. ...W...T...F. Back to what you were before you had kids is not super skinny for a single one of them. Most were already slightly overweight. I guess I just don't understand how people can become *so* overweight and not intervene when they know they're gaining it. I would rather throw myself off of a bridge than buy the next bigger size, let alone 5 or 6 sizes up. And if I had to I certainly wouldn't be blaming it on the fact that 'the clothes run small'. I had already put on lots of muscle when I shattered my leg and had surgery. I was in a plaster cast or in surgery for a year. I got pumped full of prednisone, medrol and methadones every day so I couldn't do anything but watch in horror as I put on pounds, and trust me, I felt every single one. It was painful to watch myself turn into someone I didn't recognize anymore, and to feel like I was in a different body. I certainly would notice if my pants started to get tight, if I started to look bloated. I always have. How do you just up and ignore something like that? How do you not address it before it becomes a problem, and then when it does, how do you deny it? How do you get mad at OTHER people (ie: husband, boyfriend) for mentioning it when you seem blissfully unaware of that fact, or worse, keep putting on more weight when you have the means and ability to DO something about it!?

Holy crap, give him an effing break. Love may be unconditional, but sexual arousal and attraction most definitely are not. There is nothing 'shallow' or unreasonable about that fact.

And of course, they got all in an uproar about me mentioning that as well. Like he's expecting something wholly unreasonable to want you to at least make an effort. Again, b*tch PUHLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE! Maybe when you get your butt on a stationary bike, and stop eating entire boxes of 500 calorie Little Debby cakes as 'snacks' four times a day then he'll quit paying $4.99 every quarter-hour to watch some foreign girl get naked on webcam, mmkay?

That is all.

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Brighter than the moon!
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Nish - I <3 you. That is all. Also, Prince George in MD or VA?

Chele - I've also tried a Neti Pot and I'm going to second that it works WONDERS.

Beaka - That stair thing sounds amazing, in a very scary way. My last year in college I used to run up and down the stairs of our apt building (we were on the 7th floor) - it was an awesome work out.

Icon - Congratulations! And I hope your cat is better.

Aneleh - Kudos on taking a picture in a bikini! I'm with you that scales are way more expensive than they need to be. If I'm paying that much for something, it better give me good news.

Kemery - what is in fruit pizza!? I'm intrigued...

Star - Way to go on nixing the pot luck idea!!

HWGA - Good luck - sorry about your church, that's not right...

So this weekend was kind of hard. I worked really late on Friday, but still managed to get up and get my butt kicked in spin. I shopped, then went out on Saturday, and did not drink (therefore did not binge). My ex was there, so to avoid making bad decisions, I just avoided the alcohol.
Yesterday was really really hard. I got up early to go see the butterflies (so pretty!) and I spent the rest of the day cleaning my bedroom and bathroom. I purged my closet of clothes that, let's face it, just don't fit and I haven't worn in years. The purging felt good and I rewarded myself with dinner and a movie with a friend. I just had to keep myself busy so I wasn't stuffing my face all day out of sadness. Matthew McCounghey helped a bit

I hope all of you had a great Mother's Day weekend
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Be Fine in '09
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Hi Ladies!
I'm pretty new to the site. You're all inspiring! My goal for this week will be to hit the gym everyday during lunch time instead of the cafeteria. AND workout again after work wish me luck

"Because I am a work in progress, I must congratulate myself on the advancements that I make each day" - Me

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I will do this.
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I have two finals today and one more on thursday and then I am done!

Yay! I am almost there!
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Hey everyone! Hope all you mom's had a happy mother's day! My eating was waaaaaaaayyyyy off track this weekend. A good friend of my bf's was in town and we went out for mexican (dreaded mexican food), lots of appy's and lots and lots of margaritas and then some strait up tequila. Not good. I did pretty well yesterday. I had my bf and parents over for dinner for mother's day. I mad chicken soulvalki (sp) it was good. Got some leftovers for lunch today and to make lunch even better, a couple of us are going to to go walking!

I'm super excited, I just recieved my season's tickets for one of the theatre companies here in town. My bf and bff and her bf decided that we'd get season's tickets and have 5 double date nights through out the year. My parent's gave us there tickets for this Saturday so we're going to the theatre this weekend. I'm super excited. We hardly ever hang out as a four some so it's gonna be wicked!

I'll be back this afternoon to do personals.
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Feelin' Sassafrassy
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Nish: All I have to say is I agree. Unless your having triplets or something like that there is no reason to put on 80lbs during a normal pregnancy. If I remember right it should be something like 30. I cant comment on the mental state of a woman after pregnancy in regards to how her body changes because I havent had children. However, when did having kids = I have a right to be fat? I have had friends that have put on enough weight to equal a whole other adult person during pregancy for 1 kid. She has since taken it all off and then some major props to her. Its not that it cant be done its the want factor.

Taylor: almost done gf!

As for me:
I just had a bad food weekend all around, pizza, ice cream. I alloted for some of the points definitely not all of them. Exercise and I are going to have to become friends again.

My dad left go on a vaction after only going back to work for 2 weeks from knee surgery. I need a government job........
I also had the pleasantries of getting rid of a trojan virus thingy off my comptuer this weekend. It has reminded me how important making sure all my music and picture files are backed up. I was able to dump all my pictures, but the music thing keeps stopping in the middle cause it cant find some random music file. Grrrr
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